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  1. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1366290224' post='135026'] I wasn't interested because it take too long. I enjoy DnD on a sunny afternoon with a crate of beer and chips, but it usually goes on til midnight. With all the people doing nothing but that, and all communication happening very efficient (shouting louder than the rest, mostly). Imagining that inside MD... Where people have a few minutes at a time, and then 2 hours of business... And are in different time zones... No way i'd stress myself into that. [/quote] Though I agree, that's sadly unavoida
  2. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1361747265' post='133152'] Life is life. Life is really there to be lived. [/quote] Life is Life. Na naaa naa na na
  3. Mysticeti


    I love Videogames. I also suck at them. If the game involves competitive play (PvP interaction) you can bet I'll be losing most of the time. Consoles? I'm a little outdated... PSx and PS2 (I'm proud to say that they both still work though...). But I'm mostly a Pc Gamer, not a hardcore one though. I like RTS, RPG, 4X (and most combinations of these 3), Graphic adventures and Old arcade Beat'em ups. Here's a list: -Heroes of Might and Magic III (Vanilla version, Fortress FTW!!!). -Monkey Island series (In decreasing order of awesomeness: MI2, MI3 & MI
  4. It was a lovely ceremony, and while I did not know him personally I regret i could not stay until the end. I intended to share a little poetry at the ceremony, a couple of stanzas that I felt were not only beautiful but fitting as well. These are the two final stanzas of the poem "June" by William Cullen Bryant: [i]"I know that I no more should see The season`s glorious show, Nor would its brightness shine for me, Nor its wild music flow; But if, around my place of sleep, The friends I love should come to weep, They might not haste to go. Soft airs, and song, and ligh
  5. Welcome to this side of the world. :)

    1. Mysticeti


      I'm just reading this message... Sorry it took me so long to answer... Thank you for your warm welcome... I think I'll stick around this time. :)

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