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  1. One entry received! Closes tomorrow unless more interest to extend is shown!
  2. Voting is now closed and Dst is the winner by 1 point! Voting counted through rep+poll score Good job to both of you and congratulations! Faceless, find me for a little reward for taking part!
  3. No entries received as of yet! Plenty of time to still submit an entry though!
  4. Poll added, please vote! Good luck to Dst and Faceless! Polls close in 24hrs
  5. For this quest, make or bake a fiendishly tasty treat that is disgustingly repulsive to one's eyes! Submit your entries by 22:00 ST Sunday for after then a poll shall be opened for the public to choose their winner! (Polls will close 24HRs thereafter) Only one winner will be chosen, so please note: For any quest tagged with "Elucubrat", if you have already won one, the creature will automatically go to the next runner-up, and so on, until it finds one (I've been told they don't play well together and get jealous for their master's attention!) . If the winner should have won a Elu alr
  6. A simple enough quest, and an old favourite! Turn one of your favourite scenes into a Halloween extravaganza! Submit entries here by Sunday 20:00ST for after that a voting poll will be opened so that the public may choose their winner! (Polls will close 24 Hrs after opening) Only one winner will be chosen, so please note: For any quest tagged with "Elucubrat", if you have already won one, the creature will automatically go to the next runner-up, and so on, until it finds one (I've been told they don't play well together and get jealous for their master's attention!) . If the winner
  7. The all hallows night is almost upon us, and it's time to get you cauldron at the ready! This is a 3 stage quest and all stages should be completed to be eligible for any winning position. Part 1: Create your own version of Shakespeare's "3 Witches" cauldron scene. Part 2: Name and describe the created potion. Part 3: Create a cauldron! Notes: The ingredients and chosen "Three Witches" should all be MD based (though a little slack for wording is allowed here and there). The connection to Witch>Wording>Ingredients will mean a better score at the end.
  8. Aethon

    WTB Items

    Sure. I'm at Bob when ready
  9. I'm looking to buy the following. Ball bearing, Blue marble, Snow Globe, Stress Ball, Green marble, Bat kite, Boomerang, Spicy pickle toy, Chess set, Kids IQ puzzle, Kitty toy B-String, E-String, F-String, Angry Mask, Happy Mask, Micro Mask, Higher prices paid for packages.
  10. Important Information on Elu's! There are 10 Black and White and ten Coloured Elu's to be won this Halloween. Colours will be at the quest master's own discretion but there will be only one Elu per player; this doesn't matter what the type. Quests that have an Elu as first prize should have a standby prize at the ready for if a player wins 1st place more than once. That means there will be 20 people eligible for an Elu! So get your candy stacked whilst you can!
  11. Quests will begin Friday 28th and end Monday 31st, where rewards will then be distributed. Some quests, that require longer to finish, may begin earlier than these dates however. Keep your eyes peeled for the Sign-up pages!
  12. Hello all, I'm looking for people to host/organise quests for this coming Halloween (31st October), if you are interested, please let me know and I will add you to the ongoing discussion. As the 31st is a Monday, I was wondering which of the three options would the majority of public prefer; quests held/beginning on the Friday, Sat and Sunday before Halloween (28th,29th & 30th), just the Monday (31st) or for the entire week commencing 31st? A few of the quests planned already will take longer than a day to complete, so quests that can be completed in shorter time-spans would
  13. Roses are red, Violets are blue, It's your birthday today, and you smell you're 92! Happy Birthday Dstling! Have a great day and make sure you relax and enjoy your birthday weekend!
  14. I'll miss you Nimmy! Keep in contact and you know where you can contact me if you ever want to talk. Best of luck with everything <3
  15. I'd like to ask the same questions as Dst, if you're not going to answer it when she asks. Perhaps expand a bit more on what offerings? I mean, why would the SS be involved? Just because it's in a part of that land? Or because there's some meaning? And it does seem this is merely a passive (though not as passive as it may have meant to be) way for you to get an alliance of your own. Not saying that it's wrong, just if you want something, no point hiding it behind false pretence.
  16. Sometimes I do wonder what goes on inside that head of yours, @lashtal
  17. The sacrifice has to be of something dear to you, that in itself is the rule. Your personal items aren't going to be "dear" to another.
  18. I promised I wouldn't reply (and I won't after this, at least for a few days) but I'll reply to this little bit. it's Actually, it's a very different reason as to why this all began, some will know and some won't, but it wasn't because it happened, I was quite content with that.
  19. I'm not entirely sure where you're getting at either... Mur states that it's not punishable officially, though clearly states "individual authorities may use their abilities as fit" and then goes on to even suggest getting the judges involved, as they're individual authorities. The quote of his I show also states "I say keep an open mind and avoid comparison to RL regarding this...give it a chance for a new judging without poluting it by existing RL situations" which is exactly the opposite of what is happening now - Hell! Chew's even made an Archives topic comparing the RL and MD!
  20. Um, I haven't said I see it as abuse (find the point where I said they had)? I said "abuse" as I was comparing Nad's with situation to this, as they're largely similar. Nad used his tool given to him, with no real laws laid out, and yet had a restriction on use put on him. Azull/Sy are doing the same but with their Bring in spells. --- My point to the previous topic was to find out why they had a large about of casts of an admin spell (that can someone anyone from anywhere) rather than a citizen/flag based spell like the other kings and ex-rulers that received it.
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