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  1. To me I think he knows this and is saying he thinks he doesn't like it. "I don't know if I want" being used a present tense case; I may have interpreted this wrongly though. - Ignore this, thought you quoted MRF I do agree that simply running to the land that you want "loyalty" of for a few seconds, at day change, defeats the point of it being loyalty... As Syrian said, this is what happens already.
  2. I don't think the "Drachorn Master" role is suitable for one that's trying to be their liberator... It's like me saying "I will be an Archivist to burn all documents and ensure no knowledge or history is shared." It's contradictory. I'd say that even being part of the alliance isn't right; If I were trying to rebel I wouldn't want to be part of the enslaving party (Lair keepers) as it devalues the fight you're putting up. But that's just my opinion.
  3. I broke MD again... This is becoming a habit. P.s. I won!
  4. All hail the flying spaghetti monster!
  5. When trying to fight someone this appears:
  6. I would make it almost like Benjamin Button (good book, have a read if you haven't) and state that anyone <1 year agewise is automatically classed as 90 years old.(Sounds weird, but there's method to my madness...though I may lack the maths capabilities to describe.) If a player dies at or <61 AD, then their MD age should be considered 90 just for mechanic's sake. With that in mind if you AVG the active Vet (Dst @ 2980/90) and then a noob of 1 day ([Insert Name]*90) you receive quite a nice, equal building block for how age should be tracked. This would mean that every
  7. I'd be 9...does that mean I can get away with Murder?
  8. @Ivorak - It was in the Treasury list (ask Esmerelda for confirmation) but I then removed it as I had replaced it with a different creature and a huge amount from my own personal stock. (Again, speak to Esmerelda if you're interested in a whole inventory) As you only gave me...4(?) plushies I believe, and a total of 28 plushies were sold for 8gc. This would mean your share would equate to 1:7. 8gc = 120sc. 1 = 15sc, 7 =105sc I bought the horseman for 18gc 5sc, your "share" was 1gc, meaning the remaining 17gc 5sc belonged to me. I did have it in store for the treasury, so I didn
  9. That's me admitting my character. Does this mean I'm disloyal or will purposefully act against those that choose to help me? Nope. Common sense is required as well; If you could get away with murder in real life, would you kill? I know I wouldn't. If I could get away with not doing a piece of coursework, would I not do it? Sure, why not? Take from it what you will. At the end of the day I was forced into "doing something". I didn't specifically go to Mur and say "Hey! Treat me like crap, call me names under the sun and threaten me to do work! " he picked me out from everyone else.. H
  10. A misunderstanding is abuse? Interesting. But at the end of the day, stating that using tools for personal gain is "wrong", or insinuating it is bad, must be the same for abuse or no abuse. You use your "powers" and "abilities" for personal gain as much as I did; so let's not be silly. What's making you so salty Neno?
  11. There's a lot to reply to here but I want to try and leave this as...uninfluenced as possible. But quickly: @blackrider - Please feel free to point out anything I have ever stolen? Also, I don't lie. I twist words, there is a huge difference. Cheating? Well, comes down to opinion...but I've never cheated on anything either, just used what I had. @Neno Veliki - "For personal gain". Really? Are you telling me that anyone with roles does it all for "free" and ensures it has no gain for themselves? You've never accepted payments or rewards for your drawings? No? Of course you have.
  12. Nor was I, just wanted to put your mind at ease
  13. The analogy is...not correct, but we've discussed that already. As for the double check, we had already mentioned creatures therefore felt no need to inquire gain You said no big stacks, I took no big stacks. Check the age. I specifically sold my paid for Horeseman -- yet more proof I wasn't in it for greed, as I didn't sell the one I had recruited...no?
  14. Where did you even get "tunnel" info from..? I haven't been to a tunnel... Didn't see Mur's part: In regards to that; the tunnels I had already explored months ago using hundreds of pickles (ask around if you don't believe.) The creatures were actually a (what I considered at the time) lucky thing to stumble across, I had no idea where they were or what they were. So, yes...I recruited them when I came across them because I assumed I could.
  15. I am documenting every area with resources so establish the ease of gathering, I'm going to every area I can to check resource levels. As you may know, Necro's resources were completely changed after it was closed. All Molimas are mine as announced here As someone just pointed out to me, I was not given any chance to discuss this or give the creatures back before this happened. I was merely struck down with words.
  16. To make it clearer on my side: When someone says " but you can make a list of things you find and wish to keep", that makes it sound as if once it is on the person. Otherwise it would be "but you can make a list of things you find and wish to have" I was under the impression that so long as I didn't go overboard (take 20 shades or whatever), and kept a document stating what I had taken, I was able to "tap into the treasures of Necrovion". If I was not allowed to grab anything then it should have been clearly stated. I grabbed a few creatures and kept them on myself, along with a
  17. As title suggest, selling a Molima. There is no minimum bid - Coins or Top Spenders Tickets only (for this bid, and this bid only, TST's will be counted equivalent to 1gc) Bidding ends in 72 hours. -A
  18. > Yes I am working on A25 too as you know. This doesn't necessarily mean the same projects, but thank you for letting me know.
  19. Sometimes it's better to gather all data/reports from one person and given in one lump that dribs and drabs here and there, no? Of course, if you're working on the Combiners as well, then they can obviously contact you as welll! I'm just making sure my info and "to-do's" stay nice and clean.
  20. As I'm working on the resources and combiners, it's so that I can post them in my G-Doc collection and let Mur know about them when he asks for info. Already solved info gets sent, placed on my Gdoc and is then wrong when it needs to be used and wastes time.
  21. Offered a Mol for the crit, but decided to give it straight to the TK and keep original bid.
  22. Hello all, If anyone should find any bugs with combiners, doing things they shouldn't, could you please post here or message me the details. Thanks! -A <Was unsure if to post here or in Bugs section, feel free to move topic.>
  23. Are we allowed to dispute a person's claim/application for a "flip-side" view?
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