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  1. Oh yes, QR codes are much more easy to create and read, I didn't think about it ^^. I was more thinking about this kind of code.
  2. About the serials numbers, I can create bar codes that will correspond to specifics number (and still be directly readable), as I'm working in a packaging company and we have specific software for this. I'm not sure this will be really useful or nice on these documents, and it will be hard to do one for each, but I wanted to propose it in case you are interested. The encrypted key is also a good idea, and it is more accessible I think since we don't own a personal bar code scanner...
  3. Dolomich


    Since you must only upload drawing you made, yes, obviously ^^
  4. I want to thank you as well, this is a very nice christmas gift =)
  5. Could we see a photo of it if you puts yours hands on it =) ?
  6. I would like to have this money as well. Not that I really need so much, but I really want to get an avatar (and I'm trying hard with the free credits in this way). I will use what remain later for other purpose.
  7. Thanks for your anwser, I now clearly see what it is about and I love this idea ^^. I'll try to be here.
  8. Hmm... but there's no night in MD, right ? So all days last the same time, so isn't it a bit strange to celebrate this ceremony in the MD realm ? I'm just confused with this, I'm not again this event or something. Your further informations may enlighten me ^^
  9. Maybe adding an option to choose how much categories you want will make it easier for everybody : people who use only a few would easily find them, and those who need a lot of organisation will be able to sort a lot. The maximum number would be the actual number of categories.   At least this idea will make it more suitable for everyone ^^.
  10. And the next step will be the detoxification center, where you stop your addiction and slowly regain positive stats :P. And don't forget the drug dealers who will make a lot of money on the consumers ^^.   But seriously, I think that your idea is well balanced and can make very interesting roles. Speaking of the drug dealer, if the drug is hard to obtain how do you think you can produce it ? I think that using several resources and combining them would be good, so producing the drug would require trade or gathering and a specific object to combine the object, making it hard to achieve.
  11. That's interesting, but do a lot of people have negative stats ? If it just make you addicted and get all your stats in negative, I don't see why would people use it, except for rp reasons. Do you want it to be used for rp or fight, or something else (drug someone :P ) ?
  12. Does it accept the "unofficial" version ? I never took the time to buy it ^^
  13. Dolomich Id: 221109 Volution: 10(10.31)   Haven't really grind, just passed through the labyrinth once.
  14. You could make a small sketch of a random object/thing every day, even in 1 minute, what matter is to do it each day. It will improve your observation skill and help you to "understand" shapes, which will help you in drawing in general, not only for objects.   This is an advice that really helped me, even if i often forgot to draw something ^^. I hope it'll help you, and don't forget to persevere, it took me a lot of time to do decent drawings and i still get a lot to learn =).
  15. It would be usefull, but don't forget people with AZERTY keyboards... use any other key, or maybe put an option related to the account to change the keys used.
  16. Maybe you could put all the JQuery into a $( document ).ready( function() { //All the actual JQuery here }); Without it your code can be launched before the html elements are fully loaded, and it can sometime lead to events not working. But I'm not sure this is the problem... Oh, and maybe moving the script at the end of the page can help, the javascript is supposed to be at the end of the <body>. Try to open the console in the web development tool of your navigator (firefox and chrome do it, search in the menu) and look if you get any error message. I don't see error in the code
  17.   I'm not sure that I get it, but if you use 100% of your ve, all your regeneration points are added to your crits, right ? So it can explain that you gain back some ve at the end of the fight, even if you lost all before.   For the lost ve that you should keep, I don't know...
  18. You must find a server to upload it, and then add it using the @font-face css property. I don't know where you can easily upload fonts, but you could also check google font, which provide fonts to download for web sites. If you find a similar police that you like, you juste have to follow the instructions and it should be fine. Simply put the css in a <style> , and then don't forget to define the font on the text you use. If you really want to use your own font, then this will help you : http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_font-face_rule.asp
  19. You can use JQuery for that (it's improved javascript). I think that if you put that at the end of your html it should work : <script> $(document).ready( function () { $('.NAME OF THE CLASS').text('YOUR TITLE'); }); </script> Hmm, I'm on my phone and i can't see the name of the class while writting, but it should be something like that. I'll try to give you a more accurate anwser tomorrow, because there is a high risk that this code don't work. Edit : glad to read that it worked, it's always better to use html instead of javascript ^^
  20. Reality stimulation I think that our spirits are some kind of reality essence : the reality is defined by what we think is real. Lowering viscosity in a place make you maintaining it's reality by being aware of it, so it is a "stimulation" of the reality of this place. And the ability to stimulate reality fit well the object creation, because at a point you become able to stimulate the reality so strongly that you can tranform a wishpoint and some heat into a concrete object. But doing that weaken your personal reality essence, and you must wait and train to be able to do it again.
  21. Wow, I think this is very interresting. I've studied a little (only theoretically) how to hypnotize someone and it's amazing to see how far it can go... well, amazing but also frightening... I think it really happenned how they describe it, because they didn't directly ask him to kill him : they conditioned him to go in a transe where he will only think to shoot at a target, and then give him this man as a target. You can't force someone to do something against his/her convicitons while they are hypnotised, but you can lead them to do it by describing them a situation where they'll do it : he
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