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  1. Proof that Eon is not a she *points to B-days*

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    2. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      Eon is a she and i think she is sexy. Stop ruining my dreams!

    3. nadrolski
    4. Dragual


      *thinks Passant likes getting beat up by attractive girls*

  2. Happy Birthday, Joey...

  3. [quote name='Master' timestamp='1328725139' post='103836'] But since the tokens it owns give good bonuses.. [/quote] Sorry but that mostly depends on principles.. may be good bonuses for you, but useless for me. I need you to tell me the exact tokens it has, please
  4. When life gives you oisters...

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    2. Quas


      ..sell them on the black market, of course.

    3. Pipstickz


      Too lazy to write it out: http://blog.fileplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Portal-2-Lemons-Wallpaper-1200x800.jpg

    4. Laphers


      For some reason I read that as "When life gives you sisters" :D

  5. I believe our little Caggie already quit...
  6. 127. I quit MD. * * [size=1]PS: Lib put a number for your theory XD[/size]
  7. Cots -_- cancelling that auction sucked. I really wished for those archers :/

    1. ChildOfTheSoul


      Yeah, and I really wanted GoC and that oblivion item. T_T But I made the right decision.

  8. free credits will come back "soon" , right ?

  9. 115) People post in this topic the biggest truths about MD, as everyone thinks this is just a 'troll' post. -specially Mur
  10. I just hate my new forum avy -_-.. darn you LJ

  11. [quote name='Ratbert' timestamp='1325718098' post='99677'] - I only accept coins [/quote] the note is not actually coins, and.. do you have any ideea how hard it is to echange it to real gc? geezus :/
  12. I doubt he was reffering directly to you, Peace
  13. That must suck for you. fellas sorry
  14. Well, yes. [b]Note: If it DOESN'T have claw II then I am not interested[/b] [b] -If it has Onyxfangs I will add +2sc (that means 4 sc for Onyx)[/b] [b] [/b] [u]Prices:[/u] - 10sc base price (if it has only the claw II), +[b]2[/b]sc [edit] for every other token. - maximum price of 20sc / imperial ([b]if[/b] it has a hell load of tokens pm me and we'll talk about it )
  15. I am honestly getting tired of this topic, seeing ignnus screaming around then calming down , then screaming and calming in the same post even, doesn't do good to my health :/ ( ) Will this topic reach any point or are you just going to argue around because you want your number of posts high? ... I vote for closing this topic since it leads nowhere.
  16. Well, how would you call a Defend or Weaken defence effect reverse after the duration is gone ? (example: -3978 def, after the effect is gone : +3978 def. .. Same thing with Defend) I call it a bug..
  17. [s][color=#0000cd]#1 Sharpie : Heat - 240k[/color][/s] [s][color=#0000cd] Age - 200[/color][/s] [s][color=#0000cd] [/color][/s] [s][color=#0000cd]#2 Sharpie : Heat -[b] [/b]240k[/color][/s] [s][color=#0000cd] Age - 200[/color][/s] [color=#0000cd] [/color] [s]#1 BP : Age - 171[/s] [s]#2 BP : Age - 300[/s] [s] Heat - 176k[/s] [s]No tokens on either, I don't accept resources or other creatures (Exept SoulWeaver).[/s] [s]it will close when ever I wish, thank you[/s] Sold. Topic closed O.o tha
  18. Wow, no post for the last 10 minutes? I thought you can cry more, Ignnus.

    1. ignnus


      Ah!My old friend

  19. Ignnus, why do you think everyone is insulting you? I mean, what did Shem say so that you will feel insulted? Acting like "Oooh X did that bad bad thing, go ask Y cuz he knows everything about it and I don't." is not a way to fix stuff.
  20. [s]I have a fresh GG drach and I don't see myself owning a Rusty and a Rainy anytime soon :/[/s] [s]So, I expect a PM with a cute offer ^^[/s] Sold
  21. Guys, grow up (not reffering to dst.). As I see nad is angry about people who have the SUPPORTER tag .. that's .. lame.. For example, I have a supporter tag and I havent spent a single real $ on this game, just mostly from free credits :/ and I do just fine, I got good creatures, I got tokens, I got coins, I got everything at reach... So please, stop bitchin' about the supporter thing, and stop making assumptions without proofs, and please again, stop being mad at YOURSELF for ([s]FAILING)[/s] not doing what you can do.. As for you, ignnus.. I don't think Eon just woke up on the wrong si
  22. [s]1 GC for [b]both[/b] sharptears.[/s]
  23. You can be what ever you want to be, my friend Go ahead, use your imagination , be creative ! Anything can happen .. and I [b]mean[/b] that :| P.S.: Don't listen to Tipu, waste of time.
  24. Greetings my friend and a warm wellcome to the Realm where everything can become Real It's been a while since a newbie got out of his shy hide-out and say hello to everyone , apparently you didn't had one in the first place I hope you'll enjoy this game as much as we all do !
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