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  1. http://i.imgur.com/yrjXK5w.jpg http://i.imgur.com/uFoeSpp.jpg I guess this is more of a Typographical error, It is indeed 7 days. It's just a little confusing or misleading at most. I should probably have marked this as spoilers...
  2. It's probably nothing, but the fact that it returns an error screen probably needs fixing. Sorry if this was already posted my search didn't yield anything.
  3. Hope I got the rules right, so here we go... Inspiration: Well, I like monsters and their designs. I love Alien, Cthulhu, and the monsters of Hellboy. I really like deviating from the norm when designing something and tries to be a bit different from the common perception of things. Took the eyes out because I don't want my hellhound being distracted and leg-hump on his free-time lol. Expanded his ears and tongue to compensate from the blindness. Now he'll be able to chase what I need him to chase. Burnt most of his fur and put some skin disease to give it the appeal that it was transformed by hell and not a native there. Longer and more vicious tail for further enhanced chasing. Hope you guys like it! Pic links: http://imgur.com/a/for9o
  4. Aw... Digital medium isn't allowed? But I'm trying to save the trees!
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