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  1. I am having trouble in understanding when it is refreshing or when i am actually just making the wrong combination to open at the gateway with the clues.Been at it for 4 hours, and i am not entirely even sure it is clicking.
  2. I wish i could get back that login, i deleted that mail to use only work mails, so i cant remember the password.
  3. Yes i was, i was reading past posts...i am really embarassed...i got lost in the lab...i used stripper thongs...
  4. From 11 years ago....my poems.
  5. God....you made me remember Big C and his exploits....this is trully a time capsule. Treehill here, i think, not sure if this epoch i was using this username
  6. Hi....it is weird to see after so long, i doubted that i could even find this game without remembering the name, found in a list of web games.....I saw the names and it all came back Aia, Ailith, dst, which in my contry means STD, used to joke about it, mur.... I think my username was Treehill? I liked the trees that could heal...
  7. Aia....god this is so weird. Mur also...way too weird, then i was barely at college. Now i am doing masters, trying to get elected in my town....way to weird.
  8. Don't you say it....i am surprised....I can't even remember what was my name, i was having a hard time remembering the name of this game, i saw some people like Ailith, redneck....god.....its 10 years....this is soo unreal. I am shocked to the core, of ho much it remains, how much it changed...the cabin....I just remembered my nick while writing....i had a crush on the male protagonist of One Tree Hill....treehill....facepalm....XD
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