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  1. Ok so, I drew a "seed" creature that decided it wanted to be an Archivists, though uh...well, I'm not an artist (as you can tell.) Yes, it has the worlds smallest book collection... And then I didn't see we needed two pictures >.> So...I took a selfie with it! Yay selfies! I call it...the seed of knowledge!
  2. Due to a lack of participants, this is sadly cancelled.
  3. Free avatar/Common item shuffles. Loyalty point boosters. Concoctions of True Self
  4. If they are unaware why they were jailed then either it was explained clear enough in the beginning or they just choose to ignore it. If it's the latter, then they can pretend to "understand" and simply say "Yep, yep, sure." If someone is put into jail, they aren't released on the terms "Do you understand you've been naughty? Don't do it again!" they get released expected to know that if it happens again then the consequences are worse than before.
  5. Almost certain I Created Heat Ore, Heat 11th, Heat bushies after the announcement.
  6. Bump Due to a now open market for the heat solidifier: I feel like something should be done about the fact this item is able to transmute any item into a heat version. This could be seriously abused by anyone and, as ... ...shows, owners cannot guarantee the safety from or liability of those hiring. --- While turning RP items/resources into heat versions could create some interesting RP, rare/important items should be kept safe, IMO.
  7. May I still do this before it's closed? I was working the day it was posted and failed to see it, I'd be interested in it, even with no prizes.
  8. 9PM ST is the best I can do, if that suits you better?
  9. Lords and ladies, peasants and peasanettes, this year the Magicduel Archives shall be playing host to a prestigious, yet rather crazy, party of lords and ladies! They have travelled from far and wide to see first hand the birthday celebrations of Magicduel and admire the beauty of the MDA Buildings! ---- The deranged party will be held this coming Sunday, at 8PM ST, in the Grand hall of the Sun, MDA. Characters will be given randomly to each player that signs up and will not be announced until the day. To sign up, please state your name and ID in a post below; Sign ups fini
  10. Here is a short list of what they would do for me (I may expand on ideas later on): Act as my garden gnomes - I'd get many of them to simply dress as gnomes and stand in my garden, ordered to chase strangers and animals away, snarling and baring teeth all the while! Treat me like Snow White - As some of you may know, I'm a princess at heart. Because of this I wish to live the life of a...uh...dishevelled...princess for the day! I'd name them all after the 7 dwarves, get them to do some mining for me (in my a'hole of a neighbor's garden) and then come home and sing random songs til
  11. If there is interest, then I'm sure something could be arranged.
  12. Fossils are rarer that Lonsdaleite currently. Myself and a small team are working on a spreadsheet to determine the % chance of each item. If people are interested in seeing it, please contact me, Sy or Magohi for the link. ---- Mineral ore will be kept rare 'Soon' and therefore, due to such low chance obtaining rare items, this should keep the market in form.
  13. Grasan Plushie! Reminds us of our beginning! (Plus they can be big, plump and comfy )
  14. I didn't understand if this was "The best quest get's a WP" or if "The best quest get's a WP to give to others"?
  15. Gems --> Gem Shield Requires medium heat donation and time waited. Provides a small defence boost for <x> amount of time. Crystal --> Crystal Shield Requires large heat donation and time waited. Provides a medium defence boost for <x> amount of time. Uncut Diamonds --> Diamond Shield Requires huge heat donation and time waited. Provides a large defence boost for <x> amount of time. Lonsdaleite --> Lonsdaleite Shield Requires massive heat donation and time waited. Provides a large defence boost for <x> am
  16. 100 Rock salt --> <x> Purified Salt Boiling cauldron. Salt that's been added to boiling water and boiled, leaving only pure salt.
  17. Mineral Ore --> Metal Bullion Smelter Weapons smith in NML. Mineral Ore --> Mineral Salts Placed in Scene Used to lower the regen counter but increases AP
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