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  1. Its kind of late...but item 1 please
  2. I'm looking for a creature to represent myself. Normally this would be a max level elemental...but I have seen for a while now a colored version of this. Name the price if it could be had. Also It should be noted that I am NOT looking for a fully leveled one.
  3. Name thy price...
  4. I don't join things often mainly because I have doubts i know much...but will try.
  5. I've actually joked around with this idea from folks, but I'll add it here. Basically what my Idea is a small vending machine that runs on silver coins and gold coins. It can be twice a day but the creature it gives you is completely random. You however have the option to reject what was offered to collect "points". The higher the amount of points you have, the higher chance you have for the creature obtained via vending machine to be rarer than usual. Points attained also may have higher values depending on the rarity of what was given back. Points are consumed when you finally grab one but it is in varying degrees depending on how rare the creature you obtained was. When using gold coins you get a multiplier bonus for the points you have plus a higher chance to gain a rare creature, but but all points would be consumed if you grab the creature. There is also a machine next to the vendor next to the machine that exchanges the "paper money" for its coin derivative.
  6. Sounds interesting...and also...triggering. I assume that death will require being revived via "flower power?" *Not spoiling*
  7. I see. In any event anyone have any timeless dust they'd be willing to part with for gain?
  8. While my hunt for new creatures rages on....I feel like trying to token my creatures properly. I am finally approaching the land loyalty required so I can harvest fenths from my tree farming and I desire to totemize some of my creatures to lower the chance of screw ups. This of course will require an grand amount of timeless dust and the rate that spell stones give it be small. Hence my request. Also looking for a Dark Angien, A horseman, and a cloaked shade If I be naming them right. Name an appropriate price for said things and I will see what I can do.
  9. Hmm.. considering the statements you've said as well as the lack of a means to prove said answers to questions, I suppose the help screen that describes things must of course be rewritten as what is stated and what is actually there is different. So off the top of my head thats the page that describes briskness, the definition of heat that is first given on gateway island...theres probably others that now need to be rewritten. My main inquiry came from the fact that I felt that the resource of gaining heat while I wasn't a citizen had suddenly been funneled to a single point, while noting that vitality and citizen only privileges being what was gained back. Though vitality itself can be gained from a burst...so just citizen privileges. After reading the definition of what heat was, what briskness was, I made assumptions that this was the way it was, but since its not, in order that there be no confusion to this it should be written more clearly somewhere.
  10. Might be veering of point a smidge but we can go back to it later. Going by what you said Then what of travelers...or rather...the nomadic? They be neutral and gain heat from everywhere? losing heat only makes sense in an enemy land. being away from home could indeed sit negative emotions that cause folks to lose emotions but it should not affect the gaining process at all. if we going by what you say Ungod then heat should be HARDER to gain but not outright stopped.
  11. while i don't know about land loyalty briskness is or should be universal.
  12. Ok to begin with I just joined the citizenship of Marind recently and have noticed 1 thing that has me puzzled and hope to change. The sudden shut down of gathering naturally occuring heat from sources other than your home and the loss of heat in foreign lands. 1. Heat exists everywhere, so it would only make sense that you could gain it from everywhere. 2. In terms of losing heat in a foreign land, that really should happen only in enemy lands along with vitality. Neutral lands shouldn't be affected like this. I only suggest that we change how it is gathered. For instance, For people unaligned they remain the same. For people who are aligned with a land, their land still provides them with the benefits that they would usually had, for no man's land, instead of shutting heat gaining altogether, limit the heat gained while around. maybe to around 50% of what you would normally gain just to spit a simple number. For foreign land perhaps limit it even further to 75%. Enemy lands would of course have you losing heat and vitality. Of course if there be something I'm missing in this scenario feel free to speak. Always willing to see how things go.
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