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  1. I can't remember too many movies I've watched, but Fight Club is pretty high up. Like Lazarus, saying why would damage the overall experience instead of just watching it yourself.
  2. Definitely, I like your idea, and maybe a very small chance to permanently increase the associated stat; though the increase would have to be minimal. And maybe a cooldown on it, maybe not based on the likelihood of the increase. Though, that might also be a terrible idea. Or maybe separate evolution paths, where the more difficult one to obtain could permanently boost (still with the miniscule chance of a permanent increase), but the other would give bigger boosts (temporary though). I don't really know the stat system very well, but at least I know that such a creature would have to be
  3. I just thought it might be interesting to have a rare creature that can steal small portions of enemy creature stats and add it to themselves(maybe recoverable over time); but at the same time it can lose stats to other creatures. If collaborated well, it could be a neat way for one player to boost the power of a creature. It could also make some fights more interesting (and dangerous). Even if this was a viable idea though, it would probably have to be quite rare. Y'all can say your ideas for crits that have been bouncing around your heads here also.
  4. It's quite nice. Accidentally voted for the wrong thing, though.
  5. Another addition thing could be there are specific skills/spells/abilities specific to certain people based on their roles/character could be coded
  6. You told me to repost on the forum. So here I am, doing that. The think does not work. If you are free would it be okay if you fixed it?
  7. i fixed it by pressing control while clicking the compass
  8. I am also having this problem if anyone cares
  9. Also I noticed that a lot of specific things that people are trying to "create" as principles could be, for lack of a better word, concepts. Like life and force. But somethings are harder to classify like mathematics or perception. It is very difficult for me to explain this into words.
  10. I'd like to buy a rp item. Bid, rp item: 5
  11. The principle of space and the principle of relativity would both be governed by the principle of time. The names don't directly say everything about the principle, for words can not always fully grasp the concept with one word. And the principle of soul might be under the jurisdiction of transposition, I am not sure but my reasoning for this is that a "soul" would be an identity, which would be under transposition. A principle is a complex concept. Trying to convert singular thoughts into principles would not be accurate. I hope this helps.
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