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  1. View announcements on the top bar, then click MD Newsletter (near the Twitter and Facebook button)
  2. One cannot subscribe to newsletter as captcha is not shown and cannot be written   [deleted link]   Captcha image request has a 404 code back from http://md-archives.com/emailmarketer/admin/resources/form_designs/captcha/?c=randomCodeHere&ss=randomStringHere
  3. Just seen a movie yesterday that was great, absolutely great and worth mentioning. It is rather old, from 1998 but has a powerfull story and Edward Norton plays excellent.   American History X - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120586/   PS : IMO, the trailer is crap and does not reflect the movie very good.
  4.   I did not get the fullfielment message after the battles with the shades, but I have recieved it randomly 2 different times after I had about 20, then 40 or 60 battles of win or loss each.   As for the bull, did not try that, cannot say.
  5. So, it is completed. Will send you the CTC and when you have time you can send me the silver. I am usually at GOE or Marble Dale Park.
  6.    Really glad you liked it. Also found it by accident.
  7.   I could not PICK the 3rd principle because the story mode is gone and I only had 2 entries with principles. As for the sacrificing, then I need to go to other fenths because the one in no man's land only does not offer new principle, only enhances the one I already have or doesn't give anything from the principle point of view.   But for me "Go sac a creature and you will get that principle." does not make any sense. That means in MP5 I can go on all fenths and get all principles ??
  8.   I understood that since I have started, the real story mode was removed (feel sad about that, looked amazing, but I have read what Mur said in the archives I think about why he had removed it so I understand it).   Anyways, I am MP3, but I have never recieved the possiblity in choosing a total of 3 principles, perhaps that is why in my right sidebar it says MP 2/3 ? I wander what are the repercussions here when I go to MP4 / MP5 ? Will I be ever allowed to reach my maximum mind potential ? Or are new players always going to have one less principle according to their mind power l
  9. I agree with your plan on changing those rules.   I do not see any downsides for these, except for the people that would want to submit an answer after the 31-ish days as it would be impossible. 
  10. Selling 2 fresh Imperial Aramors.   Nothing fancy; no age (1 and 3), no token, just willing to join you  :P   Imperial Aramor 1: #849713 - current bid : 5 SC - Chewett   Imperial Aramor 2: #849767 - current bid : 5 SC - Chewett   I would like to keep this open for 7 days (until next Friday morning), then the highest bidder wins.   Bidding starts at 2 SC each.
  11. Best movie I have ever seen and I am 99% sure you have not seen it either :)   Mr. Nobody - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0485947/
  12. Ok, thank you! Very kind; I really just wanted to post a potential bug here.   Anyway, if there is no bug as such, thread can be closed then  :D
  13. This should not be the case. I have never played before, this game was introduced to me by a friend who didn't play in years and this account was made from work... And I doubt somebody else from the company I work from plays, but there can be a remote possibility, as we all here have some wierd proxy .PAC tunneling.
  14. I have 8 free regeneration rituals. This is getting more confusing...
  15. I have recently seen that on the homepage it sais "Register now and get 5 shop items free". I do not know if this was added after I had made my account a bit under 3 weeks ago, but I have not received 5 shop items or credits (was 0 when started)   I am almost certain I used the top link to register my account and there is a difference between them.   Top link : http://magicduel.com/register/register.php Free credits link : http://magicduel.com/register/register.php?c=   Maybe it is intentionally so, but in this case you should say "Register now and get 5 shop it
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