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  1. Thank you : )   I submitted my capitol application yesterday.
  2.   I am pretty persistent with the things I do and also always aim for perfection. And there is one thing I eventually would like to do - a quest : )
  3.   When I was asked from Jubaris which land I like the most I hesitated between Marind Bell and Loreroot, but eventually I decided MB because it looks kind of more "civilized" (scene related) to me. And also it was the first land to explore for me :)
  4. Hello my name is George (George Petrov in game). After completing Jubaris' Quest which pushed me to explore and research a lot I decided to try applying for citizenship :)   A few words about me: I am an organized and responsible person. I am a software developer which allows me to be online during every work day. I have relatively good communication skills. I have kind of personal rule which is not to ask before trying to find the answer myself or do a research at least. I like to help people.   This is what I can think of for now, I will be happy to answer questions, thanks :)
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