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  1. As title suggests; spells are still able to be cast whilst chatbanned. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
  2. I have several Mirror rituals (that I can make more of as well) and locates as well as a few silver tongues.
  3. Exactly. And now look, lucky to find three people in the same location and more than 10-15 online at any one point.
  4. Voting would be insufficient to actually cause any major increase to the population. In fact, we are number 34 on bbogd and featured on bmmorpg...yet we rarely have new players. The voting does little or nothing to attract new players and (most likely) costs more to advertise and have set up than the revenue of money/players it brings in. As browser games are becoming less and less used, due to desktop versions, the game either needs to A) Completely redesign it's structure and join the desktop versions or B) Pour the advertising money into other, more successful areas - Facebook banners,
  5. I took a little too long to finish apparently as I was searching about the age question. Got 50% It's good, just lacks a certain MD feel in my opinion. Also a spelling mistake in the player name Deetn and a slightly low timer for people that may be newer or unsure of answers, as it didn't really give much time for searching either. Perhaps clues about the categories of questions could be used, if you don't want to add extra time? So people can brush up on those specific areas pre-quiz?
  6. QY445846966B3 - Taken Testing
  7. I'd be interested in having it as an avatar if you do.
  8. The resources it creates were the original intended, toxic gas included. After level three it returns to death spores. There was a conversation about it as it was being created. I'll edit this later once I've found the log.
  9. Seems the management team needs some work as well. Ah well, stagnant MD it is apparently!
  10. The MD community. For a community based game...it's very small, ridiculously so. Maybe you're quite content with the little crowd you have at the moment, and want to make more and more things to do for a tiny population...but to me that seems kind of silly. From what I've read MD has been getting smaller and smaller for years now, work is constantly being done, yet...for what? A new "tutorial" was made yet there's barely anyone to use it... There are more active alts/returned players than actual new ones... Maybe it's time to start advertising before it becomes too late? Le
  11. Ill start with 3gc
  12. I wish I had the effort to reply to all of this, but I don't - sadly. Not really, I purposefully backed away from MD for the exact opposite. I got involved because all I see is a flopshade abusing a land ally of mine -- it's an in-character response to an in-game action. Of course...you have to try and take it from the correct context, but that's just due to your naivety. Isn't this rather contradicting? You're basing your grabban off of a scenario you have no proof of and one that also has no connection to the MB tools whatsoever? As for your "depletion talk". Three wo
  13. Isn't it intriguing how certain item abuses are overlooked, especially when linked to an actual public role... Anni. 4059 Anyway, as there has been no abuse, on Darkraptor's part, (and Nad has had a chance to state one if their had been, but decided "LOL" was more appropriate...) it stands to reason that the only reason he continues to ban Darkraptor is for either a) a personal amusement, b) personal dislike or c) for not being a citizen. Either way, it's an abuse. Also, Nadrolski's response, and lack of, to this topic just further shows why he is unable to take the role seri
  14. I'm happy for rewards from the Archive Treasury to be sponsored for good stories. (I took the impression that the story telling will be like @Curiose's story nights?) If so, feel free to confer with @Nimrodel to see what rewards are available. I'll also throw in 5 GC's to the reward pool as well as Mirror ritual spell stones when needed. I have a feeling you probably would have anyway but, please could any stories be posted on the forum? Thanks and good luck, -A
  15. After some time away to think, I believe it's time for me to gracefully back away from MD and role/authorities I hold. It's been an interesting journey to say the least; much has changed within my hectic, yet brief, "MD Life", some for good...some for worse; but now it has come to the point where I feel I have no place here anymore, and not just through negatives. If I were to give some words of advice to future beginners: "Slow and steady wins the race." Don't make the same mistake I did. With that said, I wish you all a very fond farewell; it was a pleasure to meet y
  16. As Mur posted a picture (on Facebook) of the "Lost island" west of Golemus, asking for suggestions on what the name may be, and I've not seen any posts anywhere else, I'll begin here. I'll start with 'Wraith Island' and 'The Uncharted'
  17. Bump Is this fixed?
  18. Most point have been covered above, but It would also be nice to get the judge's scores an feedback (if there was any?)... Mostly because I'm not sure I even trust if you had judges...
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