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  1. https://discord.gg/3vvghWfJw4
  2. You will need to be more specific on what you are creating. Most of the newer features are listed in the announcements you can always look through those. Or ask here or on the discord.
  3. Existing issue, the bug has been fixed the alternative issue being that these tokens are inactive still remains. Merged with old topic you can see why this occurs.
  4. Adventuring into the MagicDuel Archives is a trip out of the land of MagicDuel and into the inner framework of MagicDuel itself. Not only because this is an area where you can find the archives possessing the knowledge of the players of MD but because the scenes often contain representations of the rest of MD. Beyond the gates you can find Awiiya's Way which is similar to the Path of Loneliness, a possibly sentient tree. Beyond this you can find the Split Pass Halt with two pathways, one leading left and the other right. The path leading left into the maze is corresponding to the path within M
  5. To build on what Ledah says here and Mur's original idea of backdoors into an alliance, we could give a sort of multi-citizenship/multi-layered alliance. Basically differentiate guilds and alliance, but have them be a part of the same thing. The guilds can be where you gain the backdoor and anyone can get in with no input other than their own actions, if they meet the parameter set they will automatically be invited to join the guild. The alliance would work as they do today, by invite only and are more centered towards land affairs- not tool/resource based tasks or tasks related to the backdo
  6. If this was the case, it could be that when a higher mind power level attacks a lower mindpower level they are only able to use 0% slider. Even more, you could make it that their tokens have no affect on the battle. Both of these compensate for their relatively higher stats and higher level creatures. Those two alone are not exactly enough to even the playing field though. You could even consider making it so any creatures that the lower mp level player could not use in the fight due to level restrictions are frozen for the higher mp level player. It is so easy to gloss over what the
  7. So Dark Demon won the last one, congrats, unfortunately he has also since quit. I did give him the silver though. I paused the topic due to a few reasons, mostly my ideas would run out sorta, also the idea I wanted to run required going outside, and covid started already so that's not good. I will continue to run this but... If people can give ideas to me by pm I will give you a silver coin if I pick the idea for the week. I just want them to be lower effort, no requiring an essay or something, you can see past ideas to see the theme. ____ And this weeks theme is: Hey, I wa
  8. I completely disagree that the paper cabin entrance was dependent upon players, it was only encouraged for LHOs to take part in the new player experience, there was nothing you needed of any player to advance. I don't think it has relevance to the island but I am of the opinion that the paper cabin story was much more compelling to me wanting to play the game, and the island is lacking of a story of any sort. Maybe the island could benefit from a story as has been stated in this thread.
  9. At least in your case you can try to ask for another heatstone from someone, if not that there are supposed to be multiple ways to exit the island. I have definitely encountered a softlock of not having the map for the island upon entering it, not to mention that it is tradeable which could softlock you (and please don't put untradeable items in our inventories) and I'm inclined to believe you would have softlocked yourself in some fashion or another, using the heatstone would be too easy to do for a new player. I had noticed quite a few ways to potentially softlock while there but I
  10. Let me make something of an analogy: I used to run a minecraft alpha server with a pretty steady 10-20 people on it at any moment and a bunch of regulars. It was mainly freebuild and spleef, which drew all the attention, but had some other interesting game modes as minecraft added more commands being zombie or lava survival, CTF, and mazes. As I continued to explore new options for the server I had the idea to make an adventure mode. The premise was that you would start in a purgatory underground area and face some rather trivial challenge to escape to the earth layer, where you would face two
  11. Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; SpawConfigItem has a deprecated constructor in /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/class/config.class.php on line 37Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; SpawConfig has a deprecated constructor in /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/class/config.class.php on line 80Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; SpawEditorPage has a deprecated constructor in /hom
  12. I just say combiner to stick with the common nomenclature, yes your guillotine is more of a marketplace, or a multifaceted combiner. Introducing more stat gain options will certainly not eliminate the will to train for stats, although for someone perhaps like you who may be less interested in combat it introduces another way to grind for those stats in a medium you enjoy more. If I have to comment on the death chance I am not against the idea being there but I suggest it should be rather minuscule, less than 10%, maybe even less than 5%, or you will often end up with people not using
  13. Well your suggestion implies that there are some hypothetical bad guys trying to kill you for your resources, it makes sense that if you aren't killed there's a chance they failed the attack on you. Meaning you beat them in combat = you gain stats for that. While it doesn't have to be the main use for your suggestion it would be a nice side effect that would be attractive for some people. You are fine to disagree with me but I must disagree with your disagreement! Look at it in a sense of what are people trading and buying. Specifically for us we tend to trade with resources and g
  14. Hijacking this topic here, I'll just copypasta 👾 something I wrote in a pm convo that went nowhere, I think too many pm convos are happening where it should be an open forum topic, I see people reading their pms all the time. "What do people want, mostly two things, stats and creatures. A third thing, shop common/uncommon items but those are 'fixed' as it is. How to fix the economy, give us uses for our resources in order to make stats. We already have uses for resources in order to make creatures but this is super underwhelming and rare currently, plus it will be hard to either make
  15. Bring back torch contest and modify it so the land winner of the torch contest would have their land expand one scene into No Man's Land towards GoE, and subsequently further towards the other lands. Losing the contest would decrease your influence by one scene. The influence would never pass the opposing land's gates. The Path of Loneliness would be skipped over, always a part of Established Housings. The goal would be to gain as much influence over NML as possible in order for your citizens to have easier effort moving in the area, and particularly to be able to enter your land with the
  16. Mallos


    Not to be confused with creatures, although they would take their forms. Basically have a minipet you can display and it would show up somewhere on screen for you, and potentially in certain tagged scenes for others as well! I've always loved minipets in games and this would give another aspect to creature collecting, sometimes people just like the looks and don't care for the combat abilties. Although maybe these minipets could even be expanded to take part in mini-combat (purely for fun) with other people's minipets in those specially tagged scenes. Other ideas are welcome.
  17. Technically a "shade" but the distinction is that they are the kind you will find in the old tutorial in NML, not ones you can find in Necrovion which would also be generally called shades or from a certain creature recruiter which are sword shades.
  18. Want To Trade a tutorial shade for one of the following: Independent herb basket Permanent kill tool Wind Ward documents CTC694965ATWIT46MDC Stored Heat 688967 Age 2853 Tokens Claw I This is not an auction and I maintain the right to deny any offers.
  19. Being the negative stats opposite person that I am, my VP has never been better. Although my vitality is steadily decreasing well one regen later and it is fixing itself, but i'm not too sure yet, will check back soon
  20. Morlecid sat at the Undermined Foundations next to Steno, questioning his loyalty. "We must act soon..." ___ Meanwhile the shades remain inside Necrovion coalescing around the stone of twisted souls as normal, though now protected by the death patrol once again. No word was heard from the little old man for quite some time, or so it seemed.
  21. Looking for my old avatar, I will pay 4 silver for it currently, perhaps more! "There's an old saying, if you love something, throw it away" https://img.ifunny.co/videos/d61140ab7a9fbb6463ae6158586668dfb34ac457285c8c06ddea3663683e02f0_1.mp4
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