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  1. Oh yes, QR codes are much more easy to create and read, I didn't think about it ^^. I was more thinking about this kind of code.
  2. About the serials numbers, I can create bar codes that will correspond to specifics number (and still be directly readable), as I'm working in a packaging company and we have specific software for this. I'm not sure this will be really useful or nice on these documents, and it will be hard to do one for each, but I wanted to propose it in case you are interested. The encrypted key is also a good idea, and it is more accessible I think since we don't own a personal bar code scanner...
  3. Dolomich


    Since you must only upload drawing you made, yes, obviously ^^
  4. I want to thank you as well, this is a very nice christmas gift =)
  5. Could we see a photo of it if you puts yours hands on it =) ?
  6. I would like to have this money as well. Not that I really need so much, but I really want to get an avatar (and I'm trying hard with the free credits in this way). I will use what remain later for other purpose.
  7. Thanks for your anwser, I now clearly see what it is about and I love this idea ^^. I'll try to be here.
  8. Hmm... but there's no night in MD, right ? So all days last the same time, so isn't it a bit strange to celebrate this ceremony in the MD realm ? I'm just confused with this, I'm not again this event or something. Your further informations may enlighten me ^^
  9. Maybe adding an option to choose how much categories you want will make it easier for everybody : people who use only a few would easily find them, and those who need a lot of organisation will be able to sort a lot. The maximum number would be the actual number of categories. At least this idea will make it more suitable for everyone ^^.
  10. And the next step will be the detoxification center, where you stop your addiction and slowly regain positive stats :P. And don't forget the drug dealers who will make a lot of money on the consumers ^^. But seriously, I think that your idea is well balanced and can make very interesting roles. Speaking of the drug dealer, if the drug is hard to obtain how do you think you can produce it ? I think that using several resources and combining them would be good, so producing the drug would require trade or gathering and a specific object to combine the object, making it hard to achieve.
  11. That's interesting, but do a lot of people have negative stats ? If it just make you addicted and get all your stats in negative, I don't see why would people use it, except for rp reasons. Do you want it to be used for rp or fight, or something else (drug someone :P ) ?
  12. Does it accept the "unofficial" version ? I never took the time to buy it ^^
  13. Dolomich Id: 221109 Volution: 10(10.31) Haven't really grind, just passed through the labyrinth once.
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