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  1. I accuse you of being the mastermind that has influenced Rophs into taking control over Change (and indirectly me) and removing my members from the guild and giving leadership back to Change (where nothing was done) which led to the disbanding. I'd prefer if my other questions could be answered now, by anyone really.
  2. It isn't my proof it's Roph's proof and later revealed truths that you were involved within the TW's downfall. My assumption now is that you were also involved with Rophs in the Fusioneers downfall (READ ASSUMPTION). I Accuse you of being a less smart player (in all serious im not but you see what she does?), your evidence must be null now. Dst is perfect though, her evidence (she shown none so far against my assumption) is perfect and thus must be correct. Read between the lines people. I'm trying to find out. Others will try to cover up. Rophs, what were your intents with the fusioneers? Change, what did you do to lead the Fusioneers? Can anyone tell me if not Grido, who kicked me and my allies from the guild?
  3. Have you forgot who brought up the disbanding and why it was "evil" or do you not want to talk about it? You were "in control" of Rophs and he was in my guild the Fusioneers, he was also the main reason why I stopped working from within the Fusioneers due to him holding my tool irresponsibly against me even when I asked him for it back not once but at least several times. He also says that he spoke to someone with more "helpful advice from a player more experienced in alliance related operational security takeovers" which I question if this was you or not. Do remember it was you who helped to take over the Tainted Warriors within Necrovion, shall I find and post that topic here (don't expect me to)? With what "right" is my free speech and freedom to my opinions. I think you are evil.
  4. "Save" or "destroy" depends who you ask aye? Your intentions weren't wrong, I spoke to Panthea previous to my removal and she asked me if she should kick you rophs (and change) and I told her it was up to her. So for the fact that she didn't you were lucky at that point. But more lucky I didn't do so myself really. Anyways for the events after this is not much left to be said as we all saw what happened. @rophs is it likely that someone (such as dst or grido) told you to hold the tool and keep it from me?
  5. To revive and old dead (and long since needing closure) topic I feel I must clarify my reasons as they are relevant to some of my actions nowadays. This blatant disregard for what someone has said in favor of someone else's words is what I think is killing the community within MD and has been for years now. We should strive to accept players as they are now not who they were and not who they want to be (as this is entirely up to them, not us, and can change at any moment). My reasons for wanting mp6 were exactly as I stated in the original post and I stand by these no matter who says what, I will work to better MD in -my own- way always.
  6. Is it possible an aramor kicked me from the guild? an old screenshot my friend took^ Hmm I do think what went wrong was the system auto kicked me from the guild when panthea accepted my invite (due to too many people in the guild), and then all would have been fine then if not for Ackshan reinviting me back (which wasn't his fault as none of us realized the alliance would kick us immediately). The guild went downhill after my involvement ceased and all the members I set up turned against eachother... The ordering here in my posts might be a bit off I dont remember what invites i sent and when, after i had been removed initially.
  7. The Fusioneers still have a section, hurray! I mean I guess most previous alliances keep their sections? Anyways I am Falronn the previous Leader and (left then rejoined and re-assumed over Change, yes kill me for it [sarcasm, I mean hate me]) Leader of the Fusioneers and I am willing to confess to my version of events that happened during the "takeover" and eventual disbanding of the alliance (by laylah?). I can say that I was a previous leader after Kiley had left, and I had worked to help set up the current members with tools and stones and knowledge/experience with the fusioning tools so that they can be used properly and without damage (as they can break and require coding to fix). After I had left the alliance the first time and rejoined to help with the largly inactive state it was now in due to Kiley and I leaving, I had started a task to teach Rophs after some wait how to use my (fusioneer's) Fusioning tool. After handing him it for usage he refused to hand it back to me or co-operate with me further. I assume this is disobedience and thus continue my actions with the other members and usual business within MD while what happened remains in my mind (for being handled and dealt with later when Rophs may be more willing to co-operate). Sooner or later I grow weary as my actions (making heat stones) have been put to a halt as rophs still has my tool. I believe this is when start telling members that they need to leave (Gort Hedera and Laylah) so I can replace them with new members (Fang archbane, Achshan, and Panthea [not panthea actually she came in next step). I proceed with new plans to make alliance members active and ready to help with the guild and tell Panthea I intend to make her the leader with time (boom takeover? not really if they intended to do it legit). Soon I get kicked from the guild (while I had highest loyalty, I know this as I rejoined and members had same loyalty scores and not above how much I had previous to my loss as rejoining an alliance cuts your score). I gain more heat (and pray for loyalty) as per my daily actions and confer with members of the guild and invite Panthea before i am kicked again. I am kicked again. Grido is online during this and I am to assume (as he was king during the time) that he is using a tool to remove me. I have no further influence within the alliance from this point. I am posting this topic so others can ask me questions and I can speak my truth as I see it. I am also posting this due to rereading this topic: There is evil and I say it's not me. At least not all of it. References here: It says she placed change in charge of the fusioneers, I agree to this, but I also had a forum pm from Kiley long ago saying I was to be in charge some day. Of course things *change* but she was also invited after me (and partly due to my requests) and she did lead the alliance for a short time but not much happened, no offense. I was "leading" for a peroid of time before her leading officially. And unofficially "leading" after my arrival the 2nd time.
  8. I'm sorry did I say quest? I meant.. My quest.

    1. Mallos


      I mean it took 2 and a half years but I'm back at it I guess.

    2. Mallos


      It'll be up in.. 2 months maybe? My quest in all meanings of the phrase... You know, there's a new market in MD, and it's the players. How do you buy a player if you're not making them yours slaves you might ask? Well... You buy their absence...

  9. What browser/version and details such as that?
  10. Some might like to argue but: Provided an opportunity. (maybe this was for yesterday)
  11. Something like this. Blackshade likes making heat stones you know..
  12. To work on one thing would forever be futile, spread out and let the others catch up. This was a nod to Moore's Law if nobody caught that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore's_law
  13. Top links: Forum activity (very often, too much in my opinion it can keep me distracted from whats in front of me in MD) , Free Credits and View announcements (somewhat, every time there's an announcement or I need to review an old one or when credits are up), Restrictions/Known Issues (not often, if I need to review a rule/if I remember to really). These all seem very important to me. Bottom links: Same as toplinks with Restrictions and Contact being used not often and perhaps Bug Report though all of these links look like they should be here. Right Bar: same country, most popular and active vets all at not often, Webcam, Quest Clickables and Role Tags at somewhat, Mood Panel, Public Logs at very often. I had an idea for the sidebar or the "right bar" links while writing this about which links you might want to keep there or move elsewhere perhaps along with a lot of the other links (moving them to inside the "see more" part of the sidebar as shown in this picture linked) http://storenow.net/download/0cbf22ff6bac28b73a2a037bf8a99fef/sidebarseemore.jpg Basically everything within the square I drew would stay there and be unmoving and it would be the most important links (such as Quests) that people want to use, everything else can be put inside the "see more" just below, but above where the mood panel/public logs show up at. Or this all can be done the opposite way whichever is preferable. Ah and I can't forget the "who's online" is one of my most clicked buttons probably. excuse my crude paint skillz Something that I use a lot that takes a while to get to is my creatures page, getting to and from each creature and checking won fights + heat and ages for all of them can be a pain, if there was an easier or quicker way to display it it would be nice but I don't know how to do that. Perhaps two links within the creature page that is like a "go to next creature" and "go back one creature" Documentation pages all seem fine to me if you mean ~ Friends ~ Papers ~ Spells ~
  14. http://storenow.net/download/f7511ca9f2a2ca252a7fe48e78e7d228/activedays.jpg ^ not the most extreme thing ever but as of: Server time: Aug 20 04:57:39 ~ Day: 232 Year: 11 ~ I have more land loyalty than active days while not being a new player.
  15. I will always be there for your plans of world domination my friend.
  16. Please post in your lands forum what your rules are for that land if you wish to avoid further conflicts with these roles. The actual conflicts they are creating are quite minor and negative towards the community, we should rather use them to find how we (as the community) can get around these limitations. Roles like these will probably become more automated if people like Mur's idea here:
  17. what are dreams someone tell me please... :rolleyes:

    1. Mallos


      I have had dreams every time I slept for the past 7 or so years. I taught myself how to remember them all. Still can't teach myself how to dream in MD, not that I want to, or that I want a dream, real life has taught me they are something of a curse.

  18. well i misspelled "Tribunal" in the topic title lol, anyways if a mod could fix that and maybe delete this post
  19. To defend the pub in the east with my tools as a Caretaker of the Tribunal, I have already spoken with phantasm the current pub owner ingame and by pm on my thoughts long ago. I had come to the conclusion you may grab as many tools from the pub as you would wish, as long as I do not catch you transferring them to alts that are your own (through way of giving them to your friends and they hoard them all too and give them to your alts perhaps?). Essentially don't take all the liquor or I will be mad. (I was hoping I wouldn't have to be the first to open a topic like this as mine is rather inconsequential in the current context of MD)
  20. Can I be signed up for the week after? Tis something of my birthday. I'd like to choose option number 2 2) Sacrifice a creature. You have to sacrifice a creature once you are in Necrovion. The age or amount of stored heat won’t matter as long as your sacrifice produces 3 fenths.
  21. If I couldn't speak out to Mur/Chew here in sake of nadrolski and other tool guardians who have gone inactive, their roles should stay for now and we see how many "points" they gain with their new roles, I think newer more veteran "point" earners would be more suited to take over their roles in time. Currently I feel as lands should be able to behave in any way their tool holder and/or King/Queen wants to specify here on the forum, or else possible replacements can be issued (maybe like trust points for the tool guardians).
  22. Well it doesn't show your birthday on the forum sidebar but nonetheless happy birthday!
  23. Good idea I've heard something like this before from what you've said already. With a lot more people to be around these tools would need to find better owners eventually. I can make a poll 1 min.
  24. Take a weekend off every other week or few.
  25. I've been mulling over starting this topic for a while.. Don't ask me why I haven't but it can be about anything really real life or MD, you don't need to post it here but if you do lets try not to talk about other peoples deeds. Let a moth that was stuck inside out of my house.
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