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  1. If anyone adds to existing menus, please forum message me so I can update the menus on my notes. Please also message me with details of details of arranged lectures and attendees, so I can keep a calendar and ensure there is an up to date list for coins owed. Thanks
  2. Well, given that I am not going to be giving lectures, I can help you with administrating the menus if you like.
  3. XD you make me laugh! I demand more of these
  4. Could I have an Anni creature and 3 plushies please? Thank you for the fun quest by the way!
  5. I apologise for saying anything, Chewett. I won't comment on your posts again Be well
  6. Yes it was strange. I have two other maxed creatures that didn't lose their names... Seems too specific to be a php thing, especially as I seem to be the only one who has had an issue with it by the looks of it
  7. ID: 869504 "Bert" ID: 869505 "Ernie" Thanks Chewett
  8. Cheers @Steno and congratulations on going to MP5
  9. A knight errant lays down his sword to honour the weak and the helpless. Though his armour is unremarkable, his shield is emblazoned with the capitals of the four main lands. Next to him is a sapling from the East to show that weakness may become mighty if encouraged.
  10. Right, Sunfire wins for best activity. Best competitor goes to Miq for overall impact on blackjack and diplomacy (votes inconclusive so took executive decision after going through the logs again a few times) Unique item goes to Ungod for being the only non arranged activity creator and for contributing throughout the entire evening! Thank you again for the fun evening and I hope to run it again next year with some tweaks ^^
  11. I can confirm the top three are steno, Aia and Tissy. Thank you all. I will put the poem together shortly.
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