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  1. I am honestly getting tired of this topic, seeing ignnus screaming around then calming down , then screaming and calming in the same post even, doesn't do good to my health :/ ( ) Will this topic reach any point or are you just going to argue around because you want your number of posts high? ... I vote for closing this topic since it leads nowhere.
  2. Well, how would you call a Defend or Weaken defence effect reverse after the duration is gone ? (example: -3978 def, after the effect is gone : +3978 def. .. Same thing with Defend) I call it a bug..
  3. [s][color=#0000cd]#1 Sharpie : Heat - 240k[/color][/s] [s][color=#0000cd] Age - 200[/color][/s] [s][color=#0000cd] [/color][/s] [s][color=#0000cd]#2 Sharpie : Heat -[b] [/b]240k[/color][/s] [s][color=#0000cd] Age - 200[/color][/s] [color=#0000cd] [/color] [s]#1 BP : Age - 171[/s] [s]#2 BP : Age - 300[/s] [s] Heat - 176k[/s] [s]No tokens on either, I don't accept resources or other creatures (Exept SoulWeaver).[/s] [s]it will close when ever I wish, thank you[/s] Sold. Topic closed O.o thank you
  4. Wow, no post for the last 10 minutes? I thought you can cry more, Ignnus.

    1. ignnus


      Ah!My old friend

  5. Ignnus, why do you think everyone is insulting you? I mean, what did Shem say so that you will feel insulted? Acting like "Oooh X did that bad bad thing, go ask Y cuz he knows everything about it and I don't." is not a way to fix stuff.
  6. [s]I have a fresh GG drach and I don't see myself owning a Rusty and a Rainy anytime soon :/[/s] [s]So, I expect a PM with a cute offer ^^[/s] Sold
  7. Guys, grow up (not reffering to dst.). As I see nad is angry about people who have the SUPPORTER tag .. that's .. lame.. For example, I have a supporter tag and I havent spent a single real $ on this game, just mostly from free credits :/ and I do just fine, I got good creatures, I got tokens, I got coins, I got everything at reach... So please, stop bitchin' about the supporter thing, and stop making assumptions without proofs, and please again, stop being mad at YOURSELF for ([s]FAILING)[/s] not doing what you can do.. As for you, ignnus.. I don't think Eon just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided to ..attack you, (in a nice way to say it) just like that.. but anyway, you're falling in your own trap Just my oppinion ¬¬ .. go ahead and use all your alts to neg rep me for that. ^^
  8. [s]1 GC for [b]both[/b] sharptears.[/s]
  9. You can be what ever you want to be, my friend Go ahead, use your imagination , be creative ! Anything can happen .. and I [b]mean[/b] that :| P.S.: Don't listen to Tipu, waste of time.
  10. Greetings my friend and a warm wellcome to the Realm where everything can become Real It's been a while since a newbie got out of his shy hide-out and say hello to everyone , apparently you didn't had one in the first place I hope you'll enjoy this game as much as we all do !
  11. As most people say, "The Guards strenght lies in they're weakness". Keep that it mind but don't focus directly on it because it can be confusing, or at least is was for me.. Try looking from a slight different angle, learn all the creature types and skills then everything shall reveal ! May the Force be with you
  12. Creature pricing criterias: I) Rarity. (that can't be recruited normally, or those deeper in the MDshop, or other specials like Morphs, Tainted Angiens, Colorless Joker, etc). If you can recruite it normally from places with easy acces, then it's not a rare creature. II) Age, Tokens, Stored heat. (If the creature is rare, these criterias will boost the price for sure. And even if it's not rare, it can cost allot if it has allot of Heat, Age and fitting Tokens) Also, most "green" items (how I like to call them) like shared tools [example: axes, buckets, dices] can be taken by anyone from a specific public location and they worth nothing in Coins (maybe exept the Heat Jar and Reality Coagulator), so don't get fooled if anyone asks you for coins/creatures/other items in exchange for shared tools. Resources are also a source of income (a farely weak one at the moment), They're price depending on how hard it is to gather them, and on how many they are.. But if you want to be a resource gatherer, you should first find people who need, then gather how much they need, because most of the times.. the more resources you have the harder they are to sell, because you can't split them. (Example: If you trade branches to someone, you will trade ALL of them no matter how many you have, with no way to split them in smaller stacks)
  13. Lets partaaaay

    1. Tipu



  14. *would like to find a picture with the T-shirt that says "Roleplay This!"* But anyway, I love RP but I also love fighting and I'm having a trouble being split between those two in a public location :/
  15. Sorry I honestly don't find a use for any of those creatures XD
  16. Mine is Loreroot, and I won't trade it, maybe only for a Underground one?
  17. [s]Selling 1 GC.[/s] [s]Make your offer (anything creatures/items. Not resources).[/s] Sold.
  18. Just beat it beat it beat it beat it..

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      Just eat it

  19. Quas

    MD Radio ?!

    Good ideea Marvolo, but you realise we need 20 songs at [b]least [/b]right? I also play guitar ! Here's one ! [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s24aeP2XwJg"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=s24aeP2XwJg[/url]
  20. Quas

    MD Radio ?!

    It was and still is just and ideea, I didn't say I'm going to work on it too. If anyone sees this ideea as "great" and would like to take responsability for it, go ahead ^^
  21. Quas

    MD Radio ?!

    [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1324607653' post='98399'] Also, if that's not enough - Granos suggested something like this a few years back, he apparently had certain permissions with music, it still never happened. (I'll see if I can find the link) LE: Oh look, searching "radio" on the forum found the topic; [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4924-md-radio-station/"]http://magicduel.inv...-radio-station/[/url] [/quote] Bump.. [quote name='Brulant' timestamp='1324597886' post='98388'] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Would this be Realm-wide, or vary from scene to scene? [/font][/color] [/quote] Was thinking about realm-wide..
  22. Yep. Fresh Chrome directly from the source. Version 16.0.912.63 m
  23. Quas

    MD Radio ?!

    Something similar to the Trigger box only with a play/stop button added in a corner or something, is what I've thought .. Hm, not on an external website.. Like the scene music in some locations only with an editable playlist (the songs in the pl may be added from Youtube for example, but not with the vid) Purpose? Um.. get peoples ears unplugged from they're regular music they're bored of, and create a somehow of connection between players sharing the same songs in the same time xD Songs will be picked randomly from more genres but it will mainly depend on 2-3 different Polls to see what people preffer ^^ Dunno, just some thoughts. P.S.: Might even make a little post space so you can announce a dedication of a song to a player from time to time
  24. No problems with it in my Chrome.
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