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  1. Hi, this bug is still happening and I know that Chewett was aware a few months ago. However, it still hasn't been fixed and is probably long forgotten cause it's such a petty bug that only happens to peasants such as me. Therefore, I'm posting as a reminder with a better example of it. https://gyazo.com/554e4ff94fe9340df90764d74d25cb74 Basically this happened in mind power 3 when I got 100 wins and then same for 100 losses. One day it suddenly went away and I was able to raise my mind power. Now it's happening with 500 honor. It happens any time and nothing changes. Refresh page, clear al
  2. @Chewett No, I do not have the MD toolbar.
  3. Just to note, I was able to get in on the 7th login. I don't know what it was or if it'll continue but yeah.
  4. It is indeed still happening sadly. Quite annoying cause I can't see anything on my compass anymore... :T I'm mp3 going to mp4 in the near-ish future Succeed Chewett at fixing the death bringing issue Be a hero!
  5. Hey, I tried to log in and it said the letters I put in at the bottom were wrong. I for sure put them in correctly, I did it twice said I had to wait 14 minutes, did it again after that time and it said I was wrong again. Is there an issue? Please help. thanks. Sincerely, -TwistedDeath
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