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  1. What about creature which influences even events outside single battle? Something similar to Toxicondendrite Seed (which causes some debuff if I rembember correctly). This one may cause VP/VE/AP buff after won battle.
  2. Dont forget about asquiffy (not sure if this is main or alt account) but he has 2800+ active days and is still MP4
  3. I agree with Aia, the idea with maximum AP sounds pretty good. Would it be possible to set the purpose of the boots in front of Necro gates only for entering Necro? I mean player would still pay the price for their activation (probably heat), but change them from AP booster to Necro teleport. Maybe set some other minimal requitments. But without boots it would be impossible to enter Necro for most of the players, because 1000+ AP is a little bit too much, or so I think.
  4. "You don´t look so tough."
  5. Broken arrow at The Academy in MD Archives, showing tag dispatcher info on all screen resolutions. Also, map is not showing.
  6. last Angien - 1gc one sharptear - 3sc one imp - 3sc one Master of Puppets (colored) - 1sc interested in 61 unidentified plants (free) if no one wants
  7. You were right, it was resolution problem. After I changed it, they are click-able. Will try to read to the end. Thanks
  8. I mean story. Unable to read (no storymode?) Not click-able.
  9. Impossible to exit book in Loreroot (forgot the exact scene location, its in one of the buildings, lower part of the bookshelf). Yeah, somehow i have talent to get stuck..
  10. It´s not only on Firefox, Chrome is the same.
  11. Arrow from Willow´s shop Interior is not working, impossible to leave. Refreshing does not help. If you try to leave, this message pops up: :
  12. sorry, forgot about that 😅
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