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  1. Proof that Eon is not a she *points to B-days*

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    2. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      Eon is a she and i think she is sexy. Stop ruining my dreams!

    3. nadrolski
    4. Dragual


      *thinks Passant likes getting beat up by attractive girls*

  2. Happy Birthday, Joey...

  3. When life gives you oisters...

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    2. Quas


      ..sell them on the black market, of course.

    3. Pipstickz


      Too lazy to write it out: http://blog.fileplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Portal-2-Lemons-Wallpaper-1200x800.jpg

    4. Laphers


      For some reason I read that as "When life gives you sisters" :D

  4. Cots -_- cancelling that auction sucked. I really wished for those archers :/

    1. ChildOfTheSoul


      Yeah, and I really wanted GoC and that oblivion item. T_T But I made the right decision.

  5. free credits will come back "soon" , right ?

  6. I just hate my new forum avy -_-.. darn you LJ

  7. Wow, no post for the last 10 minutes? I thought you can cry more, Ignnus.

    1. ignnus


      Ah!My old friend

  8. Lets partaaaay

    1. Tipu



  9. Just beat it beat it beat it beat it..

    1. Brulant


      Just eat it

  10. Having problems setting an avatar on the Forum. anything I upload (the right format) gets me the "Failed to send a new photo" error.

    1. ZenTao


      you may need to re-size the photo/ava to no more then 250 x 250 pixels.

  11. Am I bored, or what?..

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    2. ChildOfTheSoul


      *Insert something else about IAB here*

    3. Guillak


      You've been saying that for months, and you're still there! So you lied. :)

    4. ChildOfTheSoul


      By the way, Quashen. I love theoatmeal.com

  12. Quas

    Am I the only one who noticed that Mr. Mur is the first of ANY list? O.o

    1. Guillak


      You know you haven't played enough MD when … Quas hasn't accosted you yet :D

    2. Cherub Rock

      Cherub Rock

      You know you haven't played enough MD when...you haven't been slapped daily by some random llama sociopath wearing a hat.

  13. Quas

    is that the first photo of you in wich you're not actually completly grining? XD

  14. "TS" Elliot? *hmms*

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    2. Stipple


      Thomas Stearns Eliot to be correct :)

    3. Quas


      *tries thinking about a Tormented Soul Elliot*

    4. MoM


      *wonders if TS has anything to do with Eva*

  15. I caught you watchin my story post ! argh

  16. Yea guys, why not say hello? *raises eyebrowl*

    1. Cherub Rock

      Cherub Rock

      I'm not a guy and I will not say hello. I refuse!


  17. Topic about my story in New Players Roles and Legends !

  18. I entered the Labyrinth... God help me >_>

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    2. Sharazhad


      no! that combination takes you back to the beginning, its left up up, down, right right, twirly bit and then select alt f4

    3. Quas


      I made it ! XD

    4. Passant the Weak
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