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  1. I agree with Aia, the idea with maximum AP sounds pretty good.

    Would it be possible to set the purpose of the boots in front of Necro gates only for  entering Necro? I mean player would still pay the price for their activation (probably heat), but change them  from AP booster to Necro teleport. Maybe set some other minimal requitments. But without boots it would be impossible to enter Necro for most of the players, because 1000+ AP is a little bit too much, or so I think.

  2. 19 hours ago, ignnus said:

    What makes an economy go? You can work and work in MD and gather stuff, how about owning something? Like a business. You can make someone work or you can own the entire Lands, Marind's Bell for example. Wouldn't this also encourage players to pay more for MD? Hardworking is nice and all at paper but it never works quite well with people.

    If I understand correctly, you are suggesting some kind of goal? Like obtaining something just for that person, something valuable and unique, ...? 

    Sure, it would encourage some players a lot, but then we have the other side. For example, if someone obtains part of Marind Bell or GG : - what about  king/queen of that land and his/hers authority over that part of land? ( sorry If this is already clear, haven´t read about it). And about regular players? Should they pay some fee for entering it? 

    I am not sure, if normal land can/should be sold. Maybe if we talk about some new area, which is somehow connected to the owner (like, he drawn it,  it was his/hers idea,...)

    Ehm, it looks like I am not sure about many things. Indeed, that´s right. But I agree with you in creating encouragements for players for doing  their job good,..

    What about minor spells/abilities somehow connected to their jobs? For example, woodcutters would be able to add +1 resource regeneration for specific area. And that ability can be with some countdown, lets say one or two days. Or maybe experienced woodcutters can choose one adept in profession and this adept may have additional +0,01 points for every lumber/branch,... he cuts.  

    Also, you mentioned thing about "make someone work". Well, if it´s not slavery xD But we already have our monarchs, Queens and Kings. It would be interesting, if they put up some bounty/reward for your extra work for that particular land. 


  3. There is a problem with advancing to mp4. Mp3 players can´t advance to mp4 (yes, they have max stored heat and 100+ wins and losses).

    Well, i know some people are doing on this problem. But many mp3 players don´t know about this.

    So, i hope players who know something about this problem can write some informations or advices in this topic. 

    Thank you. 

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