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  1. Get a party of xenophobic like yourself, grab a land cleanser and go fight the strangers.
  2. You should contact the Alliance leader, or one of its members, and convince them you belong to them.
  3. Besides what Syrian and Lazarus said already, if you have access to Mood Panel feature, you can post there the coordinates of the scene you are stuck in. Just click < set your status >
  4. Just before Passage of War. It used to be there, but I haven't been anywhere close in a long while. Perhaps it opens only if you take some story branch in the story mode?
  5. All rituals are situational, there's not one that wins consistently no matter the opponent.
  6. If you got this far there's one last thing to do:
  7. The issue comes when you want to write or reply to a PM. When clicking on the label menu it opens and closes immediately, making impossible to pick the label. I found a work-around: once you click on the label menu, you can move up and down with keyboard arrows. (using Firefox 88.0 on a 10.14.6 Mac OS)
  8. Death is not final in MD (still a bit of a nuisance). But there are many other ways players can hurt each other: nasty spells, nasty combat rituals, event sabotage, alliance sabotage, friend betrayal and so on and so forth. Most of these are "allowed" in MD, but beware of the consequences! They are part of the experience and generally make people react or adapt. Either way you grow, you learn. After all, nothing is irreversible. For serious crimes / harm: there's also a MD court with judges. If you're unsure whether a certain behavior is permitted read "Rul
  9. I'm afraid one can't become Death Patrol, unless by nomination of the Demon of the East. It is neither a guild nor an alliance.
  10. Congratulations Else! Beware trespassing once jump links are gone 👻
  11. Here's my explanation: Some pickles are hallucinogenic. They create a time loop and you get back to the moment when you decided to eat that pickle. You feel no effect because you're a pickle junkie, so you gained immunity.
  12. 17 august 2011 I was proposing Mur the recipe and the possible effects of a deliriant tea. So naive, but already a lashtal. Mur's reply was hilarious. Good memories...
  13. Respect. You win a safe stay inside Necrovion. It lasts one week, so contact me when you want it started.
  14. I tried a few times but I had no results. However, now it works. Not sure what happened but it seems solved.
  15. Hello, today I'm experiencing weird behavior in the interface. my regeneration timer is frozen at 00:00; the map doesn't show player names anymore (I had that feature unlocked); "who's online" button doesn't work (yet it makes the usual sound) Maybe I should open different topic, but they all seem minor issues. I'm using Firefox 88.0 (64 bit) on a macOS 10.14.6. Thanks for reading, lashtal
  16. I had one Berserker in both my rituals, we're even Aia. I believe our match was valid, so rock your way to the very top bottom!
  17. lashtal

    Hollywood, baby

    I appreciate this topic and I agree with most of the arguments. I think the problem is not "copying", it's the so-called KISS attitude (keep it simple and stupid) which is spreading not only in arts, but literally in every field and corner. Have you followed a political debate lately? Pip has a point when he writes "Nobody is just creating in a void". I was about to write a page long post, but then a quote by T.S. Eliot came to mind. “Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least someth
  18. Such Triumvirate made a proposition to help you out from a situation You stumbled into. Which isn't over, by the way. But this is a different topic, in a different forum branch.
  19. ~ Day: 104 Year: 16 ~ It seems we are in a stalemate. King Miq is proud and stubborn, he doesn't seem to accept my proposition, even if a triumvirate of Sages (myself, Tissy and Dracoloth) would clearly lighten his royal burdens. Long story short, I proposed one of his royal tokens to be shared. One week with me, one with Tissy, one with Dracoloth, one back to Miq. Disappointed at first, I'm still confident the time spent in Necrovion will change his mind. Stay trout!
  20. ~ Day: 103 Year: 16 ~ Today, your beloved king Miq was caught trespassing in Necrovion. Mistake or bravery, we do not know. Many in his condition would have paid the toll. A full week in Necrovion is just too good to say no. Unfortunately he did not. Usually this ends with me claiming a head. But since I don't want diplomatic dramas, I'd accept some regalia instead. For now he is my prisoner. Stay tuna!
  21. Did you assume Grasans are socialist? 🤪
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