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  1. You don't have any PM's from me but I do hope you feel better soon.
  2. Is using crayon a requirement for this or can we use whatever we can get our hands on?
  3. Although I am new and we have not met yet I send my deepest condolences and blessings to you and your family.  Take whatever time you need for yourself and your loved ones, this is most important.  Lost my own mother unexpectedly earlier this year and I still have good days and bad with grieving.  I extend a shoulder and ear for you as I am sure those who know you probably do as well.
  4. I am new so mine is probably very corny and I have no land  I wanted to at least give it a try though.  I can not sing nor speak the song at this time but maybe in the future I will at least speak lyrics if there is another chance to.  Original Christmas Carol I used as reference is Jingle Bells the easiest song for me to attempt to write to.   I am enjoying the creativity of everyone's entries.       Questing through the realm, Action points going fast, Clicking on everything, How long are they going to last? A fledgling never knows, Until they give
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