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  1. Picture isn't compulsary, but might sway in favour of those who draw or send one. Also need the method of creation
  2. Hello, you are tasked to create a RL drink and then show how it can be made in MD, using MD ingredients. Describe the method and ingredients in both RL and MD, provide a picture for extra votes. The drink need not be alcoholic, but could have effects in MD. It will run for the duration of the Birthday events. Prizes 1st: 3 gc + 4 wookie points 2nd: 2 gc + 3 wookie points 3rd: 1 gc + 2 wookie point Others 1 wookie point for participating
  3. Hello, loaded heat as asked, primed all explosives, pressed the plunger and the screen refreshed, taking me all of the way to, ummmm, Fenth's Press. tried it twice with the same result, then I ran out of heat.
  4. Sorry Chewett, I donæt like it either. I'm finding it very hard to find my personal messages, and LR's daily thread. Also hard to find un-follows content.
  5. Helllo, does anyone know what happened to the Secret Santa thing? I remember that Blackshade and I both donated a crit, but haven't heard anything back, and my crit hasn'r been taken.
  6. Am I able to take part in this, and can I retrospectively collect the stones from the tasks?
  7. My thanks, it was Her Majesty who sent me here to apply.
  8. Ah, right, hello everyone, hope this is the correct place, apologies if not. To all Lorerootians, I would ask that you kindly consider, and accept, my application to join your land. When first Valoryn took me around MD, during my first few months, he had found me wandering in LR, teleported by someone whose name I forget. I really don't recommend the teleporting thing, made me spill my tea, and ended up head over heels *shudders*. Anyway, we wandered around LR, taking tea and cakes, and I found the land to be the most homely and familiar to me. It was my hope to be invited, but such an in
  9. What is a top spender ticket? I pay a monthly subscription, does that count?
  10. Alas, only seasoned players can bid, us noobs can't aquire gold so quickly. I have 2, don't have enough loyalty to buy the third and coul dnever meet 9 and definitely not 23.
  11. I enjoyed what I had timje to join in with. Like most, i was travelling around theWorld and then with family, although I did log i nseveral times everyday i never saw a santa character :(
  12. Ma or Bobo, but depends upon the time and date Or the roast turkey
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