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  1. He pointed me to nadrolski who didn't open my mail in like a week So I'm looking for alternative solutions.
  2. I'm in the process of making some paper for my research notes, and for optimal production I need mineral water. What can I offer you in return? Possibly some silver common items, depending on what you need I can gather another resource for you, just specify what you need, and the exchange rate I have some fully grown trees ready for the altars to start working again Maybe I can raise something else for you, depending on what you need I can give you my autograph which, I can assure you, will be worth a lot in the future! Send me a message if you a
  3. That's one way to put it... I'm not sure about multiversal law or the likes, I'm just saying that whatever makes you "you" won't be present at the time of the reset, theoretically making it impossible to happen. And of course, this is indeed very risky. But, maybe better than repeating the same sequence until eternity.
  4. I don't think you can send a message back to your past self, since as stated above, everything resets. But, I think there is still a way to escape the loop. I've illustrated the timeline with a single line. It has a point where the reset happens, and a period of time before that when you are aware of the situation. Basically, in the short time you have left until the reset you will have to do something so outrageous/extraordinary that it makes it impossible for the loop to continue. What if you never reached the reset point, or to be more precise, "jumped over it"? In
  5. This question has been on my mind all day since with the altars being dysfunctional, I'm kinda stuck with a forest of trees Anyway, let me think this over step-by-step. First off, to the best of my knowledge, a fenth altar is a device that "decomposes" the creature back to its original form, after which the owner gets all of the energy and knowledge of the creature: heat, fenths, stats, and magic principles depending on which altar you used. Reading the adventure log, we know that the altars are now somehow connected ("...reunited the bonds that once bound each alter togethe
  6. I don't think we know each other, but happy birthday regardless!
  7. First of all, I'm back after a 6 month sleep Hi! But to address the title of this topic. I only ever got to pick 4 principles, even though I'm MP5. I've never really questioned it, I thought maybe that is how things are supposed to be with the removal of the story mode. But, I saw other new MP5s with 5 principles, which makes me wonder if my situation is intentional, or I'm just the victim of some bug. What's the official standpoint on this?
  8. Do you think redmine could work for this? Nearly every company I've worked for used it, I think it's great for organizing stuff.
  9. We have talked about this on discord, so I'm only posting here to make it "official" Sign me up (I don't expect to win, but hey... xD) Edit: Nepgear / 259029 / MP5
  10. I'm definitely not an alt >_> All I did was used that weird Puffin browser a few times and I stopped doing it after I learned it causes problems.
  11. I can confirm, I did use the link
  12. I'm new, but we have already met in-game Welcome back!
  13. Update: it stopped happening after I hit MP4 cap.
  14. Fully agreed... I miss rain all the time because of this.
  15. https://i.gyazo.com/dde46114ee3df936775340359cb4b032.mp4 Maybe I can help
  16. If it really is that much of a problem you could disallow editing after X minutes have passed (that way users can still correct typos and whatnot). Or disallow editing after the thread receives another reply.
  17. Can confirm im also apparently Fangs Alt D:
  18. I'm looking to buy a Bag of Nails. Here are the items I can currently offer in exchange: 7 Aromatic herbs 28 Bones Branches Clay Crystal Fenths Flowers Fossil Gravel 3 Large Rock 2 Memory stone 2 Pebble 2 Rainwater 5 Reality Shards Syntropic Dust 6 Tea leaves 9 Toxic plants 8 Unidentified plants 30 Water 9 Resin 2 Lumber
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