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  1. "To become the wind in the dead of winter

    and howl the undoing of all that would abide in warmth and light"

  2. I would welcome this change as long as it refers to guilds. Woodcutters, water dowsers, fusioneers... They all seem very much related to a particular skill of "art". I'm not so sure about alliaces, I prefer what Chew was discussing with some of us.
  3. At first I was hooked by the detailed hand-made artworks, the possibility to write your own story, and the all-pervading symbolism. Then I discovered how easily (and selectively!) this "game" creates networks of kindred spirits. I suppose this is its main feature. I traded pieces of my true self with my character, with other characters and with the people behind them. Most of the times, it was a valuable and teaching experience. So yeah, a game?
  4. Thank you Chewett! (My ID is 221376 though)
  5. You did but only 2 instead of 21 😉
  6. Since the dreamcatcher appeared at the Howling Gates, more people were found inside Necrovion, having no clue how to get out. This is my last warning: leave the dreamcatcher alone or get killed. If you wish to visit Necrovion, contact me in advance:
  7. I noted down some lectures I wish to follow, but I'm stupidly busy as well. I hope it gets better within 3-4 weeks, but it's definitely not a lack of interest.
  8. lol this is not pm :D

  9. I'd go with this: 81 aged and xp'd remains (trees) Thank you!
  10. One has to admire your patience... I remember I rushed to MP5 within a month. 😁
  11. lashtal

    Time dilation

    Would you please elaborate why this effect should be applied? I mean, it's cool, but...
  12. lashtal

    New ideas

    No, originally they were transferrable normally... Eventually, they turned to not-transferrable. (check also this thread)
  13. @Miq Thanks for the answer, but I believed this X time should have been announced somehow... When I started my quest (May 3) they were still transferrable (hence why I meant them as main reward), I remember Steno giving away some during his ascension ceremony (May 9)...
  14. Hello, I guess this is a bug: plushies are now not transferrable, not even by ITC. Thank you!
  15. lashtal

    New ideas

    Today I had to transfer all my plushies to the winner of a quest. Since they are only transferrable by ITC it can be quite a pain... I'd suggest a function like the one we have to transfer heads, in order to transfer an entire stack or items / valuables. Like: *gives all [item_name] to [player_name]* Thanks for reading!
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