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  1. Not sure if it's good enough but oh well, here it goes. Happy Birthday MagicDuel Place where normal is unusual Happy Birthday MagicDuel Feast on this imagination gruel Happy Birthday MagicDuel Overwhelming heat accrual Happy Birthday MagicDuel In the chaos, shines the jewel Happy Birthday MagicDuel Play with shades, the nightmare fuel Happy Birthday MagicDuel Another year, the spark's renewal Happy Birthday MagicDuel
  2. Ok, lets give it a shot First I want to say that I tried to incorporate both my arrival upon Island and Main Land into one picture. Even though my scene may suggest otherwise I was very warmly greeted upon arrival at the island, still the first thing that comes to mind when I think about that time is the feeling that everything is shrouded in a mystery, that many things are not what they seem to be, hunger for adventure and discoveries. It was a new experience, I felt like a baby trying to learn how to walk. The bloody part comes mostly from my memories of encountering shades for the first time when I arrived upon No man's land, I wanted to present my uneasiness that I felt back then. Anyway MD still reamins a mystery for me, a one that I want to dive into and let it swallow me whole.
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