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    lashtal reacted to Ledah in Extreme Magicduel   
    Maybe not extreme but nearly lost it... too many close 99% losses over the years... Also 666 too because ofc

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    lashtal reacted to Ungod in Flora of Golemus Golemicarum part I   
    I wanted to come out with part 2 of MB's flora, but plans are for the conceited.
    Glasswort would suggest a plant that looks like glass - translucent and bright. In fact, glasswort takes its name from the use people had for it for centuries or maybe even millennia - as a source of soda ash for glassmaking. 
    Since it tolerates salt water well, you can often find glasswort near the sea - or in it. Edible and having plenty of salt already, glasswort is also called pickleweed. 
    Because its leaves are atrophied to fleshy scales and because the two opposite leaves form a sheath around the stem, this herb looks like strange bulky hands coming out of the earth, made of fat lumps joined together.  
    Usually green, it changes color in autumn, when red mats of glasswort can be seen stretching over kilometres of beach land.
    In Golemus, they can be found at Wraith's Wreck or the Ivory Lighthouse.

    The blue flowers of chicory bloom on tall stems under the full stare of the sun. Although the young plant's leaves may resemble the dandelion or sow's thisle, the buds and flowers make it 
    instantly recognizable.
    Used in salads after leaching or boiling, in teas, or even as a drink that is made from its root, chicory is less useful as a food. Contrary to plants that store the carbohydrates as starch, chicory
    stores them in the form of inulin, hardly digestible by humans.
    Some folks believe chicory can open locked doors. This may be because the ancient name of chicory could signify 'light in the dark'.
    In Golemus, it can be found behind harmonious pillars, at Cannon's Crossing, Mt. Kelle'tha and other conspicuous or less conspicuous scenes.

    One of the more dangerous - but also useful - plants to have around, Ephedra was used as a stimulant since many millennia ago. Raising blood pressure to high levels, it can cause headaches, insomnia, hyperthermia, arrhythmias and tachycardia - certainly a dangerous plant when the dose is mismanaged.
    Epehdra is good at defending itself, and is used to fighting harsh conditions.  It can thrive as high as 4000 m above sea level. In temperate climates, Ephedra usually grows on shores or in sandy soils with plenty of sun.
    Its appearance betrays its marine origin, with the photosynthetic stems looking like pointy tentacles rushing out of the earth. Here and there, scale-like leaves form a red sheath around the green stem, and at those 'joints' small inflorescences bloom. The red strobili are fleshy and resemble a berry, making the plant stand out among the scorched grass.
    In Golemus, it can be found at the summit of Mt. Kelle'tha, Power's ascent, Drachorn's
    Cave or nearby Fenth's Beach.

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    lashtal reacted to Ungod in Flora of Marind Bell, part I   
    After browsing various forums, I decided this is the best one to hold my topic, mostly because it seems Rumi tried to bring some botanical knowledge into MD just as I would (I don't know Rumi, though). This text is not focused on the community garden. However, it's directed at the same kind of people that would get involved in the creation of a garden, hence the choice of place.
    Botanical knowledge, I think, is just another layer that can be added to MD, even if the core refers to introspection and exploration of the mind. I think the creation of self has a lot to do with what surrounds us, in ways we cannot even imagine. 
    I had a little fun trying to illustrate very short descriptions of three plant families that I see present in Marind Bell. I kinda did my best, taking into account I don't illustrate, but if it looks nothing like the subject...try to do better than me
         Tjuf was the ancient Egyptian name for the reed's relative, the papyrus. The name still lives in the Balkans of today, though it refers to the  common reed - also named rush. A lover of wetlands, the rush colonizes large areas with...haste.
        The reed's flowering spikes are iconic and impossible to forget, as well as the rustling leaves of reeds. They are  hairless, tall and straight, and were found useful for many, many things.  Thatched roofs, rafts or boats, sandals, mats, garments and even rope or paper - the reed  can be turned into any of these. 
        It can also be harvested for its starchy rhizomes and tender shoots, or its  copious pollen. The rhizomes can be made into floor, cooked or even eaten raw, just like the shoots. Many a swamp has been cleaned by them - so make sure where you get them from.
        In Marind Bell, the reed can be found surrounding the Angien Lake like a ring.

         The mallows trace their name back to the Egyptian glory of more than ten thousands years ago, when they were called, just as today, Moloch. Moloch, malva, or the mallow  has an axillary inflorescence breaching out of a large flower that comes in shades of blue and violet, red and pink, yellow and white.
        Many species of mallow exist, but there's something they have in common - individuals  can change their gender. Although starting as males, they can turn into females when the need arises. 
        Many mallows are eaten as leaf vegetables, either cooked or raw - buds and flowers, too. Even the unripe fruitlets  can be eaten. After thousands of years, the Molokheyia dish of Egypt is still cooked the same simple way: with mallow leaves, garlic, spices and, if possible, meat.
        The leaves are demulcent and can be chewed to sooth coughs or sore throats. As a  soothing agent, it relieves minor pain and membrane inflammation; some prepare the leaves for internal use. The syrup made is used to treat inflammation of the digestive and urinary systems. 
        In Marind Bell, there are molochs everywhere - behind marble stairs, in shaded alleys
    or the nearby doors of the Shop or the Keep.

          The star plant - is the latin name given to the genus this herb belongs to, whose flower  resembles a star. What distinguishes Stellaria's flower from others is the way its petals and sepals 
    alternate so you don't know which is which. Both number 5 and look the same.
        Stellaria prefers places with lots of water and shade, but it tolerates sun as well. It germinates in autumn or late winter, to form large mats of foliage in spring. Stellaria is a hardy plant.
        The tender leaves, buds and flowers can be eaten raw - with moderation. Like other edible plants such as nettle, it has a high content of minerals, particularly iron and potassium, but also toxins like oxalates and saponins.
        You're likely to miss it when passing in a hurry. When resting, the small white flowers  on long stems, with contrasting yellow and red stamens, catch your eye inadvertently. 
        In Marind Bell, it is found in places like Sage's Keep or Wind's Sanctuary. 

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    lashtal reacted to Fang Archbane in A new value unit - donating hours of my life :)   
    Sights are recommended for recurve/compound bows starting at 20+ feet from target
    Y beams as stabilizers are a must. Shifts gravity forward slightly
    Shock dampeners also shift weight (They aren't just flicky stress relief) 
    Sights must be set to a Baseline (Distance, Weather, Wind Direction, Humidity,and Slope of Field) and adjusted accordingly as circumstances shift
    90+Meters requires slightly heavier bows (and builds to match it)
    The art of Archery is as vast as the ocean. Any. Take your pick
    Arrows are commonly made of 3 components (Wood/Aluminum/Carbon Fibre)
    Carbon Fibre is not to be messed with. Use gloves if making your own arrows using this
    Carbon Fibre tends to be the best arrow material (as long as you are CAREFUL)
    Every home made arrow is more or less as Unique as its Creator
    Archery arrows only need to meet a length, and fletchling color requirement
    Match, dont Clash… so speaketh the Wooky
    Draw Length is defined as the distance between the nocking point and the final resting place of your hand before loosing the arrow
    Nocking point is defined as the point you place the arrow on the bow
    Making your own arrows is a 3 stage process (Buy the arrow shafts & cut them down to required size/place tips & Nocks on arrow/Add Fletching)
    The longer an arrow is, the heavier it is, and the shorter it will fly
    Arrow length/thickness required is directly tied to one's own Draw Length and 
    Stronger bows require thicker arrows in general, so they don't Speed Wobble
    In direct contrast, if using a Lighter bow you'd want smaller arrows
    Again, Carbon Fibre splinters are on another level, tread with CARE
    Cutting down an arrow is best done using a tool meant specifically for this task
    Tips come in various weights, do your maths, get the one that's right for you
    Competition archery requires you have three fletchings, and use a proper tool to verify that each piece is at a 120 degree offset
    Fletching tends to be 2 of one color, and 1 a separate color
    Competitive archery also requires you number your arrows for identification purposes
    Some clubs/competitions require metal inside your arrows in case they get lost in earth
    The meaning of life is complicated on a good day. An honest “i don't know” is a perfectly valid response. That being said, at our very core, we should always strive to help those we can, within reason. You wouldn't judge a book before you've finished reading it. In that same light, we shouldn't try to judge, so much as simply make the world a better place. Its ok to have flaws, stare them in the face and work to better yourself every day
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    lashtal reacted to Ungod in Of Heresy and Hearsay   
    This is between me and you, but...the Aramory and other various places in MagicDuel are NOT ''places'' or ''structures''. They live!...Like, we're those unevolved species to them, and they consider themselves superior beings. They probably feed off our energy (heat) or something, and they probably use some drugs to alter our behavior and make us docile - or at the very least, oblivious to their true nature, you know...I don't know what can be done about it as long as we're here playing, but it's a war of the worlds and you'd better believe it!
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    lashtal reacted to Aia del Mana in Of Heresy and Hearsay   
    Thump! went the tomes on the librarian's desk. Behind them, observed the librarian, was a weary woman's glance.
    "No good?" A brief shake of her head. The nameless librarian adjusted his pince-nez frames and scribbled in the return-log: 
    An Exhaustive Guide to Remembering Things You Never Knew
    Memories and Where to Find Them
    Mastering "Mastering The Void" - An Annotated Study Guide
    "You know, the Lore Manor and the Archives aren't the only places to find books in the realm; each day, it seems, the shelves of the House of Tainted Times empty just that much more..."
    Aia placed a silver coin on the librarian's desk; although she hadn't found what she needed, her next destination was clear.
    The book-laden bonfire burned at the Way of Cleansing, as it had for many years. The unholy commune chanted tirelessly before adding another worn codex to the bonfire, and Aia could just make out the chants of the heathens. Whispering under her breath, her form faded, turning transparent, and then invisible. Looking down at the sandy imprints of her feet, she slowly flittered over to the fire; the rising, swirling winds making her flight ever so turbulent. There had to be another way, thought Aia, as she deftly flew back.
    - Excerpt from Memories in the Wind, Ch 3, as told to Aia

    This quest is about untruths, or theories that could be untrue enough that they could be burned as heresy. Of course, Mur himself were also ascribed the title Heretic, so mayhap, truths, untruths, and all things betwixt may qualify.

    To enter this quest, simply reply to this thread with thine entry - a brief paragraph which should explain something which doth exist within the realm. It need not be based in truth; indeed, I should like to hear of wonderful theories of sorts without any bearing in reality; humour were also encouraged. As with other recent forum-quests, points shall be given based on forum-votes - upvotes and likes shall count as a single positive vote; however, downvotes shall also count as a positive vote (such that a post with two upvotes and two downvotes shall score 4 four points.)
    Votes shall be the singular measure by which any submission is scored; if there were a submission which should tickle of thy fancy, I would encourage thee to vote upon it!

    Votes from accounts registered on the forum after the time of this post shall be excluded from all counts.

    An example of the kinds of hearsays and heresies that would suit this quest:

    Entries are presently open, and shall close at the close of the Awesome Autumn Adventuring season. Rewards shall be as follows:

    1. If any single post receives fifteen or more votes (positive or negative), then the post with the highest number of votes at the time of closing shall receive a Wind Drachorn (limit 1).
    2. If any single post receives twenty or more votes (positive or negative), then the writer of that post will receive an unnamed, new premium creature (no limit).
    3. If any single post receives ten or more votes (positive or negative), then the writer of that post will receive a 15th Anniversary Barren Soul (limit of 5).
    4. Each post may only qualify for one prize under the conditions described in 1-3, and to qualify for a prize, one must fill in the corresponding quest-survey, which will be provided via PM to all those who enter.

    One may enter this as many times as they wish, and each post shall be scored based on votes, however, please limit each post to one theory, such that each theory should have its own post.
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    lashtal reacted to Ungod in A constellation chart   
    (the post will be updated with rewards tomorrow, as I have to check a few things and I can't concentrate on doing it now)
    (This is a two-step contest, step two will begin after all submissions are made.)
    First and foremost, you'll have to take a picture of the night sky in your area, so that all those twinkling stars are visible. Next, you either print it or work on it on your computer, but what you'll do is draw your own 12 constellations, creating whatever bizarre formations you want. After all, what are constellations if not asterisms with a story? Once those 12 are finished, you'll assign a month to each and assign to each month something representative for it, from your point of view, for 2020 - January could be the month of love, or the month of a disease, June could be the month of mango or whatever (associate for Oct, Nov and Dec what you think will happen for you). This is a personal work, it has to do more with your monthly activities or how you perceive them rather than what is happening everywhere.
    In essence, you will be creating your own zodiac, and don't worry - this is how people did it waaay back. ''Oh, this group of stars shine most brightly this month, when calves are born. OK, let's call it TAURUS''. Bam, you had a constellation that you would watch for 30 years and still say 'I don't see it. It's nothing like a bull. I must be blind, but I just don't see it.'
    Please post the picture and the associations here. Contest starts tomorrow at 10 p.m. ST and lasts 72 hours, as per rules of the AAA. Try not to be intimidated by the night sky - I sometimes thought of it beautiful, but most of the times I felt those stars will come crashing down aaanytime now. Watching the moon is soothing, though - looks cold, but still feels like the earth's friend...or something.
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    lashtal reacted to Ungod in The telescope   
    This is a writing quest, with 3 winners who'll get 1 g each (plus a 14th anniv creature for first). Not all submissions will get a place, even if there are three only. Judging will be affected by creativity and persuasiveness.
    The theme is about something I've always wondered: what is outside MD? or what is outside the former cube? If we build an observatory somewhere and placed a powerful telescope there, what would we see? The void? Other cubes? Would there be a magic field that would make us see ourselves instead of ''what's really out there''?
    Each submission should be at least 300 words and sent to me; contest starts tomorrow at midday ST and lasts for 72 hours, as per rule. Be creative and persuasive  
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    lashtal reacted to Steno in Chewett's Proclamation   
    Hello everyone!
    This quest is about a proclamation the King and Grand Duke, Chewett made. To start the quest, you must go to Marind's Roundabout and "listen" to what Chewett is saying. (If you follow the mdscript prompts and it doesn't give you more content, back out and try again, it sometimes does that)
    Once you have read the introduction section of the quest (there's 5 parts), then it will tell you to come back here. Then post here which route you choose.
    This quest has 3 different pathways: 
    A) Artistic: where you create your own ritual of transforming the creature-must start quest to get guidelines 
     B) Basic clickie: Where you follow in darkraptor's footsteps using his journal to make the transformation occur (has basic riddles to make you find next location---some clickies were created for this quest, so you'll have to examine scenes with care as new clickies may be there-or defunct clickies turned to mdscript) and
    C) Cipher: Where you take the final page of darkraptor's journal and decrypt what it says and follow its instructions
    Once you choose a specific route, you will need to declare it here. Once you declare, the path that you chose must be the path that you finish with. For obvious reasons, I will be looking at timestamps, if you complete the survey within 20 minutes of posting here, then I know that you posted after you'd already started. (I timed it myself several times). Your time will automatically be changed to 30 minutes from posting (so yeah, don't test me :P)
    The first person to complete will receive an elu &2GC, 2nd & 3rd will receive 1 old, old crit from me, and 4th&5th will receive 2 random spellstones and 2SC each.
    For each route, to get further guidance on how to proceed, you must go to the location of the hint [Elu3] and try to "discover" what to do next.
    Remember, to get Quest Points for further rewards, you must complete the survey after you finish. The link can be found when you find the clickie mentioned above. Time stamps will be examined for survey and answer submissions. Posting your solutions or your answers here will not only not count, but disqualify you. 
    Alts are allowed, provided they complete a different route from your main character. 
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    lashtal reacted to Muratus del Mur in Alliances and Guilds backdoors   
    I am about to do something crazy, but you can influence my plan here. 
    I want to create an automated way in for all, or some, alliances, that will consider only things that are relevant for that ally. For example, Woodcutters guild should have such a backdoor for anyone with the right woodcutting skill.
    War alliances should have a backdoor to allow in people based on their land loyalty.
    You can suggest or demand (depeding on your tag and role) actual setups for this. This will also be a way to infiltrate and disband, but also to revive disbanded guilds.
    I will use this opportunity to enhance and extend the a25 tools to allow such a thing, because everything will be implemented via a25, so it will be adjustable by a25 team if needed.
    If you do not agree to this kind of thing, make your voice heard BEFORE i start.
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    lashtal reacted to Aia del Mana in Necrovion demands blood!   
    The dreamcatcher were now more forgiving; it shall no longer snatch heads from one's inventory unless they are willingly offered.
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    lashtal reacted to Ungod in Eat your vegetables   
    I'm writing this post because I assume some of you don't know this stuff, and it's educational and all, so why not.
    I was reading a book today and I stumbled across ''chard'', and I didn't know what that is, so I looked it up. It's basically beet leaves, which is something I do know about. But since in the book chard was so lauded, I was baffled. From my previous research, the leaves of Amaranthea family contain oxalates, so why would you eat them (unless you had no other choice)? Whether it's spinach, beet or amaranth, the leaves will frickin' kill your kidneys if you eat a lot of those. Boiling them might take some oxalates out, but you still get the Ca binding ones, so don't. Spinach is lauded as a great source of Ca - yeah, but none of that enters your body. In fact, due to oxalates, your body loses Ca. Have fun with arthritis, joint pains and weak bones in general. And kidney stones, too.
    So I googled something like 'oxalates in chard' and stumbled across a blog called carnivorous aurelius (lol), which is advertising...eating meat. Yeah, maybe eating spinach won't make you Popeye, but meat comes with its own set of problems. I mean, nothing is disadvantage-free. But, well, the guy's gotta sell dried beef liver, so...
    Anyway, pay attention to what vegetables you eat, what vegetables you feed your kid and remember: nobody wants to be eaten.
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    lashtal reacted to hemicar87 in Replenish the herbs (Permanent Quest) 1WP for doing   
    Hello all. Since i moved to this house 3 years ago i started to grow all sorts of plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers (roses mostly) ... It started like a hoby but over the years i implemented system for watering etc. Since i have so many pictures i made a colage pictures and i hope you will enjoy it. As you will see i had a problem with the MD pest but managed to grow very very rare loreroot forest strawberry among other common stuff. 😉
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    lashtal reacted to Trola in Replenish the herbs (Permanent Quest) 1WP for doing   
    Hope this this is still going on🤩
    This was ma second attempt - first one failed miserably🤫
    Everything prepared.

    Few moments later everything is ready

    About week later first sprout spotted!

    Exactly month after planting here's the progress

    After another month and a half month later we do have some flower buds

    Here is firs bloomer 😂 (unfortunately card with name haven't make it, but you can still see L)

    Shortly after rest joined

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    lashtal got a reaction from Aelis in Testimonials and teasing presentation   
    At first I was hooked by the detailed hand-made artworks, the possibility to write your own story, and the all-pervading symbolism.
    Then I discovered how easily (and selectively!) this "game" creates networks of kindred spirits.
    I suppose this is its main feature.
    I traded pieces of my true self with my character, with other characters and with the people behind them.
    Most of the times, it was a valuable and teaching experience. So yeah, a game?
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    lashtal got a reaction from Steno in Testimonials and teasing presentation   
    At first I was hooked by the detailed hand-made artworks, the possibility to write your own story, and the all-pervading symbolism.
    Then I discovered how easily (and selectively!) this "game" creates networks of kindred spirits.
    I suppose this is its main feature.
    I traded pieces of my true self with my character, with other characters and with the people behind them.
    Most of the times, it was a valuable and teaching experience. So yeah, a game?
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    lashtal reacted to Mallos in Torch contest for control over NML   
    Bring back torch contest and modify it so the land winner of the torch contest would have their land expand one scene into No Man's Land towards GoE, and subsequently further towards the other lands. Losing the contest would decrease your influence by one scene. The influence would never pass the opposing land's gates. The Path of Loneliness would be skipped over, always a part of Established Housings.
    The goal would be to gain as much influence over NML as possible in order for your citizens to have easier effort moving in the area, and particularly to be able to enter your land with the land loyalty afforded through controlling your gate, and even to control other lands gates!
    Any more thoughts/ideas?
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    lashtal got a reaction from Azull in Testimonials and teasing presentation   
    At first I was hooked by the detailed hand-made artworks, the possibility to write your own story, and the all-pervading symbolism.
    Then I discovered how easily (and selectively!) this "game" creates networks of kindred spirits.
    I suppose this is its main feature.
    I traded pieces of my true self with my character, with other characters and with the people behind them.
    Most of the times, it was a valuable and teaching experience. So yeah, a game?
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    lashtal reacted to Ungod in Testimonials and teasing presentation   
    I'm not sure what makes me log in every day to play MagicDuel, but I have done so for more than 6 years now. I guess there are many hard-to-describe little things that make it enjoyable. However, the 'game' aspects of MD are somehow downplayed. For example, the combat system is excellent (and that's enough to make a game memorable, right?), but there is a sense of it being just something to be good at if you want to, but not imperative. It's not ''the way'' to progress, it's ''a way''. Well, maybe I can't explain my reasons, but I know this game is something that some of you will find to be ''perfect''. You may think you want the prettiest ring, the most expensive ring, the most sought-after ring, but that's not what you really want; what you want is a ring that fits you. Give MD some time, and time shall reveal if it fits you.
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    lashtal reacted to Ledah in New Caretakers Leader - Ledah   
    Thank you to phantasm for inviting me to the alliance initially and coming back to endorse the handover. I know you are a busy man and I hope one day to see you around more often. Hopefully I don't miss you next time! Thank you Mal as well for sticking around
    On a more practical note, there will probably be changes coming to the alliance, any new leader needs to make their mark, after all. With that said, the biggest change that can be made at the moment is adding some new blood, so if anybody is interested in joining, please don't hesitate to make it known.
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    lashtal reacted to Mallos in Extreme Magicduel   
    Does anyone else have more?
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    lashtal got a reaction from Eara Meraia in Necrovion demands blood!   
    Since the dreamcatcher appeared at the Howling Gates, more people were found inside Necrovion, having no clue how to get out.
    This is my last warning: leave the dreamcatcher alone or get killed.
    If you wish to visit Necrovion, contact me in advance:
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    lashtal got a reaction from Ungod in Necrovion demands blood!   
    Since the dreamcatcher appeared at the Howling Gates, more people were found inside Necrovion, having no clue how to get out.
    This is my last warning: leave the dreamcatcher alone or get killed.
    If you wish to visit Necrovion, contact me in advance:
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    lashtal got a reaction from Mallos in Necrovion demands blood!   
    Since the dreamcatcher appeared at the Howling Gates, more people were found inside Necrovion, having no clue how to get out.
    This is my last warning: leave the dreamcatcher alone or get killed.
    If you wish to visit Necrovion, contact me in advance:
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    lashtal reacted to Muratus del Mur in Hello for the last time, for a long time   
    Touching words.
    Nothing is meant to last forever, that includes also you, me, anyone, not just "a game". From my perspective, i see MD as a place where people come, learn, evolve, get frustrated, revives their curiosity, they make friends, etc.. its a place, disguised as a journey. At some point in life, every such place you encounter teaches you a lesson, then you leave with what you learned. You go on, and the place opens its gates for an other one and so on. 
    People always wished to expect from MD an end, while it has no end. Just think of the concepts..i started coding it when i didn't knew how to code, i put in it things i discovered through my life, and so did many. Such a "place" has no way of reaching an end, its not designed to do that. All i hoped was that over the years i build enough of MD that people _passing through_ it will find sufficient for their journey, not to trap them inside and promise them a conclusion that is not their. Each one finds its own way through, the difference is made by what they gather during this journey, in their mind, soul and life experience.
    I am the only one truly trapped in here, and as long as i live, Md will live with me, opening its gates to whoever is attracted by its mysteries.
    Wish you well, I hope it was a fruitfull journey, and as long as you don't self-destruct your account, it will always be here for you if you miss it.
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