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  1. Congratulations @Chewett for solving the puzzle first! Congratulations @Syrianfor getting the fastest time for September! You both earn 5SC! For October's Puzzle: Tools (I was too busy to spend more than 10 minutes of effort, next month I'll go back to lands and use the AL and Announcements to make it more relevant) https://thewordsearch.com/puzzle/1503765/ Good luck!
  2. Only a few days left to beat the fastest time! also, if you want to have your land/alliance/guild/whatever MD related featured for October, just send me your topic and at least 15 words to include!
  3. I am closing this quest, as the timeframe has ended. I will re-open this quest during either XMas or Anniversary again.
  4. Hello everyone! This quest is about a proclamation the King and Grand Duke, Chewett made. To start the quest, you must go to Marind's Roundabout and "listen" to what Chewett is saying. (If you follow the mdscript prompts and it doesn't give you more content, back out and try again, it sometimes does that) Once you have read the introduction section of the quest (there's 5 parts), then it will tell you to come back here. Then post here which route you choose. This quest has 3 different pathways: A) Artistic: where you create your own ritual of transforming the creature-must
  5. Aia, I sent your info! Also, if @Ungod and @Aia del Mana wouldn't mind posting your quest forum link (if there is one) in the calendar's event page, that way it's all in one place for people who want to participate, I'd appreciate it.
  6. Ungod, info sent. DG, give me a name of the quest and I'll send you the info you need! YOU HAVE 3 more days to register a quest for the event to be included in judging for WP and possibly other rewards! Quest registration ends on September 11th, 2020.
  7. And I here I thought Ledah would rise to the occasion again and get first completed puzzle. Oh, and for those of you wondering, you CAN repost the puzzle multiple times, if say, Ledah were to post a new fastest time, Chewett or Syrian could post a 2nd time to achieve fastest time. Congratulations Chewett for claiming the 1st poster reward!
  8. Lol, you know you can! Just tell me titles so I can register.
  9. @Chewett it IS faster, I’m just blind! The reward for fastest time goes to Chewett! Sorry ledah, you already got the reward for first!
  10. Sorry for being a few days behind! Work has kicked my butt the last 3 weeks. @Ledah wins 1SC for posting the fastest time at the end of the month! Chewett had a faster time, but decided not to post it For this month's puzzle the prizes are increased to 5SC for first to post, and 5SC for fastest time at the end of the month! https://thewordsearch.com/puzzle/1408846/ Go, go go!
  11. Also in case I wrote too much. If you want to run a quest, simply post the intended name of it here. I’ll get you registered. This way players know what quests are available.
  12. I guess I should register with myself the quest I'm planning to have: Chewett's Proclamation.
  13. Please post here if you are intending to create and run a quest during AAA. You should post your name and the intended name(s) of the quest(s) you intend to prepare and create for the event. The topic of this particular AAA event is celestial lycanthropy. Basically this means that something about the heavens and something about transformation can be the theme (the self changes, the heavens change, both change, in different causal or correlational relationships). This theme is meant to be your inspiration, to get your juices flowing. Guidelines: You can have your own rewar
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