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  1. Last night, the Duke turned american again... Could it be my ISP? Or is there anything I should change through my router settings that will stop this?

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    2. Shadowseeker


      or some weird IP gets recognized as american. I mean, if it happened twice and your PC is not infested, probably that.

    3. Duke of Malfi

      Duke of Malfi

      No infestations on my PC :)

    4. Chewett


      I used to be with AOL who are an american company, was always detected as american.

  2. I did nothing at all, just owned a farter and some Wiiya, and today I woke up with less wiiya and a... Biological Bomb! Once there, you are two clicks away from extracting some toxic gas.
  3. Nice one, Great Wanderer! Here's my entry: [img]http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/2723/mdagate.jpg[/img] Tree from Necrovion. Skull, pumpkin and bats drawn in pencil and edited in Photoshop.
  4. Well, I'm for it. Been exploring the labyrinth for a week or so, the masochist that I am, and have already started talking to myself, laughing without a reason, seeing things that aren't there and so on. Don't let that happen to you! - edit - Path through a lab? Hmm... interesting...
  5. Some people forgot all about the meeting today...
  6. Happened to me about 10 minutes ago. Couldn't connect for the next five minutes. About same hour yesterday too...
  7. welcome to the MP3 group :)

  8. Right! (The book's on my right). See you there! It'll be most interesting!
  9. Definately IN. Excellent idea, MoM. And now, for a noobe question: Server time? Where can I see it?
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