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  1. i have deffeted them but they are still there when i try to attack again it says You have allready deffeted this charactrer,, but from last night i can enter the shop but there are still there the guards i mean
  2. i have the same problem i deffeted the guards but they are still there blocking me the entrence
  3. Greatings Vote pole has been ended,,, i have been talking with grido and my friend raider about my joining golemus land,, i have been told that i will get answer soon but still nothing, i em posting this post for grido to see since i mosty play on night so i cant meat him ingame... i would like you to know that i em still interesed in joining so if we need to speak again just say when...Dexter
  4. 1.Name: Dexter 2.ID: 66971 3. 3months 4. No good reason 5. All creatuers,items stay with me 6. 50% 7. Minimum bid 5sc
  5. First of all tnx for validating, rider tnx for posting this topic. Grido i will contact you toomorow in game since i em on work now and i can only use the forum i cant log in to game now
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