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  1. Proof that Eon is not a she *points to B-days*

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    2. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      Eon is a she and i think she is sexy. Stop ruining my dreams!

    3. nadrolski
    4. Dragual


      *thinks Passant likes getting beat up by attractive girls*

  2. Happy Birthday, Joey...

  3. When life gives you oisters...

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    2. Quas


      ..sell them on the black market, of course.

    3. Pipstickz


      Too lazy to write it out: http://blog.fileplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Portal-2-Lemons-Wallpaper-1200x800.jpg

    4. Laphers


      For some reason I read that as "When life gives you sisters" :D

  4. 127. I quit MD. * * [size=1]PS: Lib put a number for your theory XD[/size]
  5. Cots -_- cancelling that auction sucked. I really wished for those archers :/

    1. ChildOfTheSoul


      Yeah, and I really wanted GoC and that oblivion item. T_T But I made the right decision.

  6. free credits will come back "soon" , right ?

  7. 115) People post in this topic the biggest truths about MD, as everyone thinks this is just a 'troll' post. -specially Mur
  8. I just hate my new forum avy -_-.. darn you LJ

  9. Well, how would you call a Defend or Weaken defence effect reverse after the duration is gone ? (example: -3978 def, after the effect is gone : +3978 def. .. Same thing with Defend) I call it a bug..
  10. Wow, no post for the last 10 minutes? I thought you can cry more, Ignnus.

    1. ignnus


      Ah!My old friend

  11. Lets partaaaay

    1. Tipu



  12. Why did I laugh so hard and not because of you two? XD *chuckles*
  13. Just beat it beat it beat it beat it..

    1. Brulant


      Just eat it

  14. Having problems setting an avatar on the Forum. anything I upload (the right format) gets me the "Failed to send a new photo" error.

    1. ZenTao


      you may need to re-size the photo/ava to no more then 250 x 250 pixels.

  15. Am I bored, or what?..

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    2. ChildOfTheSoul


      *Insert something else about IAB here*

    3. Guillak


      You've been saying that for months, and you're still there! So you lied. :)

    4. ChildOfTheSoul


      By the way, Quashen. I love theoatmeal.com

  16. sooo.. If we draw a line here, is this weaken def thing, a bug or not ? If yes, anyone is willing to do anything about it? 15 days passed since the last post and no kind of change
  17. well..this just ain't right >.< a week or two ago I was able to reach 1k damage in round 5 and up to -5k defence in a big battle...ruins my rits.
  18. [quote name='Fire Starter' timestamp='1315487786' post='91726'] Quas, your log won't provide the needed information. update. [/quote] You need a drawing or voice recording ?... If this problem truly exists (wich obviously does), then I'm not the first to know about it, the log I put is a bit short and skipped and bla bla.. It's just posted as an example of this problem, let the big guys fix it.
  19. @MoM. Hardly doubt it.. that would be too fair! so not MD-like and as you can see in the last round in my log there were allot of creatures, not just one.
  20. I was just going to make a post for this. Got the same problem I'm using 4 creatures on Weaken defence and one damager. The weaken defence only seems to work in the first rounds.. later on when a creature gets weakened it actually gets it's defence increased ! [log='Click?!'] Quas's Dark Archer does weaken to random creature(s) of Unstableone and: - Weaken defence effect: -55 - maintains weaken on Heretic Archer weaken (round:2 weaken: defence=-55|from 6 to -49; ) and remains with 1588 vitality Quas's Dark Archer does weaken to random creature(s) of Unstableo
  21. Quas

    Am I the only one who noticed that Mr. Mur is the first of ANY list? O.o

    1. Guillak


      You know you haven't played enough MD when … Quas hasn't accosted you yet :D

    2. Cherub Rock

      Cherub Rock

      You know you haven't played enough MD when...you haven't been slapped daily by some random llama sociopath wearing a hat.

  22. Didn't had the time reading ALL the pages but here goes: -When on you're mailbox you write a list of subjects -Someone asks you "Where did everyone go?" and you reply: "Are you kidding? he barelly speaks!" -You quickly take off you're shoes after a run in the park for getting over(heat)charged. -You quickly get some jars and try to store the heat <- You're just too bored and you read epic old topics at 3 AM -You see a wierd hydrant with 8 "buttons" and 1) start calling that street Berserker Way 2)Get a hammer and hit it 'cauze you're frustrated the buttons are bugged. -You go
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