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  1. This looks pretty much settled. If no new bids are made until then, I'll close the auction on Friday (9th of April).
  2. The offer still stands, except now I have more gold to barter with. Hit me up if you have one for sale and we can figure something out.
  3. I want to sell a fully grown Shmsh - you don't have to age or level it as long as you are willing to spend a silver when we transfer it. Since I don't really know how much it's worth nowadays, I'll put it up for auction. You can place your bid in this thread, and I'll close the auction in a week or 2, or when I feel like nobody wants to bid anymore. The Shmsh is untokened. Good luck!
  4. Daily login bonus comes to mind. Would be inconvenient to lose that (both stats and coins) just because the day rolled over as you were doing stuff in illusion form. And what about shared tools? What happens to the tools that a person in illusion form picks up? Or what if it's passed to them? If it simply returns to its original place then it isn't a huge issue though.
  5. Ok, here be the noob questions. I know next to nothing about illusions so get something to drink First of all, how does someone gain the ability to use illusions? Is it a wish shop thing like most spells, or do you get it as a quest reward, or maybe a reward for a role? Is it limited to running quests, or can you use it in day to day life too? If so, what are its limits? Does it have a set number of casts every 2 weeks like regular spells? Can you put them into memory stones? How customizable are they? Do you get a free hand between certain boundaries, or do you get a
  6. Inspired by my own misadventures.
  7. With the Golemus lab open to the public, I have found myself using memory stone detectors more often (yes, that is what they are called, and not memory stone collector like some people seem to think!). It is a fascinating tool, so I wanted to find out more about them... But the item description has been a huge letdown: Seriously, what the hell... There is no way I can be satisfied with that, so naturally I came up with my own theories regarding the composition and inner mechanisms of these tools. But I can't be sure how deranged they are, so I decided to post a quest to ask the public a
  8. Just to clarify if I understand this correctly. He will never be randomly found just because I placed an A25 holder there - so he has to move to where I placed them the next time he moves. So essentially, we need a pattern that makes it impossible for him to move to a square where there is no A25 holder (with the minimum number of holders placed, so no covering the board with A25 people). Is that correct?
  9. Creature images don't seem to be showing correctly in bestiaries either. Screenshot attached.
  10. Just wanted to check - are those angiens still for sale?
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