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  1. This is something that may not seem like a big deal to those who have been playing for years but I think it may be something that needs to change for those who are newer or very new ...


    When you look at the map, it tells you how many people are online, however that is very misleading as some of the "players" are not actually players at all ...


    for instance the other day I logged in and it said there were 134 players online..


    It would be nice if the counter would differentiate between real people and the shades etc....


    and my own pet peeve... it would be nice if the counter stated how many real players were actually online and how many were idle.


    I realize in the grand scheme of things this is most likely not that important and it might actually take quite a bit of time and coding... which I know very little about.... so it would be a nice thing if it could happen, however I also understand if it may be too difficult or may be tossed way to the back of the line due to priorities.


    thank you for your time!


    Aniwaya Tsula

  2. okies!
    here is picture.. made seeds very comfortable, even puts my favorite sparklies next to so they not get lonely, and lighted candles so they not afraid of dark!, also nice fur so they not gets too cold!
    also made 'nother picture so proove that is dirt ..not empty pot *grins*

    Have seedlingses!!!!


  3. Thank you Fang!

    I was hoping to judge myself....since I dont really know anyone here yet... but I can understand if that isnt allowed...

    So, any victims..I mean volunteers ...for judging?

    Maebius? Heheehehe....I seem to remember you saying something about how much you LOVE subjective judgments....*evil grin*

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