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  1. Yeah it is still like in the screenshot.
  2. Well hopefully I did not get banned and it's the new server problem xD Tried to connect to MD and failed (even before the login page loaded). (the link I use - https://magicduel.com/layout.php)
  3. The AD count is higher than the player's max days (both active and not): This is a second time this happened. The previous day it was - A total of 3 out of 2 days. The count corrected itself (after some time) to 3 out of 3, but today it is broken again. It seems like it is a bit lagging behind.
  4. Item 1- Anni creature 2020 - 15 Item 2- Anni custom pin badge - 10 Item 5 - Send to Gazebo - 15 total 40 plushies
  5. What about creature which influences even events outside single battle? Something similar to Toxicondendrite Seed (which causes some debuff if I rembember correctly). This one may cause VP/VE/AP buff after won battle.
  6. Dont forget about asquiffy (not sure if this is main or alt account) but he has 2800+ active days and is still MP4
  7. I agree with Aia, the idea with maximum AP sounds pretty good. Would it be possible to set the purpose of the boots in front of Necro gates only for entering Necro? I mean player would still pay the price for their activation (probably heat), but change them from AP booster to Necro teleport. Maybe set some other minimal requitments. But without boots it would be impossible to enter Necro for most of the players, because 1000+ AP is a little bit too much, or so I think.
  8. "You don´t look so tough."
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