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  1. *jumps up and down* I love your kid too! no seriously, he's adorable... reminds me of when I was younger, I used to put a bag on my head and run around bumping into ppl just so they would notice me ! anyway, great quest Maebius ^^ keep it up!
  2. acutally he did it for fun and for testing he said mind if I curse you I told him hit me with ur best I didn't think he'd actually hit me with his best -.- and no, I'm pretty sure I'm not getting it as a punishment, as he keeps telling me that 'when contact takes the things back, come to me for your reward' so I'm being rewarded, not punished =D EDIT : also, I never get stat gain, so even with the 2800% boost, I should stay at 0 stat damage...
  3. should we resend already sent requests?
  4. I'm not sure, but this : [b]regeneration[/b] --44.766 [b]energeticimmun[/b] --44.8 [b]tradesense[/b] --44.8 [b]briskness[/b] --44.8 [b]initiative[/b] --44.8 [b]defence[/b] --44.8 [b]attack[/b] --44.8 [b]power[/b] --33.6 [b]luck[/b] --6.72 shouldn't really be for an MP3, should it? what's going on?
  5. [quote name='ColdSteel566' timestamp='1317257991' post='92778'] Maybe there is a way to get that phone money in cash back? [/quote] sadly no, I could use a different method (recharging my phone with less credits than I usually do) but my parents won't give me whatever change is left, so then I won't have some physical money, nor will I still have my credits surplus though I keep searching for 'pay-by-phone' methods, I found this, and if what Mur said at first : [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1312838596' post='89853'] ... I keep them more so people can use that method too, not
  6. none of them can work, cz all I can do is send via my phone, other than that, I don't really have any money ^^ and CoTL, I live in Lebanon, a small country in the middle east... and no we barely have anything there !
  7. okay, so here's another site I found : [url="http://text2pay.com/"]http://text2pay.com[/url] hope this one can work out =S from what I've read, they don't charge a monthly fee, but rather 10% take from what you take originally, not sure I read thoroughly though... side note : in case Mur doesn't see that, any suggestions on what I should do? or would the Master advertiser (Mr. Move-Lock me when moving BFH) look it up?
  8. I'd like teleport to papercabin and toadspeak together please I'll provide the stones, can it work for 9 silver ?
  9. seems this will just die... and now that we know what fight cause is, I don't think it will really help, anyway, I'm not sure how resources are (was in GG all this time) I'll be out today hopefully, and I'll start trying to do something at the park...
  10. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1316562753' post='92337'] i do intend to clean it up and make an original representation, to avoid unwanted connections. [/quote] that's all I wanted to hear, and as for the rest, a symbol is a symbol, you're right, but to have lost friends and family members to Israelite bombing, and to be forced to pick yourself up and go from place to place just because there is a probability that it would be bombed... it kinda makes me dread that symbol more than anything. I hate them, no offense meant or anything, but they took away those I lose, they took away
  11. I'm talking about this one : [attachment=3202:horrid sign.png] it represents the Jews, and their's so-called Israel, no offense to it and them, but in my country, and all arab countries, they are not a state, they are a so-called one (we call it maz3ooma, as in they say it is, but they're bluffing) and as much as I would rather not contradict anyone about whether it is good or not (everyone has his opinions, and I don't have anything against Jews, it's those that did what they did in all those wars that I have a grudge against). Back to my main point, almost all Arabic countries BLOCK all
  12. got stuck in GG by hopping into someone's portal, can someone help me get out?

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    2. dst


      Even if I am in jail I still can teleport people. I just don't want to do it.

    3. Chewett


      be more positive on the forum.

    4. MoM


      1, at chewett, were you talking to me?,
      2, at X, I thought the GoE wasn't working, everytime it glows, even if I press it, nothing happens (usually) it was quite a surprise I moved...

  13. wow, and to think I actually bugged you about the forum, on your birthday XD! sorry... and happy birthday =D
  14. seems dst has a lot of gold to go around, she is clearly *coughs* cheatingly * coughs* winning
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