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  1. After some thought I have decided to not sell. Though I may do so in the future. :)   Topic can be closed.  ^_^
  2. When you realise you've played in all of the following areas: In bed In the bath In the shower In the kitchen In the garden In the loft In uni On the bus On the train On the toilet :mellow:
  3.   I think it would be good for everyone to draw there own picture.  ^_^     Simply because this isn't just an art contest so no one should be worried about doing a terrible drawing, so long as a lot of thought and effort has gone into their connections. :)   Edit: And thank you for your sponsoring! 
  4. Hello there!   What follows is my first quest created, so try not to judge me too harshly! :D   We all know what emotions feel like and we all know what they look like, at least...on a person. But emotions can be triggered through seeing or smelling something that stimulates an old memory, this can be consciously or subconsciously. This is thanks to the amazing part of our brain called the limbic system, also known as "the emotional brain", and human conditioning to associate through sight and smell!   We can also flip this on it's head! We often associate certain objects
  5. Picking the "pickable" stone things from Loreroot causes an a nameless item with no description to be created.   Passing the "non-item" brings up "Aethon passed to Orvid"   These "non-items" still have an ID, eg. 97127 :)
  6. As this seems to be the "done thing" I thought I'd kick start it off! ^.^   Happy birthday Burns!   Have a great day and congratulations for not dying! :P
  7. Ritual of Self-Renewal Intro   Sometimes we become lost. An instance in our lives  may change our circumstances, causing us to veer from the path we once believed to be the correct one.    An example of this would be losing a loved one, one that we held dear to us. Such a loss can lead to "rituals" of self-destruction like drowning emotions in alcohol, becoming angry and hateful at all reminders of the person, sometimes even at the deceased one, thinking them selfish for leaving you and causing you such pain. But the most common reason of all? Sorrow.   Sorrow,
  8.   As one of the "characters" I do to hold a responsibility to take. As do all of the others that were in the team. I was apologizing for myself, but also on behalf of everyone else, as I'm sure, if we had known this would have been the outcome, we would have certainly made a list, checking it twice to find out who's been naughty or nice (and deserved reviving! <insert joking voice here> :P). However, we are only human and, as humans, we make mistakes.   As I have said, all we can do is learn from this and move forward! There really isn't a need to argue over a situation
  9. Seems I caught a dragon having a rest under some leaves! Aka: I thought I'd try my hand at this as it seemed fun and interesting. I have absolutely no idea what a drachorn looks like but I made a dragon of...some sort. :P Made from a toilet cleaner bottle, paper bags and a make-up sponge to give the head a little shape. Don't judge too harsh! :P [spoiler] Resting Before the wings :P [/spoiler] Edit: Just realised the dragon in the drachorns cave is a a drachorn. :rolleyes:
  10. I would have to actually agree that the blame is on us (as a group).   We were the ones hoping to revive and so perhaps we should have created a list of all those that had died. The only problem is the amount of time that could have (possibly) taken and the impatience of some that were dead. I don't think many people would enjoy being stuck in one place for days? I could be wrong though?   I do feel however that this was an awesome quest and that we shouldn't be so quick to point fingers and slam down hard on any small "mistakes". All we should do is say "Whoops!", correct our mi
  11.   Ah yes, I'll apologise (as one that took part) for not thinking to take down all names.    I had personally thought that all would be revived once the ritual was complete (that the orchestrator would have had a list of all killed or what not.)   Again, apologies to anyone that has affected! :/
  12.   Hello! Thank you for the welcome. :D   This is exactly my point! If you see a new player, engage with them! Not every one will be an extrovert and wish to initiate conversation, perhaps due to confusion or personal worries (such as sounding silly, nervous, etc.) As an experienced player you should be helping to bring new players into the "group" known as MagicDuel.   Now, I'm not saying hold their hands and braid their hair (unless you want to ofc :P) But simply welcoming, asking how someone is, who they are, what they like, do they need help? That sort of thing, it's not
  13. For me, speaking as a new player, I believe that it isn't so much the fighting and training that is the problem, but integrating into the "MagicDuel Society". There is a big difference between being a player and a part of the community. Considering that this is such a PvP game it is essential that players are welcomed with more than just "Hello, welcome to MD. If you need help ask.". To me, that just sounds like a generic line, used by every single person.   How to integrate a new player: Don't be generic! - Break the mould a little! Don't sound like a machine rattling out th
  14. Hello there all!   I am looking to buy bundles of memory stones, these could be up to any number (but should be no less than five), for coins. I'll keep this as an ongoing purchase until I run out of coins. :)   Please find me in game or send me a forum message if you'd like to discuss selling.
  15. As there is a topic for it already, I'll throw out my opinions here.   I loved this!   It was great watching the players create their own story, methods, applying them and, most importantly, working as a team! It's exactly what I hoped for when I joined. It certainly sets it aside from many other games that I've played. :)   Although it may not be my place, I'd like to thank the following for their extra hard work in making this plan come together and succeed!   Assira the Black,*Syrian*, Aeoshattr, Marvolo, Rophs, Lintara, JadenDew, Miq, *Sunfire*, Draconas and Str
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