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  1. oh ok... so the only land capital im capable of reaching wont let me have one unless i become a citizen...? hmm, that limits my options for citizenship elsewhere a lot, but thankss for the info! So i should move forward without worrying about collecting resources i need? hmm...seems pretty much impossible to collect resources without something to put them in...or maybe i just have to wait, and ignore the clues...a bit confusing..well see what happens..i seem stuck, no one to fight and no where to go...but im not the one for giving up, i stay true to my instincts and to my choices...thanks all who have given me advice on this
  2. So ive been long searching for a way to create or gain an item in which i can gate resources...i have a bucket code, but cant find anyone to create it..not a desperate being, but ive searched hi and lo. d i need land loyalty to buy items on tuesdays?..
  3. Lintara its been nice to meet you, I have many questions though. First, I love your land and wish to explore more, being a plant lover and all..however, i havent been able to get my bucket crafted. i need to be able to hold resources, but not sure how. I have a bucket code but cant find a crafter..any advice? *Time and Tide*
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