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  1. I've stated before I am a hypocrite now does that make me one or can I show an example in peace
  2. Do you Miq? Because I believe the whole time I was in Golemus it seemed the only one to offer tools to a necrovion was me. And the only one to make a trade agreement with them was me. Public ones would be nice but do we really need more tools like that right now? Or people to show us interest in these sorts of behaviors such as making heat stones and buying them. Honestly I don't want to keep a monopoly and would hope Blackrider would be the same as I would be very willing to work with other lands to make heat stones and often distribute them for free.
  3. My point is it's a 1 day ban and has happened once so far, what's the big deal.
  4. Miq these tools over the past have went from public with the Fusioneers to very personal nowadays and I do not support the shift backwards they should stay personal. But a guild would be possible with only 1 tool and all it needs is a land and some activity. The only lands I think need a guild like this are either Golemus or Necrovion. Tags on the other hand and roles related to such items would be fine to make public.
  5. I'm sorry but I can't make a statement for MB lands as this would be above my line of command for that area. But since I have the tool I might as well do their land a favor?
  6. I banned him with his tool, because he was depleting water below the 66% range. To my current knowledge the water in this location will not replenish to full the next day, when I can determine if this is true or not I will allow nadrolski to have buckets again.
  7. You get a bit extra active heat when using the heat stone originally, but this doesn't add up into a whole new heat stone unless you use all 3 heat spell casts (making 3 extra heat stones with this extra heat is not possible), which is largely inefficient in a market-style scenario as you don't want to waste all of your memory stones just for timeless dust.
  8. What about this picture? It looks like the box is open, though not really as it has a seal on it.
  9. Ok so I thought I was going crazy but maybe nadrolski is trying to top me. Mallos took his first action with the tool legislators! It wasn't even his own tool though... I don't know why he's giving it to me.
  10. You gave the tool to me after I joined from your invite. I don't remember exactly when Rophs took the tool from me, it could have been before I rejoined by your invite or after, but the point remains the same (he did take the tool from me and held it from me without my permission). And I did not want to wipe the slate clean, I wanted to remove (Gort Hedera and Laylah) the two confirmed alts in the guild to make room for (at the time) active players being Fang Archbane, Achshan Bemunah, and Panthea (while I would leave again).
  11. Aeoshattr I have a right to "whine" and be ignored, maybe I would love it. Don't respond then? It's fine, I don't mind, people will respond if they want to. Ban me or something. To be completely clear here I'm more asking for Blackshade and Fang to have something to do. So I'm "whining" for them because I don't think much would happen otherwise, I will "whine" because I do not mind if people hate me for my "whining" (further edit, I had years to whine, but I didn't. I do now because I have reason now other than just to whine... people that want it, the alliance that is) AND ye
  12. @Change I know I did not kick you out at any point during my involvement. I also remember asking you if I could come back to help lead the alliance when you invited me back, though I probably didn't speak with you much more about who was "leading" and who would be "leading" but I did receive the Fusioning tool from you (before giving it to Rophs) which I do wonder, can you tell me after I left and all my members were removed, did Rophs ever let anyone use the tool after?
  13. Thus is your opinions (dst if i had to be honest most of your posts i see when they are directed at players you dont like are very offtopic, don't hold much weight in evidence and are mostly negative while only looking to discredit what one has said, downvote me all you like I will state this). I've only accused you and rophs (of holding my tools) and change (of not doing much I guess?) and I haven't even accused Grido of removing me though I thought he did. Of course lashtal but the "alts" reason doesn't say why they were all not doing anything, the briskness hints at that but again even p
  14. I want less spam in general (though I love it) and to get rid of Falronn's wretched selflessness that he left behind in me and all that remains of him. I want to take over the realm for the betterment of the noobs and further increasing their activity and integration within the realm. I want a mass revival ceremony to be performed so more veterans can be around to help me in these actions. I want to unite us all together so we can walk all acts of this realm seperately while being helped by all other acts (such as Lorerootians gathering lumber to help Golemians build a ship). I want to be mout
  15. I accuse you of being the mastermind that has influenced Rophs into taking control over Change (and indirectly me) and removing my members from the guild and giving leadership back to Change (where nothing was done) which led to the disbanding. I'd prefer if my other questions could be answered now, by anyone really.
  16. It isn't my proof it's Roph's proof and later revealed truths that you were involved within the TW's downfall. My assumption now is that you were also involved with Rophs in the Fusioneers downfall (READ ASSUMPTION). I Accuse you of being a less smart player (in all serious im not but you see what she does?), your evidence must be null now. Dst is perfect though, her evidence (she shown none so far against my assumption) is perfect and thus must be correct. Read between the lines people. I'm trying to find out. Others will try to cover up. Rophs, what were your intents with the fusio
  17. Have you forgot who brought up the disbanding and why it was "evil" or do you not want to talk about it? You were "in control" of Rophs and he was in my guild the Fusioneers, he was also the main reason why I stopped working from within the Fusioneers due to him holding my tool irresponsibly against me even when I asked him for it back not once but at least several times. He also says that he spoke to someone with more "helpful advice from a player more experienced in alliance related operational security takeovers" which I question if this was you or not. Do remember it was you who helped to
  18. "Save" or "destroy" depends who you ask aye? Your intentions weren't wrong, I spoke to Panthea previous to my removal and she asked me if she should kick you rophs (and change) and I told her it was up to her. So for the fact that she didn't you were lucky at that point. But more lucky I didn't do so myself really. Anyways for the events after this is not much left to be said as we all saw what happened. @rophs is it likely that someone (such as dst or grido) told you to hold the tool and keep it from me?
  19. To revive and old dead (and long since needing closure) topic I feel I must clarify my reasons as they are relevant to some of my actions nowadays. This blatant disregard for what someone has said in favor of someone else's words is what I think is killing the community within MD and has been for years now. We should strive to accept players as they are now not who they were and not who they want to be (as this is entirely up to them, not us, and can change at any moment). My reasons for wanting mp6 were exactly as I stated in the original post and I stand by these no matter who says what, I w
  20. Is it possible an aramor kicked me from the guild? an old screenshot my friend took^ Hmm I do think what went wrong was the system auto kicked me from the guild when panthea accepted my invite (due to too many people in the guild), and then all would have been fine then if not for Ackshan reinviting me back (which wasn't his fault as none of us realized the alliance would kick us immediately). The guild went downhill after my involvement ceased and all the members I set up turned against eachother... The ordering here in my posts might be a bit off I dont remember what invites i
  21. The Fusioneers still have a section, hurray! I mean I guess most previous alliances keep their sections? Anyways I am Falronn the previous Leader and (left then rejoined and re-assumed over Change, yes kill me for it [sarcasm, I mean hate me]) Leader of the Fusioneers and I am willing to confess to my version of events that happened during the "takeover" and eventual disbanding of the alliance (by laylah?). I can say that I was a previous leader after Kiley had left, and I had worked to help set up the current members with tools and stones and knowledge/experience with the fusioning t
  22. I'm sorry did I say quest? I meant.. My quest.

    1. Mallos


      I mean it took 2 and a half years but I'm back at it I guess.

    2. Mallos


      It'll be up in.. 2 months maybe? My quest in all meanings of the phrase... You know, there's a new market in MD, and it's the players. How do you buy a player if you're not making them yours slaves you might ask? Well... You buy their absence...

  23. What browser/version and details such as that?
  24. Some might like to argue but: Provided an opportunity. (maybe this was for yesterday)
  25. Something like this. Blackshade likes making heat stones you know..
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