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  1. And finally, @Fang Archbane. I have to say, this design is by far my favorite. Essentially a magical roomba that detects memory stones on its own Too bad it lacked the level of detail some of the other submissions had. It was also the first entry, at which point I did not know what level of submissions I can expect, so I did not send it back for more details. On the other hand, I felt like it wouldn't be fair to send it back for reconsideration AFTER someone submitted a more detailed design (hell, I could have done that to everyone after DG submitted his...). So, here we are. A fun design reg
  2. Third place, @Pipstickz. One of the 2 people who actually sent me an illustration!
  3. First off, a submission by @Demonic God. This guy is very thorough with his explanations Although the submission is very long, it did not receive first place for that alone, as you will soon see: Memory stone possess the ability to store "thoughts" and specifically, spells. A compressed memory stone can store spells with less cast amount. Studying further interactions: A spell can't be stored with insufficient casts The cutoff point is 5 spells - any less casts and you'd need a compressed stone. The stone stores but a sma
  4. The results are in! I'd like to thank everyone for their participation. Without further ado, here is the result I came up with: Allow me to explain the logic behind the scores. The winner is determined by total points. The "detail" column represents how well you explained your concept. Everyone starts from 10 points, the subtractions represent details I was missing (in most cases this was because you explained "how" a certain thing works, but not "why"). I also took into consideration how well you explained your concept relative to the other submissions. The "lo
  5. I may be interested too, depending on the price.
  6. You can check our current and past WPs in the wish shop menu, and also what you spent them on. Maybe that could help figuring this out.
  7. I'm rather busy at the moment, so I probably won't be evaluating your submissions until next week. Because of that, I'm extending the deadline until the end of this week (2nd of May, which is Sunday). So, if you wanted to do this quest but failed to do so, now is your chance!
  8. What makes you think abilities won't be random?
  9. I'm looking to add a colorless drach into my repertoire, or maybe a wind drachorn. Let me know if you happen to have one for sale
  10. The weird thing about the heat cap is that it disproportionally affects new people, while others who have been around for a while can shrug it off like nothing. I remember it took hours with 3-4 people helping me to get back to 0 when I first started. Which really shouldn't be the case in my opinion, or at least it is really weird from a game design perspective. Therefore, additional ways to lose heat are always welcome. It could either take coins, or other resources, finally adding some use to them.
  11. The 14th anniv hollow warrior does have some purple in it, as well as the first level of the joker (though it's a pretty minor spot on its hat).
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