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  1. Can I help if I can draw / write / make music? How?
  2. What different kinds of medal are there?
  3. Are there different kinds of roles?
  4. Are there any requirements to giving other characters items?
  5. Are there permanent and temporary solutions?
  6. I added them as follow on related questions, as you might assist someone who's a bit lost with it. Happy for questions to be separated if you feel it necessary
  7. What are the ritual requirements? Why didn't my selected ritual get used?
  8. Where can I see owned creatures on the interface? How can I heal them?
  9. Hi, The back row of Champion's Challenge is repeated, causing difficulty for me clicking the back two rows. This is on Firefox. Have tested on Edge browser and the error is not there. Apologies, not able to test with other browsers atm as about to go visit the fam. Thanks, Clair.
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