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  1. So, out of curiosity, what's the difference between this situation and this one? https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4101 I don't see any difference there really, both have used something they have been given to "abuse" another/others multiple times. Seems hypocritical to suddenly state you can't make judgements on situations like this yet have only just done so on another topic...
  2. Happy birthday Lin, have a wonderful 20th
  3. It's intriguing how a few people say they've had a word with Chew and Mur about this, received dismissive answers and then you decide to not announce your opinions after Chew gets involved, yet refused to give any answers on a public topic and decided to message you in private... Guess we'll just have to keep wasting those casts!
  4. Is there a specific time? As I'm going to be at work until around 20:30ST, but can do it after then.
  5. I forgot about that! Well done @Mallos Thank sweetie Aeo for pointing it out!
  6. I'll join. Aethon 254077 Sacrifice
  7. After over 8 months, I still have a twin and have still yet to meet them!
  8. @Aeoshattr I promised myself not to reply, but it seems Lashtal has some good words to heed!
  9. So - not his tool to use, not the area he is guardian of, admits he can't make a statement for the land - yet did it to do them a "favor" (apparently MB are unable of speaking to their own citizens, if that's the case?) - and has also stated "banned Nad for why not". Yet he's not in the wrong? Goodness me Fang, I'm so so happy you ran off and I didn't have to work with you in the end. Your stupidity baffles me.
  10. Following my last topic on this subject, and the obvious agreement from some, I'd like to kindly request for an official judgement on the Nomad's 'Bring in' spells. I'd personally like to see some form of usage rules implemented, rather than complete removal of the spell. I'd also like to ask for myself and Mallos to be removed from NC, as there is no possible route for use to escape aside dying reviving, and we were dragged in unwillingly. @dst @Burns -A
  11. Also, I was quite certain I'd be brought in again to be killed. It's the more the fact of the spell having no restriction that I think should be addressed
  12. They made themselves landless (and chose to keep it that way - Azull even preferred it) And also Their kingship powers were over NC, not all of MD.
  13. After being summoned to Necro twice by Azull, I thought I'd ask; Why do Syrian and Azull have bring-in? This isn't the first time they've used their Bring-ins on people outside of their nomad group either (they're using Lashtal as their free murder machine). Considering this spell is given to rulers and only for their citizens, why do two ex-rulers have 20 casts of the spell and why does it work for anyone? Ok, so it may be given as a gift for ruling, doing well, etc, etc, but the spell should only work on those with the nomad flag. They have no rulership and no actual citizens...so
  14. It's hypocritical to the point as to why Nad was bombarded.
  15. So you've suddenly become the Guardian of another spot? Although it was specifically stated you may only guard one? And perhaps you should make a statement relating to the rules of MB if so? As currently you're just doing another Nad.
  16. So why did you ban Nadrolski? The whole reason of making these "rules and procedures" were to stop random banning. Why make a statement of your rules and then go ahead and ban someone (that isn't even doing anything related to the pub) for no reason other than "cause why not"? Honestly Mallos, you're becoming more and more of a Flopshade...
  17. Yeah, unfortunately, Rider is right for once. You can't just make 3 heat stones out of 1. But, creating heat to fusion is extremely easy (hell, I won a heat dumping tourney when I was less than 100 days old :P) it just takes some time and thought into the best way that suits you.
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