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  1. And that's what we're doing. We're saying it'd have detrimental effect on the market and also a negative outcome on the help towards server fees. Edit: If you want to make money from the gold, why don't you just try bargaining with it and trying to increase it's worth somehow? I don't see many selling it and I definitely haven't seen an amount of coins:gold ratio yet.
  2. Back on topic, don't forget things like kill/revive run off of gold as well. Having a limited amount of gold make a "sort of" barrier for using the items/abilities.
  3. On topic; Dont forget that powers such as revive, kill, etc would then become even easier than it already is. At least there's a kind of barrier for unlimited uses.
  4. Doing this would have a severely negative effect on the value of gold coins. Silver would actually, in the long run, become more valuable than the gold. It's just like the reason behind why coins used for rewards (by TK, Mur, Chew, everyone) are recycled and not just created out of thin air. Diamonds have no actually determined value at the moment, gold coins, on the other hand, do. So it's much much harder to do something like this without ruining the entire market.
  5. Player name: Aethon ID: 254077 AD: 474 (75%) Reason: Always use social medias, intuitive (able to work off of own initiative), willing to help, knowledgeable in most area, able to dig up required info if needed, and relatively good organizing skills.
  6. Is this even still a thing? I haven't seen the activity in a while?
  7. Ah ok then. Thank you It would be nice to have a list of players you've awarded wishpoints though, if possible?
  8. The WP rewards list is not working correctly on my account. I've awarded at least two WP's now (Darkraptor and Dstling) yet it still says I've rewarded 0?
  9. So, sadly, I only received one entry for this, though I thought it to be rather simple with some good rewards...never mind hey! The winner is Dstling and here is her entry! Please contact me to let me know which prize you would like! Thanks for participating!
  10. 2 gc if it can be totemized first. I'll provide required items.
  11. After some debating, No one is the winner. Please find me at the GoE for payment, creature and document. Thread can be closed
  12. Ledah wins the Auction. Please find me at the GoE to complete transaction.
  13. Unfortunately there is no way to currently compare the Brilliant to Gold ratio, so I can't accept that bid (unless you can provide a way to measure their worth in comparison to gold)
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