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  1. got stuck in GG by hopping into someone's portal, can someone help me get out?

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    2. dst


      Even if I am in jail I still can teleport people. I just don't want to do it.

    3. Chewett


      be more positive on the forum.

    4. MoM


      1, at chewett, were you talking to me?,
      2, at X, I thought the GoE wasn't working, everytime it glows, even if I press it, nothing happens (usually) it was quite a surprise I moved...

  2. maybe it's like that on purpose? so that when the creature is the only one standing, with low vitality, it gets a huge def bonus to allow it to be more durable? just an idea.
  3. 73) Forum Chewett is different from in-game Chewett 74) Chew A through Chew Z are NOT Chewett's subs, they're actual players that have nothing to do with each other....
  4. lol Fenths can now be harvested inside the Fenth Cave =) come quick!

  5. lol Fenths can now be harvested inside the Fenth Cave =) come quick!

  6. so I take it that you have not given out a prize for imagination yet?
  7. 68) The RPCs didn't quit, and it didn't stop cz it was ruining MD, Mur banned them so that they wouldn't get more attention than him...
  8. 55) (which is actually 54) the broken pattern gazebo puzzle can not be solved... it's there to drive you insane and make you waste hours on MD, anyone who tells you they solved it is Mur's alt, trying to keep people online... 56) all the kings, alliance leaders, RPC, are actually one person's alts... 57) Mur is a computer created by aliens from Romania, and his job is to ignore anyone and everyone and say that 'he is busy' 58) Everything said before is true, except number 21 59) Number 21 is probably the biggest lie in the whole world 60) when you solve Berserker's
  9. *hugs G* no worries =D you're still worth a Mur ;) btw, where are you so I can change my PL???

  10. lol G :P stop influencing the poor girl, let her decide for herself :P

  11. say yes -_- you know we're meant to be together

  12. MoM

    The Alliance List

    [quote name='Hedge Munos' timestamp='1307216035' post='85727'] Handy Pockets is now Queen of Marinds Bell. [/quote] wasn't changed even though it's true =S Edit : sorry =(, I dunno, it's like I felt that that wasn't something just 'missed' or that can be left for a later time, she is a queen after all, and a great one at that, and... I dunno... sorry...
  13. well personally the avy is nice =) even if people view you as an old person... you could be an old person looking like a young one =D??? by the way, why do ALL the comments, and the original post have -1 rating??? =P
  14. welcome to the MP3 group :)

  15. MoM

    welcome to the MP3 group :)

  16. welcome to the MP3 group :)

  17. MoM

    welcome to the MP3 group :)

  18. MoM

    welcome to the MP3 group :) enjoy

  19. finally feels at home

  20. I actually suggest that there be a place (for example in sanctuaries) that help exchange Vp for Vit or vice versa, of course, some of the points is gone... (exhange tax) also, they can not be traded ABOVE maximum value (so as to prevent people with REALLY high values to go even higher) this is mainly bcz loads of ppl need one, but it's too low (their current value is too low, eventhough the max is good enough) and the other is full...
  21. no complaints yet, guess the MD shop is brilliant great work guys definately a game that CAN be played without paying...
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