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  1. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1345455117' post='120528'] You'd have to be 'careful' with doing that, as it would lead to a certain bias - if you saw 'Person A' has voted one way, and you want to be in their good books/such, you may also do similarly. Equally a Player may form a grudge against those that voted opposing them, or people's votes may be otherwise swayed due to others being able to view how the vote went. [/quote] The idea was to show who voted for what at the very end only. As long as the vote is ongoing, nobody could see anything. There shouldn't be any reason to hold a gru
  2. I was looking back at previous "mistakes" to think about a more flexible way to vote for entries in quests, for a hypothetical future one. Instead of doing it on my own then put it to use just once, I thought I might as well ask for opinions before, and why not in the end give a generic MDscript code so that anyone with clickie access can set up his own. I have seen several ways to vote so far (forum poll, forum posts reputation, in-game system vote [not for public use?], "hand-made" solutions like PM's to the quest maker or panels of judges giving out marks), all with their pros and cons, b
  3. [quote]Ann. 2373 - [2012-08-17 01:19:44 - Stage 11] Bugfix: Ability to upload images/files to papers Everyone should be able to upload images/files to their papers again using the MD File Manager (7th icon on left on paper editor, right of hyperlink button). If anyone has this issue please post on the respective forum topic otherwise please close and make a new one if similar issues arise again.[/quote] This solves it for me, thankies!
  4. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1340300190' post='115656'] Going back to my original question, and reason this topic started; Define a reasonable price for revival. [/quote] Here's another approach: your compensation for using your tool, for which you worked hard, freely on others, is the ability to revive anyone, gratefulness of players, and why not ability to befriend anyone, including enemies (or you could make them grovel before you ), etc. Isn't that worth more than 20 bloody coins, or any "price"? The most valuable things in MD are not material … I think.
  5. Guillak

    A funeral

    [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1339431999' post='114357']I was revived because others had died. I was not popular enough to have an item used on me directly. So when others attempted to help me, Council had them killed as well.[/quote] [size=2](Going even further from the original topic, sorry)[/size] [i]Council[/i] killed us, back then? You sure about that? Any clue/proof?
  6. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1339340933' post='114269'] Heat is needed to cast spells, where is the heat? [/quote] Consumed at the time you cast the spell, just like a regular cast?
  7. (Somehow related to [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11883-spells-on-clickables/"]spells on clickables[/url], but much more accessible) How about the possibility to cast spells on the current location rather than a specific player? The spell would "hang in the air" in the scene and would be automatically released on the next person who walks in the location. A single wizard could cast several spells in a location, then all of them would be triggered off simultaneously whenever a character enters the scene, friend or foe (or the caster himself if he left and came back, forgetting
  8. Finally, after nearly 4 months … [b]~ Results ~[/b] [attachment=3900:MusicalPortraits.html] I only displayed the names of the participants for those songs that received the most votes. [i]Top 10 voters:[/i] [b]1. Soothing Sands: 1867 (17.6%)[/b] [b]2. Eon: 1858 (17.5%)[/b] [b]3. Esmaralda: 1812 (17.0%)[/b] 4. *Clock Master*: 1782 (16.8%) 5. Menhir: 1781 (16.7%) 6. *Burns*: 1707 (16.0%) 7. Maebius: 1650 (15.5%) [s]8. Guillak: 1622 (15.3%)[/s] 9. phantasm: 1576 (14.8%) 10. ZenTao: 1457 (13.7%) Soothing Sands chooses his prize first, then Eon, then Esmaralda! Morph, WP, Santa.
  9. Isn't it possible to scale images down? The ones I used in above screenshot were scaled down to 32 pixels. As I said, you can remove them completely otherwise. First letters of creature name should do it, or why not help by rotating text by 90°.
  10. [attachment=3898:fightlogs.jpg] (hand made of course) Width: fits perfect, as long as you don't display the whole creature name. Creature slot number or creature name initial should suffice. Tooltips would then display all necessary information at the player's will. Height: let it scroll, just like current linear display. A fixed table header might help as well, i.e. all lines except the first one move up/down when you use the scroll bar. As for the images: as Liberty said, loading several times the same image on a given page doesn't consume more bandwidth than loading it once. We coul
  11. (Building on Liberty's "offtopic" paragraphs, mods feel free to split) [size=2][quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1337690996' post='112587'][/size] [size=2]if ya ask me, md needs to get rid of stats and rework whole combat system from scratch, md needs one new dev just for that (which md cant afford), and need to implement new ideas that aint affect with stupid numbers, i dunt understand why every game sooner or later has to fall on that: hey lets raise our number value in "damage" then lets raise this up too..... etc etc and we are pro, i hate that kind of approach, the reason why almos
  12. Seems like Xcercses misunderstood my post, and he's gone since yesterday indeed … As I don't want to waste any vote, I kindly ask everyone to wait for his return. So: we'll end it next week instead of tomorrow, sorry for yet another modification. All participants are encouraged to lynch Xcercses whenever he comes back.
  13. It seems there aren't many votes coming anymore, so I'll end it quickly. [b]Deadline: Sunday, March 20th[/b] … unless I'm asked to prolong it again, but I guess participants have had enough after nearly 4 months. Given the—relatively—low number of votes, I won't display scores as percentages, but as an absolute frequency instead: same calculation, but without the final division, so it won't change the ranking.
  14. I think so! Edit: that may explain why the spell is less likely to work in the Tribunal, since people might tend to use all their AP's very quickly then go idle/logout, waiting for them to replenish.
  15. It appears the timestamps are lost, and the order of locations messed up, whenever you log out or go idle. We tested it with Grido at the Paper Cabin. First cast: [spoiler] Locating Guillak ... On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_1x3_2 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 3_4x-4_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_1x1_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_4x4_2 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_1x4_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 3_3x-3_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_2x3_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 3_2x-2_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_3x4_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_3x3_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was a
  16. Happy 500th post! :)

  17. … and a candy! No problem!
  18. [i][b]~ Results ~[/b][/i] We've received various answers, of various length and content. Which is all for the best! [i]Top entries:[/i] 1st: Maebius 2nd: Soothing Sands 3rd: Kris Summers 4th: Change 5th: Isabella Finch 6th: Darkraptor [i][b]~ Rewards ~[/b][/i] Sorry for the change again, but it's a good change (+1 angien offered by Maebius). So:[list] [*]1 pickle + 1 silver + 1 candy for everyone [*]Top 6 will choose amongst the following rewards one after each other (top entry chooses first, etc.): Council creature (most probably Anniversary Aramor), Angien, Heat Stone, Mirro
  19. Council sponsors the quest with a special creature! … My bet is an Anniversary Aramor. So, first place will not receive a bonus cup of tea, but the creature instead.
  20. Winners received their rewards! An Anniversary Aramor (7th edition) for the 1st and 2nd place, and a Gold Avatar Token for the 3rd place. Congrats!
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