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    Quas reacted to Muratus del Mur in Life   
    There is a very simple thing called life. Life its not complicated, its very simple.
    The things that cause it, are too complex to fully understand. It might be the counter balance of an infinite, and dead, universe. It might be a coincidence, or whatever..
    Its results are also complex...but can be described by one word .."consciousness".
    Of course life means much more, but "consciousness" is "everything" ..and i am to tired to detail what i mean.

    I was contemplating something recently, and i realized that a very simple and obvious thing came as a conclusion to a series of unsolvable issues and troubles. I want to share with you this simple finding. All of you probably realize it, but maybe if I am the one to say it allover again, you will put more value on it.

    How do you define a good life? Is it by its length? By its intensity? By how happy you are? by what you accomplish during it?

    the natural answer is that the value of life is a sum of all that.

    Its pointless to live a long and "stable" life where nothing happens. It is like "surviving" life, preserving yourself for when death comes. Its also pointless to live a dangerous life and die young, you will miss a lot of thing you could have experienced otherwise. There are some cue points in life, like "love" and "achievements". I will skip the details because you all know what i mean.

    I truly believe that the value of life is defined by how you find that balance of how to live "fully" and at the same time not to shorten your life too much while doing so. I also believe that "life" is a shared thing. my life is your life and your life is my life sort of thing. We are all "one". In this sense, the value of life is shared with those we get in contact with. We are defiend also by how the others see us, not only by how we actually are. Thats why "achievements" are important, they are landmarks for others to remember.

    We all die. Even the universe dies. It matters how powerful, in feelings, we lived our life.

    [b]The 'moment' beats eternity.[/b]
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    Quas reacted to Grido in We want them back - Declare war to Death   
    err, Seig, yeah it does.

    As Burns said, you are directly benefiting your main through use of your alt. That is the very definition of alt abuse.
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    Quas reacted to Junior in We want them back - Declare war to Death   
    i dont want them back i want them dead.
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    Quas reacted to Seigheart in We want them back - Declare war to Death   
    Yah, I don't think this applies under alt abuse Burns. thanks for being [...].
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    Quas reacted to Burns in We want them back - Declare war to Death   
    [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1329350729' post='104414']
    Fine, keep Fenrir. Seigheart is being resurrected.

    That was quite inspiring

    Later today in the goE, at 20:00. I shall be sacrificing Fenrir Greycloth to Death. Using his Akasha, and the power of my Elemental Amulet, I shall restore the life to Seigheart's body.

    Which is using an alt to benefit your main. Would be a shame if you got resurrected just to be a living jailbird instead of a free corpse...
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    Quas reacted to dst in We want them back - Declare war to Death   
    [quote name='Sephirah Caelum' timestamp='1329344778' post='104399']
    The dead should remain dead. Move on and lets them enjoy their new state of existence.

    Mean caretaker! Let's make a deal: you take fenrir's corpse since he's East Lands and keep it like this until you get bored with it and we'll ressurect the rest. How's that?
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    Quas reacted to Sephirah Caelum in We want them back - Declare war to Death   
    The dead should remain dead. Move on and lets them enjoy their new state of existence.
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    Quas reacted to Liberty4life in We want them back - Declare war to Death   
    no offense but... me thinks passant has made himself a new target for assassins
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    Quas reacted to Guillak in Your Musical Portrait   
    This is a simple game: get your musical portrait drawn by MD population. How do others see your character?

    [b]~ Rules ~[/b][list]
    [*]By entering the game, you gain access to the list of all other participants.
    [*]You assign a single tune (YouTube link only) to all participants you know, including yourself. Choose the song that you think best portrays the participant. Anything is allowed: don't hesitate to put up songs in other languages than English, purely instrumental pieces are even strongly encouraged; the music itself is more important than the lyrics in my opinion (although they are supposed to be related). Avoid putting the music that participants are using in their papers ...
    [*]Wait for others to do the same ...
    [*]... and enjoy your "musical portrait" by listening to the songs that have been chosen for you. All songs are anonymous, so you don't know who chose what for you!
    That's it.

    [*]You get to know how people view you, in music!
    [*]To be happy, surprised, disappointed, etc., and hopefully to have fun.
    You won't get any shiny thing, and I kindly ask any potential generous sponsor NOT to propose any reward. In this game, you just receive as much as you give.

    [b]~ What if there are participants I don't know? ~[/b]

    Stalk them, find them, meet them, talk to them, (R-)play with them, learn about them! By entering the game, you should be ready to go meet all the people you don't know yet, young or old.

    [b]~ How to start ~[/b]

    To enter the game, just go to Awiiya's way, check the Oak Log, and say "Musical Portrait". Everything has been made automatic in the clickie. It is just a matter of typing a short description and copy/pasting the link of the song, just like with the mood panel. Note that for storage limitations reasons, all fields are limited in length—use the "share" links of YouTube if possible.

    Warning: the first time you activate the script, you are automatically added to the list of participants. This means that your name will appear in all participants' list, and the interface will invite them to assign a song to you. Don't do it unless you're really willing to participate. There is no "give up" button, but I can remove you manually from the list of participants if necessary.

    Under the list of participants and songs you have chosen, you will find the list of anonymous (unless they are "signed" ... Well you can try to guess) songs that have been assigned to you, which obviously is empty the first time you activate the script. You can see your own list, but not that of the others. For each song, you can leave a short comment in return for the person who chose it for you, and it will appear next to your name in his/her list of participants.

    The clickie has been well tested, but if you notice anything strange, don't hesitate to tell me!

    [b]~ I can see everything ~[/b]

    I have access to all data obviously, and I can find who submitted what. But I won't spend my time monitoring everything, I don't have time for that. That said, if you find some inappropriate or badly unpleasant content, just tell me and I'll remove the content, or even the participant. If it is serious, it will be forwarded to the appropriate MD authorities.

    Please keep it enjoyable, I don't want it to become another reason for bickering ...

    [b]~ Many thanks to ~[/b]

    Brulant for discussing the initial idea, Burns for discussing the final idea, Chewett for answering all my questions on MDScript, Awiiya for allowing the use of his clickie, MD Council and Rendril for allowing the use of consequent data storage, and all people who helped testing the clickie (your entries are still there, btw)!

    Now go and have fun! There might be a second part in a couple weeks.

    Edit: YouTube links only, and I finally use multiple storages as Council and Rendril allowed me.
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    Quas got a reaction from Xcercses in Seal of Six reguarding lack of members   
    [b][Edit][/b] Actually nevermind Bad ideea indeed.

    I don't know why I had the feeling that those 'undesired actions' will come soon ..
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    Quas reacted to Chewett in Taking over leadership of GOTR Hidden Forum Section   
    Mya is now claming that Firs will not be coming back to run the forums. So Mya is claming these forums as hers to manage.

    All this means, is that if Firs or someone else doesnt present evidence that Firs is still around, and capable of running the forums she will be named the leader, and asked to appoint a second in command.

    If anyone has any infomation to the contrary please post it here or contact me. Otherwise she will have full control over that forum to do as she wishs after a week.
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    Quas reacted to Muratus del Mur in Slave Auction   
    i haven't!!!

    lol..how can i deny now this (when i myself abduct people)

    but wont happen again, i shall increase my security after this

    OMG i am a slave.....
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    Quas reacted to Princess Katt in Slave Auction   
    I'll volunteer to be a slave.

    I can't do much of anything useful, but people tell me I'm attractive to look at.
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    Quas reacted to dst in So far...   
    I didn't accuse anyone of anything. If what Jaden did was right or wrong...I do not care. I simply STATED a fact which you seem to want to keep it "secret" for god knows what reasons (which again I do not care about). My only point is: I am sick of the "nose up" and "secretive" attitude you and few others have.

    And with that I think I am done with this subject.
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    Quas reacted to dst in So far...   
    Read again what I have written: I accused nobody or nothing (hint: see the double quotes - and google the meaning if you don't know it). I simply made public a piece of information you seem to cling to like it's the formula to cure cancer AND install world peace ( hope you do like my pun).

    My true face? What is my true face?
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    Quas reacted to dst in So far...   
    Cool. Then this is how I work: the name of the so called "backstabber" who invited Jester is JadenDew. Mystery solved. Case closed.
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    Quas reacted to Peace in So far...   
    [quote name='BFH' timestamp='1328227650' post='103227']

    It seems that did not worked quite well...

    BFH, we had been resumming the invitations in the alliance and most members were back.

    [quote name='Azull' timestamp='1328254455' post='103246']
    It is indeed ironic that the one who did not want to invite anyone back into TW, invites the only one that could be relied upon to start breaking things as soon as he got out of the asylum.

    (it makes me wonder why I bother at all)

    Before throwing me accusations, Azull, know that it wasn't me who invited Jester back in the alliance.

    And for your information, the Tainted Warriors are back alive. And in my possession.

    Let it be known that Jester was invited in the alliance (not by me or Azull although we know who did and the punishment has been set for that person) and after a discussion I had with Jester I assumed it was safe to keep him. The ex-King has not learned from his lessons, he took advantage of the trust I showed him and he invited Eon who in return disbanded the entire alliance, leaving only an invitation to his alt 'Time' to get in and keep it for him. Too bad that plan didn't work out for you.

    Jester is forever exiled from Necrovion and if it was in my hands I would personally hang him at the Trial of Agony, which I will begin to set in motion again.
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    Quas reacted to Seigheart in So far...   
    I agree with BFH.

    Try to reinvest in the new Necrovion. Don't rely to heavily on Khal, and the Dynasty anymore. The best thing I can see happening ere is starting soemthing new. Giving Necrovion a fresh start.

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    Quas reacted to Peace in So far...   
    To begin with I would like to say that the following topic is addressed not only to those of Necrovion but even those out of it who are watching and waiting for some answers perhaps. For the time being, I will only give my, Peace’s, thoughts.[/indent]
    [indent=2]Ann. 1989 - [2011-08-18 22:05:15 - Stage 10]
    [b]Jester's Fate [/b]
    Summary: King Jester decided to jail/excommunicate himself and also summoned in prison a large part of MD population, using tools meant to be used for kingship. As a king, he had already 2 penalty points. Necrovion is in partial chaos, being the land with most rebels, and also lost a guild recently.

    Result: For abusing kingship tools and using them on non-citizens, Jester received an other penalty point (3/4 now). For ending up in jail as a convict of his own actions, he loses his rights and by that all his kings tools and abilities, including verbal rights to demand things for his land. He keeps his crown however, and by that Necrovion reaches a delicate political state. King Jester is to be "hanged by the neck till dead" probably or will reach an other outcome (have to decide, things still in progress). Necrovion fate will be announced next.[/indent]
    [indent=2]Ann. 1990 - [2011-08-19 14:54:10 - Stage 10]
    [b]Necrovion Closed[/b]
    King Jester reached a situation where he can't rule Necrovion anymore, (and no i won't allow elections because he still has a penalty point left so tehnically he still has the crown). Due to the recent events, and the fact that all Necrovion alliances/guilds are currently DISBANDED, Necrovion remains without a social/political structure. Necrovion was from the start in a special situation. Its human inhabitants were allowed on that land by the will of the Shades, to guard it and preserve its values. As this is no longer possible in a decent manner, the LAND WILL BE CLOSED. What will happen to its current citizens, to resources present in this land, creatures, ..we shall see.[/indent]
    [indent=2]Ann. 2034 - [2011-09-28 13:30:02 - Stage 11]
    And so it happens that without fully realizing what he wished for, TTL got Necrovion citiznship back, with all what that implies. Tainted Warriors ally "brought back from the dead"..
    [indent=2]Ann. 2057 - [2011-10-19 23:59:16 - Stage 11]
    [b]Jesters Punishment[/b]
    Jester has been banned for at least 3 months for repeated harassment via multiple mediums and previous offenses. This does not mean jail but a full ban.[/indent]
    [indent=2]After the new year the future of Necrovion shall be decided and further action taken, until then Necrovion still has jester as a mock king. [/indent]
    [indent=2]I believe it is known to all by now that this still stands. Jester is still banned and I believe he has no intention to return after all this. Unless he returns only to be hung in public display. Until the time that decisions are taken the only one left wearing the badge of Necrovion’s Tainted Warriors will be only myself and TTL, to keep the alliance safe and alive. Mostly because the ones currently interested to return to the alliance are what triggered some to almost disband the alliance a couple days ago. But this only one of the reasons as I do not know all the details. [/indent]
    We have no tools to grant citizenship to whoever asks for it, those were confiscated by Rendril Revant and I believe they will remain in his possession until further notice without being used. [/indent]
    There will be no invitations granted to join the alliance. Joining this land is more than a badge of an alliance. To be of Necrovion means to understand what the land stands for, who inhabits it still and what is their meaning and purpose. It isn’t my place to tell you so. There are stories in the Adventure Log that point it out, there are certain events that took place that signify it. There are still few people left to go ask and do your research.
    [indent=2]Recently I had an interview with Passant the Weak. The article hasn’t been published. All this is merely an addition to it. Nobody put me in charge of anything in Necrovion to speak of it, but I am obligated to answer to whoever asks. I do not know what will happen, if I or others will be part of it or not but hopefully we will all know in the beginning of the next year.I am open to any questions or thoughts.[/indent]
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    Quas reacted to BFH in You know you've been on MD too much when...   
    when you try to login as *BFH Layout* >>
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    Quas reacted to Jubaris in Declare War Spell   
    Yrth, maybe in an ideal system without bugs, bug abusing and such.

    From time to time, some bug with which you can attack offline people constantly swims out. Abuse of spells that were dedicated for moderating certain competitions or helping newbs...

    What would those wars actually show, you tell me, actually victory of one's land strategy, or "who has accumulated more privileges and game mechanics abuse knowledge"?
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    Quas reacted to Liberty4life in Conspiracy Theories   
    138) mur is actually chew's alt, and atm both accs are powered by wookie's uber advanced magical bot that has abilities to learn and adopt among many others, real wookie aint playin since years ago
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    Quas reacted to Chewett in Conspiracy Theories   
    [quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1327797112' post='102755']
    or a cross-breed of wookie and ewok

    edit: HA! me can still talk... thus conspiracy theory 135 says: 129 is just a theory...

    137) Libs Battery gets drained so he can only spend at best a month playing MD before he runs away to get it charged again.
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    Quas reacted to Muratus del Mur in Conspiracy Theories   
    129) I issued a secret law in md that all players containing the word "Liberty" in their name, not directed to anyone in particular, to be sabotaged and silenced.

    130) I heard that council issued an other secret law, that whoever posts the conspiracy theory number 131 will be decapitated, for the safety and integrity of the realm.
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    Quas reacted to ChildOfTheSoul in newyear competition   
    We'll change the name to "Spring Competition"
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