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  1. I mean, if so we should be making it rain as much as possible. My theory together with Ungod is that the tree is burning, and that constitutes its "life". (See also the clue on "the blooming of bob" for more about the alive-ness of the tree.) For lack of foliage (in contrast to the trees in MB) it simply burns at its core/s, similar to the necrovion trees except straight. (this actual puts it in a unique position to "ensure the fruit") Rain would kill it, thus ending its core-burning pain, but the pain is actually worthwhile for him if he still might bloom. You can actu
  2. I mean, it's right there in the screen couplet: The tree waits for some rain / To end his suffering and pain Clearly it's not talking about the sort of rain we already have, as that comes and goes and the tree remains exactly as it was, so nothing has "ended" Anyone have any thoughts on this? [inspired from a conversation with Ungod]
  3. at magicduel.com/ifrm/ifrm.artists.php "To receive the gold medal contact Council or Mur"
  4. If I don't think that I have an hour's worth of shareable things to share, does that make me a bad MD player?
  5. Started from a conversation with ailith. Seems like fertile ground for some ideas. Inedible Saltwater Taffy: Rots your teeth but doesn't melt in your mouth or taste good. Has a label on the side: Not for children. Do Not Swallow! Inedible Cow: The fruit of a crabcow tree. Looks like a cow, smells like a cow, even bleeds like a cow, but tastes completely repulsive and causes indigestion. Dies quickly once separated from the tree.
  6. Just here to say hi again, for people who remember me I woke up -- didn't think that would happen, but didn't make preposterous precautions against it by changing the password and locking myself out of the email this time, unlike back when I was Minty and tried to leave... So yup, still a prisoner in this rat maze you people are cool and shaped my formative years...no real escaping that
  7. So grateful that Piss Piss has survived this long.

    Sparkles forever!

  8. Allowing post edits for only a day seems reasonable, or at least having later edits require specific approval of some sort.
  9. As individual levels go I like my maxed reindrach...called him "The Relentless Heart"
  10. Angien. I took a combined image of the stages (from the start through hatching all the way up through the one with the "the-world-is-dead-to-me" gaze) at one point and just kept looking at it for many weeks or months.
  11. I was thinking about the same thing MRF/Syrian mentioned (excess losses causing skill damage). It is annoying having so many people so far below balance...I'm curious whether this particular penalty even solved the issue, as I don't fight enough to know.
  12. I agree that skill damage did a lot of the game-ruining. I think it would be conceptually OK to change skill damage to a more temporary effect, with no "true"/permanent loss of stats. Make the stats come back after an hour or 24 hours or a week or death or something.
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