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  1. [quote]Ann. 2373 - [2012-08-17 01:19:44 - Stage 11] Bugfix: Ability to upload images/files to papers Everyone should be able to upload images/files to their papers again using the MD File Manager (7th icon on left on paper editor, right of hyperlink button). If anyone has this issue please post on the respective forum topic otherwise please close and make a new one if similar issues arise again.[/quote] This solves it for me, thankies!
  2. Finally, after nearly 4 months … [b]~ Results ~[/b] [attachment=3900:MusicalPortraits.html] I only displayed the names of the participants for those songs that received the most votes. [i]Top 10 voters:[/i] [b]1. Soothing Sands: 1867 (17.6%)[/b] [b]2. Eon: 1858 (17.5%)[/b] [b]3. Esmaralda: 1812 (17.0%)[/b] 4. *Clock Master*: 1782 (16.8%) 5. Menhir: 1781 (16.7%) 6. *Burns*: 1707 (16.0%) 7. Maebius: 1650 (15.5%) [s]8. Guillak: 1622 (15.3%)[/s] 9. phantasm: 1576 (14.8%) 10. ZenTao: 1457 (13.7%) Soothing Sands chooses his prize first, then Eon, then Esmaralda! Morph, WP, Santa.
  3. Isn't it possible to scale images down? The ones I used in above screenshot were scaled down to 32 pixels. As I said, you can remove them completely otherwise. First letters of creature name should do it, or why not help by rotating text by 90°.
  4. [attachment=3898:fightlogs.jpg] (hand made of course) Width: fits perfect, as long as you don't display the whole creature name. Creature slot number or creature name initial should suffice. Tooltips would then display all necessary information at the player's will. Height: let it scroll, just like current linear display. A fixed table header might help as well, i.e. all lines except the first one move up/down when you use the scroll bar. As for the images: as Liberty said, loading several times the same image on a given page doesn't consume more bandwidth than loading it once. We coul
  5. Seems like Xcercses misunderstood my post, and he's gone since yesterday indeed … As I don't want to waste any vote, I kindly ask everyone to wait for his return. So: we'll end it next week instead of tomorrow, sorry for yet another modification. All participants are encouraged to lynch Xcercses whenever he comes back.
  6. It seems there aren't many votes coming anymore, so I'll end it quickly. [b]Deadline: Sunday, March 20th[/b] … unless I'm asked to prolong it again, but I guess participants have had enough after nearly 4 months. Given the—relatively—low number of votes, I won't display scores as percentages, but as an absolute frequency instead: same calculation, but without the final division, so it won't change the ranking.
  7. I think so! Edit: that may explain why the spell is less likely to work in the Tribunal, since people might tend to use all their AP's very quickly then go idle/logout, waiting for them to replenish.
  8. It appears the timestamps are lost, and the order of locations messed up, whenever you log out or go idle. We tested it with Grido at the Paper Cabin. First cast: [spoiler] Locating Guillak ... On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_1x3_2 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 3_4x-4_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_1x1_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_4x4_2 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_1x4_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 3_3x-3_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_2x3_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 3_2x-2_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_3x4_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was at 1_3x3_1 On 05/05/12 19:40:56 was a
  9. Happy 500th post! :)

  10. Only 26 participants have entered votes so far, and only 7 entered votes for everybody. A couple participants asked for more time. => One more month, and there won't be any further deadline extension! As time passes, it seems more links get broken … I can't monitor them all unfortunately. In most cases, you still end up on a YouTube page saying that the video has been deleted because of infringement or similar. Providing the song title is still visible, you can just copy-paste it in the YouTube search box to get another version.
  11. I couldn't resist and made a sound player myself to see (hear) how it would feel, but the way I coded it was deemed too open to potential abuses, so I won't release it. That said, I just recap the main ideas here, in case something similar gets done some time. Regarding possible "messages to convey": I talked to Soothing Sands about it; the goal here is not to add nor alter any meaning to the locations—the scene drawing itself and the poem in it suffice (and I don't grasp many of them anyway, that would be a tad pretentious)—, but just to immerse the player more in the game. And why not make
  12. As I listen to all the songs myself, I realize several participants were assigned the same song. This can bias results if you want to vote for such a song, because the votes get scattered. Now it's too late for me to "normalize" duplicate entries (well I [i]can[/i] do it, but I don't [i]want[/i] to since it's badly coded ), so here is a simple solution: if you want to vote for a song that appears multiple times in a list, just vote for the first one. It should be okay if everyone does the same. Again, if you want more time to vote, just tell me !
  13. [size=5][i][b]Part 2[/b][/i][/size] Now is time to select the best songs, as well as the best portrayers! [b]~ Rules ~[/b][list] [*]Only those who participated in the first part can vote. That's 60 people. [*]For each participant, you choose amongst his/her list of songs the one that best portrays him/her. Keep in mind that this is not about your musical taste, nor even the participant's, but how [i]you[/i] see the character. Avoid systematically vote for the songs the participant put in his/her papers, or posted in the mood panel, or once said he/she likes … [*]You can't vote for a so
  14. Since nobody asked for extra time, part one will stop in one week, as planned ([color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Saturday, march 31th). There is little time left, so the clickie won't accept new participants anymore. C[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]urrent participants are encouraged to continue assigning songs until next week, as the latest participants haven't received as many as others.[/font][/color] A couple more precisions regarding part 2:[list] [*]Please make sure that none of the video links you have assigned is broken. Some videos t
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