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  1. When you have to quote Pipstickz to roughly summarize how you've spent the last hour in MD... On the forums reading topics in the "Say hello, Goodbye, or something else" section to find only 1 person who said they were going to quit then did so. "2. This is more accurate: "MD quitting" - when you think you're quitting but you're really just taking a break."
  2. Bump I saw Eon at the GoE the other day, was odd. (S)He might have been trying to kill someone. I also see Akasha hiding inside Kelle'tha's Cannon on occasion.
  3. I can do tasks depending on what they are. I particularly like helping new players
  4. "Why do they have the abilities and why are/should they be different to the current rulers (who have a significantly weaker version)" http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3903 It's stated in the announcement above why: "After long discussions with Mur about what he wants to do with the bringin spell he has decided on it being replaced with a more fitting spell. All those who had the bringin spell from land leadership have had it replaced by a weaker spell which has two limitations. It is only able to be cast on members of the land you were king of and you must be in that la
  5. When the Caretaker's quest is available this can be done through donations of resources by any player and extras that we have we intend to use on any dead players so contact me if you need to be revived, other than that the dead should contact any player in realm that has a revival tool. Higher powers might not always be available to contact and sometimes the current revival tools are on cool-down so having a backup plan is usually a good thing, you can always pm me here or in-game if you need to be revived. "Um, I haven't said I see it as abuse (find the point where I said they ha
  6. Waiting on the input from the populace perhaps? 20 casts isn't that much if it gets replaced by the new bringins afterwards. I had more than 100 casts left of my spell to send players to the gate of the bored, I used it on a few players and then started porting some aramors (before getting the spell taken away for porting the aramors, I'd rather they told me cause I ported those few players). But spells like this are immensely powerful... Combined with necrovion... Mainly when used to teleport several players in one spell cast. It all depends on how severely the supposed "punishment" is
  7. @blackrider We are well aware you have been ordering deaths as I have been tracking this closely since you came to me asking for help reviving the Fusioneers. I am all for your goal of reviving the guild with your participation with the fusioning tool you own but I cannot sanction deaths such as these when Grido has already been jailed and Miq killed through the Death Guard and his minions. Deaths like these must be stopped. Perhaps it's time to officially rebel or bring the guild to another land?
  8. I'd love to come but currently I'm stuck in the trial of agony with no way to exit, would this make my application forfeit as I'm sure to movebind me you might have to come kill me first? I'd not allow this, I'm very against killing me and might try to kill you back you know.
  9. One last spammy mood panel update before I go back to blocking myself. I know what I want, I know what others tell me. I know you tend to never get what you want, as this is less satisfying and less intensive on actions you must take. I will get what I want, whether my wants must change or not. For now I just wait for "phase 2"

    1. Mallos


      ok well i'm still going to block myself sometimes just not super often. memes + spam are fun right? Don't worry I do more than just spam (sometimes)
      step 1 - incite chaos, step 2 - bring friends, step 3 - ???, step 4 - profit?
      ungod imma wreck your writing contest

  10. See, my idea was that Nadrolski wished for his land to be able to counter depletion with his tools, and since his King is inactive to post a rule allowing him to do so the "favor" I performed was to help nadrolski counter depletion, by banning nadrolski. Since nadrolski has been officially forbidden to do so on his own even though there was something of a general consensus within the guardian tools depletion topic that depletion would be counterable by using these tools, I figured I would be allowed to do so since I have not been told not to counter depletion (only nad was told that). Am
  11. " make players quit" Easily my favorite part of this post.
  12. There's no reason why a player cannot request things within the game to be looked at a second time, and even the best of developers make mistakes all the time. What I love is how the developers here actively show an interest in interacting with their population and this in itself makes this game more unique than so many others. To try to keep my post short, my interest here is how I've been dragged to the Trial of Agony with no way to get out and this fate is pretty much worse than death as all I can do now is log out. At least dead players can go look around Necrovion somewhat... To say,
  13. Question: Are heat stones relatively easily accessible today? I basically have to agree with what Syrian says here. I've worked hard back during my Fusioneers days to make sure to get as many heat stones spread out in the realm as I can while giving out the overwhelming majority (if not ALL) for free and through a few quests. Currently most players have their own supply of several hundred memory stones and memory stones are not in decline in the market so by relevance heat stones are available IF players can go to contact Syrian or Blackshade to have some made for them. But as far as the
  14. See I got my first (for this char) tag by helping Mur organize a role he was giving out and by being associated with the Caretakers Pub which was to be affected by this new role opportunity, so by luck and perseverance with your actions in the realm something you may be doing (like bounty hunting and killing wanted players) you could gain a role within the community if that role fits well within the core concepts of MD and the players able to give out such a role like admins favor you having the role. As far as avatars go you cannot get one without getting the option to use an avatar with
  15. I've always hated you (the forum) and I'll be blocking it from my computer in hopes that I don't click it again. So yeah. I'll still be ingame from time to time... If you need me of course contact me there. I'll probably still get emails from forum pms but I will not be responding to these through the forum. If you must contact me, email me directly you can find my address in my forum profile. Goodbye forums, effective immediately.
  16. What better than to start the end of the world than catastrophe? Yes there are a few more but excuse me as checking my notes is a silly action to take at the moment, also is expecting the consumable ones to be used for such as this. And we don't have molquert anymore and we don't have the CT's revival quest yet. Excuse me for not knowing how many are revived and excuse me for not wanting 5-6 inactive people when we have 10-20 people still playing this game.
  17. 33 and counting, more dead previous, more dead to come, and what... 3 revival tools that are reusable (while not even being used on cooldown)... Does anyone other than me see the problem here? Those 33+ cannot simply hope to all be revived individually.. I'd probably have quit this game by now if I was one of them, if I was anyone other than myself really...
  18. This gives me a good thought, my idea is to kill off the people in the realm, why should I wait 2 months for my next kill tool usage when I could just convince Azull and Syrian to teleport everyone alive into necrovion right now?
  19. I'm not placing a blame when was that ever a question? So you're saying they do not have the bringin spell replaced? At dst, the point remains you lost the spell (or got told not to use it, or whatever) around the same time, my knowledge is irrelevant and the actual reason for you losing it is irrelevant. Don't help me I don't care. Why don't you want to correct me though? You also don't care? What's funny is how Azull works towards my goals still, yet I wanted to help him and just shows hatred towards me in wanting me dead, I see why you would dislike me now since I killed you Aeoshat
  20. " It is only able to be cast on members of the land you were king of and you must be in that land when casting the spell. " I'm not mistaken when I say I was never or never have been a member of Necrovion or the necrovion nomads or the land of the dead. So this seems an like a bug that he's able to cast it on me and Aethon. " All Ex leaders have 2 casts of this new spell to replace bringin. This is an important change since these spells should only be used on their citizens and this now acknowledges this limitation. "
  21. Yes that's why I mention "trade agreement" as I had one made between Peace and Azull and Grido I believe, anytime before this they were telling us not to let any necros use our tools and nobody was to use stone detectors other than Golemians. This was at least 3 or 4 years ago
  22. Is this why I'm waking up in random places? Cute but annoying, I have things to do like harvesting herbs. dst losing her opennecro spell upon necro closing is similar to this situation I don't see why they would be able to get people into necro (to die) involuntarily if dst can't even get them in voluntarily.
  23. I've stated before I am a hypocrite now does that make me one or can I show an example in peace
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