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  1. "To become the wind in the dead of winter

    and howl the undoing of all that would abide in warmth and light"

  2. I would welcome this change as long as it refers to guilds. Woodcutters, water dowsers, fusioneers... They all seem very much related to a particular skill of "art". I'm not so sure about alliaces, I prefer what Chew was discussing with some of us.
  3. At first I was hooked by the detailed hand-made artworks, the possibility to write your own story, and the all-pervading symbolism. Then I discovered how easily (and selectively!) this "game" creates networks of kindred spirits. I suppose this is its main feature. I traded pieces of my true self with my character, with other characters and with the people behind them. Most of the times, it was a valuable and teaching experience. So yeah, a game?
  4. Thank you Chewett! (My ID is 221376 though)
  5. You did but only 2 instead of 21 😉
  6. Since the dreamcatcher appeared at the Howling Gates, more people were found inside Necrovion, having no clue how to get out. This is my last warning: leave the dreamcatcher alone or get killed. If you wish to visit Necrovion, contact me in advance:
  7. I noted down some lectures I wish to follow, but I'm stupidly busy as well. I hope it gets better within 3-4 weeks, but it's definitely not a lack of interest.
  8. I'd go with this: 81 aged and xp'd remains (trees) Thank you!
  9. One has to admire your patience... I remember I rushed to MP5 within a month. 😁
  10. lashtal

    Time dilation

    Would you please elaborate why this effect should be applied? I mean, it's cool, but...
  11. lashtal

    New ideas

    No, originally they were transferrable normally... Eventually, they turned to not-transferrable. (check also this thread)
  12. @Miq Thanks for the answer, but I believed this X time should have been announced somehow... When I started my quest (May 3) they were still transferrable (hence why I meant them as main reward), I remember Steno giving away some during his ascension ceremony (May 9)...
  13. Hello, I guess this is a bug: plushies are now not transferrable, not even by ITC. Thank you!
  14. lashtal

    New ideas

    Today I had to transfer all my plushies to the winner of a quest. Since they are only transferrable by ITC it can be quite a pain... I'd suggest a function like the one we have to transfer heads, in order to transfer an entire stack or items / valuables. Like: *gives all [item_name] to [player_name]* Thanks for reading!
  15. I would like to thank all the participants. No doubt you all put some serious effort in this, you are awesome! Based on reputation, the best submission is signed by Lazarus (I love it too, but decided against voting any). He gets my entire collection of plushies, 13 silver coins + my autograph (usable for a 1 week pass in Necrovion). But I don't want to forget the others: Ungod, Steno and Ailith all get a 1 week pass in Necrovion at the special price of a creature sacrifice (it can be any creature, even 0 heat, and it has to be sacrificed at the Eternal Toiler). My only reg
  16. No more entries please. I'll leave 48 hours for people to cast their votes. Thanks a lot to all those who participated, very nice artworks!!!
  17. Cool! Is there some sort of reward or it's just meant to gnaw what's left of our eyes? 😎
  18. Thanks for leaving this quest up, I couldn't find the time yet but I'll definitely give it a try.
  19. Very nice work Ungod!! From now on I'd ask people to submit only one drawing per post, otherwise it might be hard to vote.
  20. So, the anniversary is over, but a new wave of plushies is descending on the realm. As you may have noticed, Cyrus Siridius has been caught trespassing Necrovion and met a premature end. Who is this fellow? What do we know about him? This is what a very accurate autopsy revealed: You have one week (deadline: May 11 23.59 server time) to draw an avatar for Cyrus Siridius. Quoting Aia, the drawing should be in black and white (no colours). Ideally, the proportions should be scalable to an Avatar (which, when scaled down, is 160 pixels high and 100 pixels wide) - however, th
  21. Ignorance. It's world wide spread, spontaneous like weeds, and deadlier than any cataclysm. It takes a lot of effort to lower it, and none to have it rampant again.
  22. I'm trying to interpret MRF's doubt here. Perhaps what is confusing to him is: at most 3 creatures (4 for mp3) could be the same for the rituals between you and your opponents. (otherwise the result doesn’t count) @Tissy does it mean I can use 3 popes, or 3 popes is the maximum number considering my opponent? In the second case, if my opponent has one pope on defense I can only use 2, right? The other rules look clear to me.
  23. If it's not too late... I would like to buy 21 x wiiya (price: 21 plushies)
  24. So 11, players and 14 roles. May we know which roles were NOT assigned?
  25. Best activity, I can't vote because I equally like 2 of them. Best overall competitor: my vote goes to Aelis.
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