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  1. I can only express my discontent at not one but two Caretakers attempting to engage in such irresponsible actions
  2. Some principles, like 1 point of a principle would reduce your heat by 10,000. With a full 4,000 principles spent you could reduce up to 40,000,000 heat. The tradeoff here is related to the creature methods of reducing heat, this is a new way to do so as the principles can help to lose heat when creature sacrifices cannot be utilized.
  3. Item 1: Anni creature 2021. Price: 15 plushies (limit: 1 p.p.) Item 6: Avatar goldening Token (can be used to make any avatar gold), Price: 40 plushies Item 13: 1 token (of your choice) applied to one creature, Price 10 plushies Enlightening token for ID: 803785 Enlightening token for ID: 804023 Enlightening token for ID: 878093 Total 85 plushies, thanks 🐧
  4. I agree and I have edited his post with a spoiler to compensate
  5. I disagree that these ideas are reasonable as they are just increasing the effects of the death and agitating the player, losing things like age hurts the opportunity cost of actions like training creatures, although the ideas give more soft functionality to kill tools such as harming a players creatures before a contest. If death needs to be a bit more "painful" then it should be in a way that disconnects you from a sense of your living account. The dead player should need to do more to resume their position of being alive, through rites of passage or similar rituals/quests or through obvious markers of activity that should be unusual to a typical "dead" player.
  6. We are trying to find out if you lashtal had Granos kill Else or if Granos did it for his own reasons. I agree use of tools at will can be reasonable.
  7. Are you sure the first image was related to the bounty? I haven't seen this error myself for bounties, but I don't think the bounties do anything with the trigger box as they have their own popup message they interact with you through. The error I get often is if I claim a bounty but manage to open it again it will tell me it has been claimed already. I notice you link the same error here: About redeeming these bounties, you need to do that through your email to get the reward from it.
  8. Any kind and as many as you will sell, price negotiable but I will pay in gold/silver and possibly resources/consumables.
  9. lashtal about Else~ Day: 273 Year: 15 ~ Found trespassing in Necrovion. ~ Day: 82 Year: 16 ~ Note to self: kill on sight. ~ Day: 144 Year: 16 ~ Necrovion guest for one week. Day: 145 Year: 16 : Murder! Granos murders Else Granos: Lash Sends his regards... ___________________________________________ Else was murdered in invisible blood at the GoE. Will we see who really was responsible for this?
  10. Check in your profile near the bottom, the Trade your Avatar section, in there you can find your avatar vault. Here you can see there are options in order to purchase a new avatar without losing your current one, be careful of that as in the shop if you buy one it will replace any you have on currently and it will be sent to the shop. Make sure to remove your current avatar (to a vault) before buying a new one. As I believe Poppi has received the avatar I will be closing this.
  11. Hello ignnus, what is to stop me from offering this same information or in other words, what is the reason people will want to specifically come to you for this information?
  12. Yeah I think the other values could be boosted a bit, specifically age should matter a lot. Age and level are correlated strongly for most creatures although level stops being relevant once it is maxed, age is something you always want on a creature and is more natural than tokens or heat which can be easily added/removed.
  13. Mallos 366 Started conversation: July 31, 2011 Stephen King is awesome. Best books I have ever read were the Dark Tower series. __________ Message to Burns from 9 years ago. The most pertinent topic to MD, certainly. I admit I also haven't read too many books.
  14. Even in the current paradigm you have people like MRF or nadroski before he went mp5, even me when I was still mp4 where lots of people can not compete with these players, and trust me it doesn't take much at all to make an account at mp3 or mp4 that outclasses most of the players that will walk into the game. So staying how it is now does not help with that problem and pushing people to mp5 only makes it worse. the problem is that these new mp3s and mp4s dont have access to a lot of the things they need at that level that a veteran of the game might have access to like funds and help from friends to help them get the better creatures and max them, that they will normally be on the lower teir when it comes to capability. Any established and permanent mp3/4 will be able to out compete them, definitely the newer players are not helped by the lack of training partners that even the established mp3/4 can provide to them if it wasn't the case that we are emphasizing everyone to go mp5.
  15. I think we need to stop with the attitude of not accommodating mp3s and mp4s "or people will just stay there" because in a lot of cases people will do it regardless, and it isn't wrong to do so either or you are just starting to tell them how to play as in go to mp5. If you don't accommodate them somewhat we have no excuse in wondering why they all leave.
  16. Mallos

    Hollywood, baby

    While I agree with the points you make I think it is not exactly the problem of Hollywood copying that contributes to the "KISS attitude (keep it simple and stupid)" homogeneity that we are seeing. For example with the superhero films aka Marvel/DC, they may be very high budget films with robust source material but in a lot of cases the source material is not even followed and you end up with the problem on canonical material vs non-canon. Even in these films with esteemed writers/directors they can seem one dimensional often with that dimension being the bad guy vs good guy, making it feel like they are all the same movie in some cases. Star wars episode 7 seemed like an entire re-skin and condensing of episodes 4-6 and the star wars series has a huge lore behind it that has never made it to film, yet they chose to rehash the earlier movies. The main problem is not so much that they choose to make these movies in this format, it is rather that this is what continues to get the views for them and consequently the money. People like a name brand to have, something they know is reliable and will continue to give them quality. It is just that the quality in this case is expensive budget and not so much amazing scripts. Furthermore it is hard for people to even find newer better things when these constant big hitters get in the way with their advertising campaigns, often all you hear about is more of their movies. I've been thinking about two movies in particular lately that may be good for this topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Source_Code https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowpiercer Source Code has that detective work theme with no identifiable bad guy, and Snowpiercer is about a climate-destroyed planet with an attempted social upheaval. Whether they are so one dimensional is debatable but mostly I question if anyone else has heard of or watched these movies? I know I had not found them until looking through a huge list of movies, I don't think they were as popular as most of the hollywood high budget films though I still find them to have been good.
  17. Mallos

    Hollywood, baby

    No, I am your father. Samurai jack is the best action cartoon and if you disagree I will put you in time-out. You'd be surprised how much plagiarism goes on in China, not just America, but when it comes down to it almost everything nowadays is copied from something else. Or I like to think of it rather as inspired by. Think about all of our history since the invention of language or writing and how many people we have alive today, it is hard to come up with something original at this point. As long as the content isn't the same I don't think choosing a style similar to an existing thing is anything bad. At some point I begin to notice all the stuff here in MD that seemingly comes from other places.
  18. Are you sure you don't want it to be "Poultryous" anymore?
  19. Yes the map for realm 4 the inside of the MDA building does not show up. It was previously the same map for realm 3 the outside of the building visually, but different instances of a map such as while inside you wouldnt see map markers from outside and vice versa (or at least while outside you wouldnt see the inside ones) I have already placed the markers for both realms but obviously the realm 4 has no map for the markers to show up on, I still have the texts for where the markers go if you want it. Although the markers may seem a bit misplaced depending on how the markers show up as they have some variance to show spacing between players dot for the extra player librarytunnel and others are new ones that werent on the list at the time
  20. https://discord.gg/3vvghWfJw4
  21. You will need to be more specific on what you are creating. Most of the newer features are listed in the announcements you can always look through those. Or ask here or on the discord.
  22. Existing issue, the bug has been fixed the alternative issue being that these tokens are inactive still remains. Merged with old topic you can see why this occurs.
  23. Adventuring into the MagicDuel Archives is a trip out of the land of MagicDuel and into the inner framework of MagicDuel itself. Not only because this is an area where you can find the archives possessing the knowledge of the players of MD but because the scenes often contain representations of the rest of MD. Beyond the gates you can find Awiiya's Way which is similar to the Path of Loneliness, a possibly sentient tree. Beyond this you can find the Split Pass Halt with two pathways, one leading left and the other right. The path leading left into the maze is corresponding to the path within Marind Bell leading underground, a passageway from one part of a land to another. The path leading right, which is unable to be accessed currently, corresponds to the path leading into the Lands of the East, which was once inaccessible as well. The interesting part about these two is the difference in directions between them, one underground into the core of MD and the other East, which at the outset may seem different but really they are the same. The split of the land you can see at the East's gate is not one that simply leads forward, but rather takes a direction facing vertically downwards as is like a hinge on a larger piece of geometry. The four gazebos in the MDA archive gardens correspond to the four mainlands, and more specifically, to areas within these mainlands. The Broken Pattern Gazebo is Mount Kelle'tha of Golemus, in that it is broken apart into many pieces. The Golden Globe Gazebo is that of Necrovion's Stone of Twisted Souls which to us may not look as it would to a timeless entity. The Gazebo of Gravitational Sound is that of Loreroot's Raven's Peace, the lake and orbs of which are a key feature to Loreroot. The Gazebo of Silence is to that of Marind Bell's The Marble Dale Park, of which may not be such a lively carnival as we once knew it. Finally the Fountain of Lost path is similar to that of the MagicDuel archives itself, the inner pool of which is surrounded by an outer pool that is the entire realm.
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